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Topic 2 I like pop music

Topic 2 I like pop music
1. At the c ,we saw some famous pop singers.
2.I don't like to play the d because it's too noisy.
3. I want to be an a like Jiang Kun.
4. His son doesn't work hard,he isn't s with him.
5. Song Zuying is famous for f songs.
6. The old men like listening to c music .
7. That girl is going to learn an i from his music teacher .
8. I like to listen to him play the violin , because what he plays is very s .
9. If you want to learn to play the guitar , you will p $20。
10..--What 's your h ? ---1.65 m
( )1. Mr Smith is going to school for three days next week.
A.be away from B.leave from C. be away D. leave
( ) 2. --What are you going to do this Saturday ?
--I'm going my grandparents .
A. visit B. visiting C. to visit D. visits
( ) 3. Are you going to listen to pop music jazz music ?
A. and B. or C. but D. /
( ) 4. --Where are you going ? --I'm going to the to fly a kite.
A. shop B. library C. park D. post office
( ) 5. --Would you like to go to the concert with me this Saturday ? --Yes , . A. I do B.I'd love C.I'd love to D.I'm busy
( ) 6. are you going to learn , the guitar or the violin ?
A.What B.When C.Which D.Where
( ) 7. We take lessons twice a week.
A. art B. a art C. an art D. artist
( ) 8. My father likes classical music of all.
A. good B. better C. best D. well
( ) 9. Her son wants to be a 。
A. musician B.music C. musics D. musicians
( ) 10. Though class was over, some students continued in the classroom.
A. study B. studying C. to study D. studies
( ) 11. There a school meeting this afternoon.
A. is going to have B. is going to be
C. are going to be D. will have
( ) 12. Our school is going to an instrument group this term.
A. set up B. send up C. put up D. open up
( ) 13. -- is it for the dance lesson ? --It's ¥ 50.
A. How much B.How many C.How long D.How far
( ) 14. China is famous a large country .
A. for B.to C. as D. in
( ) 15. Li Wen is her name .
A.first B.family C. last D. stage
Erik(E), a singer the Swedish rock band , wants to meet his friend in the Green Leaf Clothing Factory in Shijiazhuang .He needs help. A girl(G)passes by.
E:Excuse me ,.Do you speak English ?
G:Yes. 1
E:You see , I;m going to the Green Leaf Clothing Factory .But I 've lost the address.
G: 2 You're nearly getting to it. Walk along this road and take the first turn on the left . Then you can see a big gate with sign of a green leaf on it.
E:Thank you very much. Bye.
G:Er, 3 .
E:What's up ?
G:Are you Erik from the Swedish rock band ?
E:Oh? 4
G:Yes, I enjoy the music very much. Can I have your signature (签名) ,please?
E: 5
G: Here , on the sweater , please . Thank you .
E:Thank you !
( ) 1. A.Are you English ? B.Anything I can do for you ?
C. Who are you ? D.What's your name ?
( ) 2. A.You're right . B.Do you remember it ?
C. It doesn't matter. D. Are you sure of it ?
( ) 3. A.Just a minute , please. B.Tell me another thing, please.
C.Please stop here. D.Please wait for me.
( ) 4. A.How do you know ? B.But I don't think I know you.
C.Are you from Sweden ,too? D. Were you at the concert last night ?
( ) 5. A.Sure, with pleasure. B.I'm glad to hear it.
C.Certainly not.. D.I don't think so.
1.Why not (take ) off your coat ? It is so hot.
2. You can also learn to sing or (dance ) for just ¥ 100.
3.Pop music often comes and goes (easy )
4. Zhou Jielun is one of the most popular (sing ) at the moment .
5. What's your (weight )?
6. I ask a music teacher (teach ) my daughter to play the violin.
7.I think (play) the drums is noisy.
8. Learning to play computer is very (help) for us.
9. What about (watch ) the videos ?
10. Our teacher is (satisfy ) with our homework .
1.My sister wants to be a dancer. (对划线部分提问)
your sister to ?
2.My brother likes rock music .(同上)
your brother like ?
3. My mother likes calssical music a lot.(改为否定句)
My mother classical music 。
4. Most young men like pop music . (用rock music 改为选择疑问句)
most young men like pop music rock music ?
5. I spent forty yuan on this Chinese-English dictionary .(对划线部分提问)
you on this Chinese - English dictionary ?
1.I like (乡村音乐) while (而) my sister likes jazz music .
2. Computers are widely used in people's (日常生活) in the future.
3. Though they work in different places , they are still
4。My daughter is in (高中)now .
5.These girls are going to (表演芭蕾舞) at the concert.
A man was going to the house of a friend. It was 1 away , so he took some bread with him for lunch .As he 2 alone , he said to himself , "My friend is 3 to give me a very nice meal. He is going to give me some good wine to drink .What's the use of the dirty bread ! "So he 4 the bread to the ground .
He came to a river , because it rained in the past few days , the river was high and he couldn't 5 it. He hoped to get a boat to take him over. So he waited and waited .He waited for a long time until the sun began to go down . The man said to 6 , " I can't go to my friend's home. " Then he started for home. Soon he felt 7 .He wanted to have 8 to eat very much ,but he had nothing . 9 he saw some dry, dirty hard bread on the road .He 10 it up and began t o eat . It was his bread .
Don't throw good things away , you may need them later on.
( ) 1.A. far B. farther C. near D. nearer
( ) 2.A. left B. walked C. wanted D. went to
( ) 3.A. sure B. some C. good D. certainly
( ) 4. A. threw B. throws C. throwing D. thrown
( ) 5.A. pass B . turning C. past D. cross
( ) 6. A.himself B. him C. his D. herself
( ) 7. A.lonely B. alone C. hungry D. sad
( ) 8. A.something B. anything C. everything D. nothing
( ) 9. A. Sometimes B.Now C.Suddenly D. Sooner
( ) 10. A. pushed B. pulled C.picked D. put
The word " hobby " is an interesting word . Every person has one thing he or she likes to do for fun (娱乐) .Some people like to collect things like stamps or story books. Others like to play football or go window shopping where you can see many beautiful things without buying them.
I have many hobbies I do for fun. I sometimes play golf with my sons . I play tennis with all the family .I like to collect music books .I also collect musical instrument (乐器) from China like the erhu , the eizi, the xiao , the suona , and the pipa .These are the instruments of China which can not be found in America.
My favorite hobby is fishing . I like to go and see my brother in the state (州) of Alaska where fishing is wonderful .We take a boat and go to a small river where we fish for salmon, America's most famous fish.
( ) 1. The word "hobby " means .
A.collecting stamps B. playing tennis with your friends.
C.something you enjoy doing in your free time
D.something you can see at the window shopping
( ) 2. What's the writer's favorite hobby ?
A. Playing golf with his son. B.Fishing
C. Collecting Chinese musical instruments
D.A kind of fish
( ) 3. Salmon is .
A. a river where people can go fishing B. a town near Alaska
C.. a kind of instrument D. a kind of fish
( ) 4. Which musical instrument isn't from China ?
A. The erhu B. The dizi C.The pipa D. The piano
( ) 5. Does the writer have many hobbies ?
A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn't C.We don't know .
D.The writer doesn't tell us.
" Where are you going to spend your holiday ? "Mike asked his friends when they were on their way home from school.
" I don't know ," John said ," father and mother have not yet decided .This evening we are going to talk about it."
" But I know," Tom said ," We usually spend our holidays at the seaside .We have holidays at Black Sea. We like to swim and rest in the sun and go on all kinds of interesting excursions (短短旅行)."
" We also go to the seaside in summer , " Jack said . " But this year my parents decide to spend our holidays in Moscow ."
"Oh, that's great ! You'll see all the interesting places ,museums , parks , cinemas there ."Mike said . "We were in Moscow last summer and we had a very good time there ."
"And where are you going to spend your holidays this summer ,Mike ? "Jack asked.
"I'll stay in town for a month and then I'll go to visit my uncle .He lives in a small village near the Don River ."
1.Mike ,John ,Jack and Tom are students.( )
2. They are going to spend their holidays.( )
3.Mike's family are going to Moscow this summer.( )
4.John's parents are going to the seaside.( )
5. Jack's uncle lives in a beautiful city.( )
1、自己的姓名、年龄 、所在班级

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