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八年级Project English英语(上)期中试卷

八年级Project English英语(上)期中试卷
班级_________ 姓名__________成绩_____
一、 词汇(10分)
(一) 用所给词的适当形式填空。
1. Who was the________(win) in the girls’100-metre race in our sports meet?
2. The boy played the piano________(wonder) at the concert.
3. There ________(be) more roads in 2008.
4. He _______(have) a fever yesterday.
5. ______ (eat)too many candies is not good for your health.
6. You’d better ______(not come) here late.
1.We don’t have to be a_________of catching SARS.
2. May I take a m________ for him?
3. He took an a________ part in the battle against it.
4. Would you mind d_______the homework?
二、 选择填空:(15分)
( )1.Could you please________ me around
A.not to follow B.not follow C. not following D. follow
( )2. It’ll take him about half an hour__________there.
A.to get B. get C. getting D.gets
( )3.He was too____and cut himself with the knife.
A.careful B. carefully C.careless D. carelessly
( )4. She kept ________so long for her son.
A.wait B. waiting C.to wait D. waited
( )5. You _______not throw litter about.
A.need B. must C.have to D. should
( )6.Did you enjoy________?
A.himself B. you C. oneself D. yourself
( )7. How_______do you play table tennis? Twice a week.
A.often B. much C. well D. good
( )8. Is she fond of________?
A.climbing B. run C. swim D. to skate
( )9.I always have great fun_________.
A.run B. running C.walk D. to walk
( )10.You talk________.
A.much too B.too much C.much D. too
( )11.She thanked the doctor_________saving her son.
A.for B. to C. as D. because
( )12.What should we do _______ help her?
A.and B.in C. for D. to
( )13. The foreigners arrived__________Shanghai ___________night.
A.at;at B.in;at C.in;in D. at;in
( )14.------How is your sister?--------She is________.
A.young B. good C. nice D. well
( )15.Ann felt very________on her birthday.
A.happier B.happily C. happy D. happiest
1.I don’t do well in math.(改为同义句)
I’m_____ ______ ______math.
2.I go bicycling twice a month.(划线部分提问)
_______ ______ _______you go bicycling?
3.What’s wrong with him?(改为同义句)
What’s _____ ________with him?
4.He did his lessons yesterday evening. (改为否定句))
He ________ _________ his lessons yesterday evening.
5.You must not walk on the lawn.(改为祈使句)
_______ _______ on the lawn.
(1) 根据对话内容,选择恰当的句子补全下列对话。
A.This is Li Ming.
B.Good night.
C.Can I speak to Yang Lin, please?
D.I’m sorry to hear that.
E.I’m sorry I can’t come.
A:Hello! B:Hello! 1
A:Just a minute. May I ask who’s calling? B:2
A:Hold on,please. Your call,Yang Lin. It’s from Li Ming.
C:Hi, Li Ming. This is Yang Lin speaking.
B:Hi. Yang Lin. Thank you for asking me to your patry. 3 you see, my sister is sick and I have to stay at home with her. C:4 I hope it’s not serious.
B:Not really. She is really a bit better now.
C:Glad to hear it. Please tell your sister I hope she gets better soon. Good night.
B:Thanks for calling. 5
(2) 根据情景及首字母补全对话。
-----How a________ you today? -----T_______ bad.
------What’s w_______ with you? -----I have a f_________.
-----You’d b________ go to see the d________. You should l_______ down and r_______. ----T________. ----It’s a p________.
五、 完型填空:(10分)
One morning our English teacher was ill and Miss Li, a new____1_, gave us a lesson instead. When the __2_______ rang, she came in and the class began.
Just then, Li Lei, a boy who was___3____ late for school, ran to the____4____ and asked,“ May I come in?” Miss Li was speaking and didn’t hear___5____. After a moment, she saw the boy____6___ at the door and went over to him.“ Who are you looking ___7___?” she asked. We all_8__. Miss Li’s face turned red and looked at us in surprise. At that moment a student__9__ up and said that the boy was in that class.__10___ she heard this ,Miss Li laughed ,too.
( )1.A.doctor B. teacher C. friend D. student
( )2.A. clock B .phone C. watch D. bell
( )3.A. often B. also C. too D. nearly
( )4.A. desk B. classroom C. teacher D. blackboard
( )5. A. us B. hers C. him D. them
( )6. A. standing B. sitting C. walking D. writing
( )7. A. after B. in C. over D. for
( )8. A. cried B. left C. laughed D. listened
( )9. A. put B. stood C. looked D. rang
( )10.A. If B. Until C. When D. Before
(1) 根据短文内容,判断下列句子的正(T)、误(F)。
Mike had to stay up till two o’clock this morning because he wanted to see the end of a film on TV. This morning, he got up and didn’t eat anything for breakfast. He ran fast all the way to the bus stop. When he saw the bus coming, he suddenly remembered he left his bag at home. He had put his textbook and homework in the bag last night. He had to go back to get them.. When he finally got to school, his English class was already over. And the Principal(校长) was waiting for him.
( ) 1.Mike stayed up late last night.
( )2. Mike was late for school this morning.
( ) 3.He had eggs and milk for his breakfast.
( ) 4.He had to go back to get the textbook and the homework.
(2) 根据短文内容,选择最佳答案。
Nothing was going right for Dr. Turner at the hospital. He made a mistake while operating on a patient. He felt sure he was no longer trusted and decided to change his job. One day he learned from the paper that a doctor was looking for partner(合作伙伴). The doctor, whose name was Johnson, lived in Thorby, a small town in the north of England.
A few days later Dr. Turner went to Thorby, and arrived at Dr. Johnson’s home early in the afternoon. Though old and a little deaf, Dr. Johnson still had a good brain. He kept talking to the visitor about the town and its people. When they turned to the question of partnership, it was already seven in the evening. Dr. Johnson invited Dr. Turner to have dinner with him in a restaurant before catching the train back to London. Dr. Turner noticed that Dr. Johnson was fond of good and expensive wines. They had a excellent meal. When the bill was brought, Dr. Johnson felt in his pocket. “Oh, dear,” he said. I’ve forgotten my money.”“ That’s all right,” Dr. Turner said. “I’ll pay the bill.” As he did so, he began to wonder whether Dr. Johnson was worthy of trust.
( )1. Dr. Turner knew that a doctor was looking for a partner from________.
A. The Internet B. the newspaper C. the radio D. the magazine
( )2. Dr. Turner decided to leave his job because_______.
A. he had never been trusted
B. it needed too great skills
C. he believed it offered little hope for his future
D. he thought the hospital would like him to leave
( )3. The two doctors spent most of the afternoon talking about_______.
A .things of no interests to Dr. Johnson
B. things of no important to Dr. Turner
C .health matters D .food and drink
( )4. The story suggests that________.
A. Dr. Johnson did not like Dr. Turner
B. The two doctors would become friends
C. The two doctors would not work together
D. Dr. Turner decided to stay at his present job
( )5.The word did so in the sentence mean_______.
A. caught the train back to London B. felt in his pocket
C. paid the bill D. said those words
In many English homes, people eat four meals every day: breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner. People have breakfast at any time from seven to nine in the morning. They eat porridge, eggs or bread. English people drink tea or coffee at breakfast, lunch comes at one o’clock. Afternoon tea is from four to five in the afternoon , and dinner is at half past seven. First they have soup, then they have meat or fish with vegetables. After that, they eat some other things, like bananas, apples or oranges. But not all English people like that. Some of them have dinner in the middle of the day. Their meals are breakfast, dinner, tea and supper and all these meals are very simple.
( )1. Many English people have___________ meals every day.
A. two B. three C. four D. three or four
( )2. People may have_______ for their breakfast.
A. tea or eggs B. porridge, eggs, bread, tea, or coffee
C. Tea and coffee D. bread and eggs
( )3. People have lunch at _________.
A. any time B. nine C. five D. one
( )4.People don’t have__________ for their dinner.
A. Porridge B. bananas and apples
C. soup and meat D. meat and fish
( )5. In some English homes dinner can come_______.
A. At one o’clock B. at any time C. at noon D. in the morning
Michael 是你班有一位来自美国的同学。他患了感冒,去药店买来一盒药,向你询问服药方法。请你根据药品说明,向Mike解释,并告诉他如何预防感冒。(字数 80左右,给出的首句不计入总词数)
This medicine is used for curing cough, headache and something like that caused by cold.____________________________________________________

Project English八年级期中试卷参考答案

一、(一)1.winner 2.wonderfully 3.will be 4.had 5.Eating 6.not come
(二) 1.afraid 2.message 3.active 4.doing
二、1.B 2.A 3.C 4.B 5.B 6. D 7.A 8.A
9.B 10.B 11.A 12.D 13.B 14.D 15. C
三、1.not,good,at 2.How often do 3.the matter 4.didn’t do 5.Don’t walk
四 (1) 1.C 2.A 3.E 4.D 5.B
(2) are, too, wrong, fever, better, doctor, lie, rest, Thanks, pleasure
五.1.B 2.D 3.D 4.B 5.C 6.A 7.D 8.C 9.B 10.C
六 (1) T T F T
(2)(A) B C B C C
(B) C B D A C
七. Take one or two pills each time, and three times a day before meals. Sometimes you may feel like sleeping after you take it. But it doesn’t matter. Don’t have fish, wine or hot food these days while you are taking this medicine.
By the way, I think you’d better take care of yourself and keep healthy. For example, put on more clothes when you go outside on a cold day; keep the air in your room clean; have more water, fruit and vegetables. And the most important of all, do more sports every day to be stronger.
I wish you’ll be all right soon.

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