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初中英语素质教育阶段评估检测卷 (Unit 2)

初中英语素质教育阶段评估检测卷 (Unit 2)
Class ___ Grade 2 Name:__________ No. ____
Ⅰ.选择填空 (20%)
( )⒈ “I have ____ .” “You shouldn’t read for too long.”
A. sore eyes B. a sore throat C. a cold D. the flu
( )⒉ I have a bad headache and a cough. I’m feeling ____ .
A. not well B. not healthy C. terrible D. serious
( )⒊ You have the flue. You’d better not go to ____ school today and stay in ____ bed.
A. the; the B. the; / C. /; the D. /; /
( )⒋ “Excuse me, doctor. Did I hurt my leg badly?” “Don’t worry. ____ ”
A. Nothing serious. B. That’s OK! C. You can’t walk. D. Go to see a doctor.
( )⒌ If it ____ tomorrow, we shall go for a picnic.
A. rains B. won’t rain C. doesn’t rain D. isn’t rain
( )⒍ You’re too fat. You should eat ____ fruit and vegetables and ____ meat.
A. some; more B. more; less C. less; more D. less; some
( )⒎ It’s quite early. We ____ worry about the time.
A. mustn’t B. can’t C. may not D. don’t have to
( )⒏ ____ we know, the moon moves round the earth.
A. If B. As C. When D. Because
( )⒐ Which sport are you going to ____ , long jump or high jump?
A. take part in B. join C. have D. do
( )⒑ “Must we clean the classroom at once?” “No, you ____ . You may do it after school.”
A. mustn’t B. don’t C. needn’t D. can’t
( )⒒ “Shall I help you take the box to your office?” “No, thanks.”
A. Can B. Do C. Am D. Must
( )⒓ You have a low fever. Don’t worry. Take these pills and you’ll be better soon.
A. Get B. Have C. Drink D. Buy
( )⒔ Don’t park your car here. Look at the sign, please.
A. Mustn’t B. Can’t C. You mustn’t D. You needn’t
( )⒕ You should take care of your eyes.
A. look after B. look at C. look for D. look up
( )⒖ Mary needn’t go there because I’ll go instead of her.
A. haven’t to B. hasn’t to C. doesn’t have to D. won’t have to
( )⒗ “How many should I have the medicine?” “Two pills each time and three times a day.”
( )⒘ You’d better drink more hot tea with honey. It’s good for stomachache.
( )⒙ You may get a backache when you can’t get enough sleep.
( )⒚ You don’t have to read in strong sunlight. It’s bad for your eyes.
( )⒛ Going to bed early and getting up late will keep you active during the day.
Ⅱ.词汇知识 (10%)
A.阅读下列句子, 根据所给首字母写出所缺单词。
⒈ “I have a bad toothache.” “You should see a d________ .”
⒉ You look so p_____ . What’s wrong with you?
⒊ It’s a nurse’s duty to take care of p_________ in the hospital.
⒋ G_____ can get into the human body and cause diseases.
⒌ It’s n__________ for the students to have good studying and living habits.
B.根据句意, 用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。
⒍ You’d better brush your ______(tooth)twice a day.
⒎ We enjoyed _________ (oneself) at Jenny’s birthday party last night.
⒏ The flu spread __________ (easy) among people.
⒐ He can’t come to school today because of _________ (ill).
⒑ We usually do the general _________ (clean) on Tuesday and Friday.
Ⅲ.翻 译 (15%)
⒈ Watching TV too much is bad for your eyes.
⒉ Air is necessary for our life.
⒊ Different food helps us in different ways.
⒋ The twins often help their parents with the housework at home.
⒌ Many people are learning English by themselves.
⒍ 所有的学生都通过了考试。 All the students _____ ________ the test.
⒎ 饭前洗手有利于我们的健康。 __________ hands before meals is good for our _____ .
⒏ 早餐给你上午活动补充能量。 Breakfast ______ you _______ for the morning.
⒐ 对不起让你久等了。 I’m sorry to ______ you _________ so long.
⒑ 你应当把烟戒了。 You should ______ ____ smoking.
Ⅳ.情景交际 (15%)
( )⒈ Can I ask you some questions? A. I have a stomachache.
( )⒉ What’s your matter? B. We should keep away from sick poultry (家禽).
( )⒊ How are you felling today? C. Of course, go ahead.
( )⒋ What should we do to fight bird flu? D. Less than eight hours.
( )⒌ How long do you sleep every night? E. Much better.
A:Hello! ____ B:Sorry, he isn’t here now. ____
A:Who’s that speaking, please? B:____
A:Could you give him a message? B:____ What’s it?
A:Please ask him to come to the dean’s office at once. B:OK! ____
A. I’ll leave a message on his desk. B. Could I speak to Mr Zhang? C. No problem.
D. I think he’ll be back soon. E. Wait a moment, please. F. This is Miss Li.
A:Get up, Wenwen! It’s _____ to get up. B:Oh, Mum. I’m _____ feeling well.
A:Oh, my darling! What’s _____? B:I have a headache.
A:Let _____ see. Oh, you have a fever. B:And I feel a little cold.
A:Let’s go to the hospital _____ away. B:OK, Mum.
Ⅴ.完形填空 (10%)
A:Mr King, you look so 1 . What’s the matter 2 you?
B:I didn’t have 3 sleep last night.
A:What did you do during the night?
B:I 4 to make a paper after supper and finished it at about twelve o’clock.
A:Then you went 5 .
B: 6 . But I couldn’t get to 7 because my neighbor’s dog began to bark just at that time. The dog didn’t stop barking 8 about half past two this morning.
A:Oh, 9 ! You should go to bed early tonight.
B:Yes, I 10 .
( )⒈ A. worried B. tired C. excited D. fine
( )⒉ A. with B. to C. of D. about
( )⒊ A. any B. bad C. enough D. many
( )⒋ A. go ahead B. start C. wanted D. began
( )⒌ A. to school B. to bed C. home D. sleepy
( )⒍ A. Yes B. No C. OK D. Oh
( )⒎ A. bed B. school C. sleep D. sleepy
( )⒏ A. when B. after C. as D. until
( )⒐ A. good luck B. bad luck C. really D. all right
( )⒑ A. am B. do C. will D. can
Ⅵ.阅读理解 (20%)
Yesterday Jim went to the park with his cousin. It was windy and cold. But Jim didn’t wear warm clothes. After he got home, Jim didn’t feel well. He was tired and had a headache. His mother took his temperature and found that he had a fever. Since it was not serious, Jim didn’t go to see the doctor. He took some medicine, drank much water and went to bed early. Today he feels better.
( )⒈ Where did Jim go yesterday?
A. To the park. B. To school. C. To the hospital. D. To his cousin’s home.
( )⒉ What was the weather like yesterday?
A. Sunny. B. Warm. C. Rainy. D. Windy and cold.
( )⒊ Who went over (检查) Jim?
A. His cousin. B. His mother. C. His father. D. A doctor.
( )⒋ Did Jim go to the hospital?
A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn’t. C. Yes, he did. D. No, he didn’t.
( )⒌ How does Jim feel today?
A. Not very well. B. Even worse. C. Better. D. Not serious.
What should we do to keep healthy? I think it important to form a good habit. We shouldn’t spit in public places or throw litter about. We must make it a rule to wash our hands before meals or after toilets. It is important to go to bed early and get up early. It will keep us active during the day. Doing morning exercises every day is also good for our health. We should keep the windows open when we are sleeping. We should have more water, fruit and vegetables. Above all, we should keep our hearts in a good state. Do you agree with me?
( )⒍ It is good to spit in public places.
( )⒎ We must wash our hands before meals or after toilets.
( )⒏ Going to bed early and getting up early can keep us active at night.
( )⒐ We should do morning exercises every day.
( )⒑ We needn’t breathe (呼吸) the fresh air when we are sleeping.
Ⅶ.书面表达 (10%)
以“What should we do to pass the tests?”为题,用英语写一篇70个单词左右的短文。

Ⅰ.ACDAC BDAAC CBCAD ADBAB Ⅱ.dentist, pale, patients, Germs, necessary, teeth, oueselves, easily, illness, cleaning Ⅲ.看电视太多对眼睛不好。空气对于我们的生活来说是必不可少的。不同的食物在不同的方面帮助我们。那对双胞胎经常在家帮助家长做家务。许多人都在自学英语。got through, Washing health, gives energy, keep waiting, give up Ⅳ.CAEBD BDFCA time, not, wrong, me, right Ⅴ.BACDB ACDBC Ⅵ.ADBDC WRWRW Ⅶ.(略)

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