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Topic 1 Section C

Topic 1 Section C
The main activities are 1a and 2a. 本课重点活动是1a和2a。
Ⅰ. Teaching aims and demands 教学目标
1.(1)Learn some words about rainforests:
cover, earth, surface, meter, forest, control, wood, rubber, protect
(2)Learn some other words:
fact, in fact, make up, lake, ocean, drop, hometown
2. Review comparative and superlative degrees of adjectives:
(1)Make the air fresher and cleaner.
(2)The rainforests are becoming much smaller than before.
3. Learn some other useful expressions:
thousands and thousands of be important to…be necessary for… can’t live without…
make up save every drop of water
4. Describe nature resource and realize the importance of environmental protection:
(1)They give us wood, rubber, fruit and medicine.
(2)Water is important to all living things.
Ⅱ. Teaching aids 教具
Ⅲ. Five-finger Teaching Plan 五指教学方案
Step 1 Review 第一步 复习(时间:10分钟)
1.(检查上节课的作业,由How to protect plants and animals 导入1a和2a内容,导入时,
T: Boys and girls, check your homework, please.
T:S1,would you like to tell us your opinions? / Would you please…? / Can you try…?
T:OK, excellent! And who can try again? / Anyone else?
T: Just now. We discussed the importance of plants and animals. Do you know something about plants and animals?

T: Please think these questions over, and discuss in groups. I’ll ask some of you to give
a talk again. You can look at the picture on the screen/wall.
T: Look at the picture. Can you answer these questions? Who can have a try? Hands
up! OK, you please.
S2: …(让学生借助地球仪讲解earth, surface。对于这些问题,他们可能回答错误,
T: Great! But some answers are wrong. Class, do you want to know the right answers?
Step 2 Presentation 第二步 呈 现(时间:5分钟)
1. T: If you want to know, please turn to Page 81, look at 1a. In this passage, you can find out all the right answers.
Read it carefully and answer these questions.
T: How high do lots of animals live in the trees from the ground?
Ss: Over 30 meters.
(增加上面这个问题。然后与学生共同核对答案, 或让学生分组讨论,或提问部分学生,或让学生分组竞赛回答,看谁答得又快又好。及时给予评价。)
T: Now, Boys and girls, please check your answers with your partners.

T: Stop! Look at the answers. If you are all right, please hands up. If you just have one
mistake, please hands up, too.
T: Please look at 1b and do it by yourselves.
Step 3 Consolidation 第三步 巩 固(时间:10分钟)
T: This time, you read again and then check the pronunciation and intonation after the tape.
2. T: OK, class,please read 1a after the tape and underline key words and sentences.

3. T: OK, boys and girls, you can retell the passage according to the key words on the blackboard by yourselves. Then one student retells it, only looking at the key words on the blackboard. And your partner looks at the book and sees if you can do a good job. Then switch roles.
4. Retell the passage in front of the class according to the key words.
T: Now, I’ll ask some students to retell the passage in front of the class. Who can try? You,
S1: …
T: How do you like them, boys and girls? Who is the greatest?
T: For S1, oh, 38 scores.
For S2 …
For example:
S1: Hi! S2. Do you know the rainforests well?
S2: Yes. What’s the matter?
S1: I want to know more information about them. Could you help me?
S2: No problem. I know rainforests cover 6% of the earth’s surface.
S1: Really? Do thousands and thousands of animals live in them?
S2: Yes, many of them live in the trees, over 30 meters from the ground.
S1: What about the weather in them?
S2: It’s always hot in a rainforest and the ground is always wet. It is dark.
S1: Could you tell me the importance of the rainforests?
S2: Yes, they are the lungs of the earth. The plants in the forests help to make the air fresher
and cleaner. They also help to control the weather.
S1: What can they give us?
S2: They give us wood, rubber, fruit and medicine.
S1: Are the rainforests becoming bigger and bigger?
S2: No. They are becoming much smaller than before.
S1: What should we do now?
S2: I think we should protect them well.
S1: I agree.
Step 4 Practice 第四步 练 习 (时间:10分钟)
T: Listen to the tape and answer the questions.

T: Can you answer the first questions?
S1: Yes, I can …
T: You, please.
S1: Humans need water to drink, to cook and to clean.
T: Yes. In fact, water makes up the largest part of the human body.
T: Then next question, what’s the answer?
S2: It is in lakes, rivers, seas and oceans.
(同时在黑板上板书lake, ocean,并领读。)
T: Very good! It is important to all living things, so we must save every drop of water.
(在黑板上板书living, drop。)
T: OK, boys and girls, please read 2a again and then do 2b by yourselves.
T: Who can give us the answers? You, please.
S3: …

3. (学生听读小短文,划出重点词。)
T: Please read after the tape and then underline the key words.

4. (让学生根据关键词,以1a的方法相互复述短文,并在小组里练习。)
T: Please retell the short passage according to the key words. At first retell with your partner. Then retell them in front of the class.
Step 5 Project 第五步 综合探究活动(时间:10分钟)
T: Just now, we know the importance of water, next, please discuss the following questions
about water in groups. Then each group gives their opinions.

T: Shall we stop? Which group can give your opinions first?
S1: …
T: Well done! At last, please write a passage according to the reports. The title is “Water is Our

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