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八年级英语测试题 Unit One

八年级英语测试题 Unit One

一 选择(30分)
( ) 1. Mother made me___at home last Sunday.
A stay B.to stay C.stayed D. staying
( ) 2.Kate,Han Mei told us .Would you like to tell us ____?
A. something interesting, anything else
B. something interesting, else anything
c interesting something, else anything
( ). 3.Could you please __it down? It sounds___.
A.not turn, nice B. not turn, well
C.not to turn, nice D. not to turn, well
( ) --Tom failed in the exam yesterday. ----_____.
A. Congratulations B. Well done
C. What a shame D. That’s right
( )5—Would you like to come to dinner this Sunday,Mr. Wang?
A.I’d love to, but I have lots of things to do.
B Oh no. That’ll be too tiring.
C Ill stay at home.
D Yes, please.
( )6 —____ do you water the flowers?
—Three times a week.
A. How long B. How soon C. How much D. How often
( )7 are good at football.
A. more and more ,playing B. much and much,play C. more and much ,playing D. many and many, playing
( )8. Mr. Green Beijing yesterday.
A arrived at B. arrived in C. arrives at D. arrives
( )9.Can you bring my dictionary to me Sunday evening?
A. in B. at C. for D. on
( )10. —How long does it take you to get to the hospital?
— .
A 5 kilometers B. Every day C. By bike D. About an hour
( )11 I like playing piano,but I don’t like playing baseball
A. /;/ B. /;the C. the;the D. the;/
( )12 My brother enjoys English every morning.
A. read B.to read C. reading D.reads
( )13 Would you mind the window for me? I feel a little cold.
A.closeing B. closing C. to close D. close

( )14 A: Victor, could you please do me a favor?
B: _______, Mike.
A. That’s all right B. No C . Sure . What’s it ?

( )15.I like bananas better than apples.
A. prefer , to B. want , than C. hate , than D. like , than
( )16 I saw you basketball almost every day during the summer holidays.
A play B playing C played D to play
( )17 I’m sorry for __I said.
A what B how C where D which
( )18.There ___a football match October 10th
A will have; on B will be; on C is going to have, on D is going to be ;in
( )19Kangkang is good to be .We can make friends him.
A with with B on to C with to D with on
( )20- .-It’ll be fine
A what’s the weather like today?
B What will the weather be like?
C what was the weather like yesterday?
D how is the weather today?
( )21Liuxiang is popular player.
A quite a B a quite C very a
( )22 We’ll play class3.
A against B on C with Din
( )23-The fish tastes bad .you’d better .
Athrow it away B throw away it
Cto throw it away Dto throw away it
( )24 we go to the park this Sunday?-good idea.
A Will B Can C Shall Dwould
( )25It’ll take you about an hour there
A to get B to get to C get D get to
( )26 young people are good at football
A More and more ; play B More and more ;playing
C Much and much; playing D Many and many ;playing
( )27-Will you our club?
-Sorry, I’ll a football game
A join; take part in B join;join
C take part in ;take partin D take part in;join
( )28We must keep the classroom .
A clean B cleaning cleaned D to clean
( )29They’re sure that she is going to .
A win B winner C winning D won
( )30-- Lucy Beijing tomorrow?
--No, she isn’t.
A Are; going to B will; go C Is; going to D Is go

二 完形填空(10 分)Miss Yang works in the library of No.14 Middle School .She loves her work because she __1__books .In the library she has got 2 books on different subjects .She is very helpful and looks for the books very 3.She is very strict . Everybody___4_ return the books on time . One day Meimei went to the___5.She said she couldnot_6____her library book. Miss Yang asked her to pay for it .At that moment , Lucy came and ___7 a book to Miss Yang .It was just_8__library book ! Meimei was very _9_ . She thanked Lucy. Miss Yang told 10_to be more careful from then on .
( )31.A.returns B.loves  C.borrows  D.buys( )32.A.many  B.much   Cfew     D.little( )33.A.care  B.careful C.carefully D.careless ( )34.A. must  B.may   C.can     D.could( )35.A. school B.shop   C.cinema   D.library( )36.A. see   B.think   C.find    D.lose( )37.A.shows  B.showed  C.showing D.show( )38.A.Meimei's B.Miss Yang's C.Meimei D.Miss Yang( )39.A.angry  B.sorry  C.afraid   D.pleased( )40A.she   B.her   C.hers    D.herself
三 阅读理解(共20小题,每小题2分,满分40分)
There are two women in the same house and they each have a baby .But one of the babies dies, and its mother takes the other baby and puts it in her own bed .
Then they have a fight.No,this is my child, the dead one is yours .”says the other .Both of them want the living baby .Now they have to see a judge (法官)。
After the judge hears their story, he says ,“Bring me a knife ,cut(砍) the baby in two ,and give each woman one half.”“That’s fair says one woman.“Please give her the baby. ”cries the other woman in tears .
Then the judge points to the woman in tears and said, “I see , you are the baby’s mother .”
( )41The two woman live in the same house.
( )42 One of the woman has a boy and the other one has a girl .
( )43 One of the babies dies .it’s mother kills the other baby.
( )44 The dead baby’s mother wants the other baby to die( 死 ) .
( )45The judge is very clever.
The summer holidays is over. It’s true that time always flies fast. During the holidays, the weather was hot and I could not do much work, but I lived happily.As the afternoon was hot, I did my work in the morning. I often got up at 6:30 and took a walk in the garden for half an hour. After breakfast, I began reading English and Chinese and did some exercises in maths. Those took me three hours or more. I worked quite hard and made good progress(取得进步). I spent the afternoon outside. I went to swim and it was funny. I would not go home until it was about five or six o’clock. Sometimes a friend of mine would come to see me and we would spend some hours listening to music. In this way I spent my holidays happily. And I studied well and also became a good swimmer. Now I am in good health and active.( )46. What does the writer mainly tell us ? A. How the writer spent his summer holidays. B. What the weather was like in that summer. C. When the writer got up in the morning. D. Where the writer took a walk.( ) 47. How long did it take the writer to do his homework ? A. Half an hour. B. Three hours or more. C. Only one hour. D. Two hours and a half.
( ) 48. The writer spent most of the afternoon ______.A. listening to music B. visiting his friendsC. walking in the garden D. swimming
( )49.The writer had very good summer holidays because he ______.A. worked very hard and made good progressB. learned to swim and did his work wellC. got up early and went home lateD. liked swimming better than studying( ) 50. Which of the following is NOT true ?A. The writer made progress in his lessons.B. The writer took a walk for half an hour before breakfast.C. The writer began studying as soon as he got up.D. The writer spent more time swimming than listening to music.              CLook at the car,It's Mr Black's car.It doesn't work now.Mr Black in under it.He is mending it.Mrs Black is near the car.She is helping Mr Black.The girl in the car is Kate,Mr Black's daughter.Who is the boy in the car?He is Jim,Kate's brother.It's Saturday today.They don't work.They want to go to Zhongshan Park.They all look worried(着急).( )51.Today is ____. A.Tuesday  B.Thursday  C.Saturday  D.Monday( )5 2.Mr Black is ____ his car. A.washing  B.driving C.cleaning D.mending( )5 3.____ is helping Mr Black near the car. A.Miss Black B.Mrs Black C.Kate D.Jim( ) 54.Kate is ____ the car with her brother,Jim. A.in B.beside C.under D.near( ) 55They are going to a ____. A.zooB.farm C factory D park
A number of students are there having all kinds of sports. A ball game is going on right now between Class5 and Class7.Can you guess which team is the winner ?
Do you see many people over there ?Some students of Class 5 are practicing the high jump .One of them is the school’s best high jumper. He practices hard every day .He wants to break the school record at the sports meet. Not far away some girls are gettingreadyto run a race. Now on the corner of the field ,you can see another group of students. Their teacher is telling them how to throw the discus(铁饼).
We students like sports. Sports help to keep people healthy.They help people to live happily,and after games on the sports field , it can make people become good friends.
( )56Who are having sports?
AFew students are having sports.
B Some students having sports.
C Many students having sports
D One or two students having sports
( )57Class5 and Class7 are having .
A a race B a ball game C a play
( )58A student of Class5 jumps .
A highest B higher C high D more high
( )59Some girls are getting ready for .
A a race B a ball game C a play D a discus
( )60People like sports ,because sports can .
A make them have a lot of good friends
B make them become very happy
C make them keep healthy
D A.B and C
1.Would you like to come and c us on?
2.Which do you p ,skiing or skating?
3.My dream is to be a dancer when I g up.
4.David Beckham is a f soccer star.
5.Tom is c ,he ofen leaves his books at home.
6.Swimming helps to keep her hear and lungs h .
7.Lucy is ill, we can ask Lily i .
8.Kangkang was a with Michael and they had a fight.
9.A c means(意思是) 100 years.
10.English is very i to us.
11.They ( leave )for Beijing tomorrow.
12.She ofen goes (bicycle) on Sundays.
13.Tom is good at (run).
14.Would you mind (teach) me?
15.One of the (Canada) came here last year.
16.Don’t late next time.(is )
17.You need (take) no.2 bus.
18.You kept me so long.( wait)
19.I’m sorry for (lose) your book.
20.I enjoy ( play) in the different countries.
Kangkang:Hello, ?
Michael: Speaking.
Kangkang: ?
Michael: A film? I’d love to, but I am too busy this Saturday.
Kangkang: ?
Michael:Yes,Ithink I’ll be free this Sunday. ?
Kangkang: We will meet at six at the theater gate.
Kangkang: See you.
六 作文(10分)根据提示和要求完成一片80词左右的短文
提示:昨晚王宁梦见自己正在为2008年的北京奥运会服务,她正在帮外国游客了解北京,了解中国。她与他们谈了很久,并带他们参观了一些名胜。外国游客非常感激王宁,夸她英语讲得好。醒后她打算好好学英语,她相信她的梦会变成现实( come true)。

31-40 BACAD CBADB <10分>

1-10 cheer. prefer .grow .famous. careless..healthy .instead .angry. century. important
1-10 are leaving . bicycling . running . teaching . Candians.
be . to take . waiting . losing . playing
1 May I speak to Michael ?
2 Would you like to see a film with me this Saturday?
3 Will you be free this Sunday ?
4.When and where shall we meet ?
5 See you .
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