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湘教版八年级英语Unit 2检测题

湘教版八年级英语Unit 2检测题
Keeping Healthy
(Time:45minutes Total Marks:100)

Class: Name: ___ Marks:

Listening Test Part(20分)

I. 听句子,选出你所听到的单词或短语。(5分)
( )1. A. once B. three tomes C. four times
( )2. A. Thursday B. Friday C. Saturday
( )3. A. have a good time B. have a good rest C. have the flu
( )4. A. eight B. seven C. six
( )5. A. clean B. healthy C. fresh
II. 听对话,选择最佳答案。(5分)
( )6. A. Nine to ten hours. B. About nine hours. C. About eight hours.
( )7. A. Yes, he does. B. Yes, he is. C. Yes, he isn’t.
( )8. A. School. B. Supermarket. C. Library.
( )9. A. Maria’s mother. B. Kangkang C. Maria.
( )10.A. Dancing. B. Singing. C. Playing computer games.
III. 听短文,选出正确答案。(10分)
( )11. Michael is a(n) ______ boy.
A. Chinese B. American C. Australian
( )12. Michael’s ______ is going to visit Tibet with him in July.
A. sister B. mother C. aunt
( )13. Michael is going to ______ first when his vacation starts.
A. Hongkong B. Beijing C. Macao
( )14. Michael is going to Hongkong ______.
A. by plane B. by sea C. By train
( )15. Michael hopes to visit ______ when he travels in China.
A. Hongkong B. Tibet C. A and B

Written Test Part(80分)

( ) 1. Sleeping too late at night
( ) 2. Going out for a walk
( ) 3. Keeping long fingernails
( ) 4. Often do house cleaning.
( ) 5. Reading in the strong sunlight.
( ) 1. We should take care ______ ourselves.
A. with B. of C. for
( ) 2. Eating a lot of fruit and drink ______ water is good for your health.
A. a plenty of B. a plenty C. plenty of
( ) 3. You have a toothache. You’d better ______ hot food.
A. not to eat B. not eat C. not eating
( ) 4. If we ______ leave here, we should say sorry ______ him
A. have to, to B. will have to, to C. has to, for
( ) 5. Kangkang is sick. He coughs day and night. His mother ______ him.
A. worry about B. worried about C. worries about
( ) 6. –Thanks a lot. –______
A. Not so good. B. All right. C. You’re welcome.
( ) 7. It’s a hot day, keep all the windows ¬¬______ ,please.
A. open B. opened C. to open
( ) 8. )—Hi, May I ask you some questions, Mr. Green? --______
A. Yes, you may. B. Yeah, go ahead. C. Yes, you can’t.
( ) 9. This kind of diseases spreads easily______ people.
A. near B. between C. among
( ) 10. We should take ______ active part in the battle to stop the germs.
A. a B. an C. the
( ) 11. After eating some bad food, he became______.
A. strong B. well C. sick
( ) 12. –Hello! Could I speak ______ Dr Li, please? --Sure.
A. to B. with C. on
( ) 13. Flu can cause______ all the time.
A. headache B. toothache C. stomachache
( ) 14. It’s a useful way to teach _______ English on the Internet, I think.
A. your B. yours C. yourself
( ) 15. The boy’s mother kept______ him to wash his hands.
A. asked B. asking C. to ask
( A ) 1. A: What’s in the boy’s hand?
( ) 2. B: No, I don’t think so.
( ) 3. C: What’s he doing?
( ) 4. D: He is throwing litters about.
( ) 5. E: Is it a good habit?
( ) 6. F: A banana.
IV. 完型填空。(10分)
Peter lived 1 his mother in a very big house and when she died, the house became too big 2 him, 3 he bought a smaller one in the next street. There was a very nice old clock in 4 first house and when the men came to take his things to the new house for him. Peter thought,“I’m going to let them carry my beautiful old clock in their truck . Maybe they’ll 5 it and then it will be very expensive to repair. ”So he 6 and began to carry it down the road in his arms. It was heavy so he stopped two or three 7 to have a rest.
Then suddenly(突然地)a small boy came along the road. He stopped and 8 Peter for a few 9 . Then he said to Peter,“You are a foolish(愚蠢的) 10 , aren’t you ? Why don’t you buy a watch like everybody else ?”
( )1. A. and B. in C. to D. with
( )2. A. for B. with C. of D. to
( )3. A. and B. or C. but D. so
( )4. A. her B. his C. its D. him
( )5. A. broken B. broke C. break D. breaking
( )6. A. picking it up B. picking them up
C. picks it up D. picked it up
( )7. A. time B. timed C. times D. timing
( )8. A. looked at B. look for C. look after D. looks at
( )9. A. second B. seconds C. minute D. minutes
( )10. A. woman B. boy C. man D. girl
V. 阅读理解。(20分)
Jim, with his father, goes to see his grandfather. In the train Jim often puts his head out of the window. His father says, “Jim! Don’t put your head out of the window!” But Jim goes on putting his head out of the window.
Now his father takes Jim’s cap quietly, hides(藏) it behind his back and says, “You see your cap is gone(不见了).” Jim is afraid.
His father says, “Well, whistle(吹口哨) once. Perhaps your cap will come back.” Jim whistles. His father quickly puts the cap on Jim’s head.
“Oh! It is wonderful!” Jim laughs. He quickly takes his father’s cap and throws it out of the window. “Now it is your turn(轮到你啦) to whistle, Dad!” he says happily.
( ) 1.Jim and his father go to see his grandfather by bus.
( ) 2.Jim’s father tells him not to put his head out of the window.
( ) 3.Jim’s father takes Jim’s cap and hides it behind his back.
( ) 4.Jim doesn’t want to have his cap back.
( ) 5.Jim takes his father’s cap and throws it out of the window.

Long, long ago, there lived a rich man. He had a servant (仆人). He and the servant loved wine and good food very much. Each time the rich man left his home, the servant would drink the wine and eat up all the nice food in the house. The rich man knew what his servant did, but he had never caught his servant doing that.
One morning, when he left home, he said to the servant, “Here are two bottles of poison (毒药) and some nice food in the house. You must take off them.” With these words, he went out.
But the servant knew that the rich man had said was untrue. After the rich man was away from his home, he enjoyed a nice meal. Because he drank too much, he was drunk and fell to the ground. When the rich man came back, he couldn’t find his food and his wine. He became very angry. He woke the servant up. But the servant told his story very well. He said a cat had eaten up everything. He was afraid to be punished, so he drank the poison to kill himself.
( ) 6.In the story, ______ liked wine and good food very much.
A. the rich man B. the servant C. both A and B D. neither A nor B
( ) 7.The rich man knew that it was _____ that drank the wine and ate up all the nice food.
A. the cat  B. himself C. nobody D. the servant
( ) 8.The rich man told the servant that there was poison in the two bottles, because______.
A. there was in fact poison in the bottles
B. did not want the servant to drink his wine
C. he wanted to kill the cat
D. he wanted to kill the servant
( ) 9.In fact, ______ ate all the nice food and drank the wine.
A. the servant B. cat C. the rich man D. nobody
( ) 10.From the story, we know that the servant is very _______.
A. lazy  B. bad  C. clever  D. kind
VI. 句型转换。(10分)
1、There are over 40 students in my class.(变为同义句)
There are ________ ________ 40 students in my class.
2、Please tell my mother to look after herself. .(变为同义句)
Please tell my mother ________ ________ ________ ________ herself.
3、You’d better cook for us next time. (改写为否定句)
You ______ ______ ______ ______ for us next time.
4、Must we stay here for a long time.(作否定回答)
______, we ________.
5、She has some cakes and a glass of milk for breakfast. (对划线部分提问)
______ ______ she ______ for breakfast?
Ⅶ. 书面表达。(10分)

Jane: Hey, Kangkang. You look pale. __1__ wrong?
Kangkang: Well, I feel very tired and have a headache.
Jane: I’m sorry __2__ that. Did you go to bed late last night?
Kangkang: Yes. I watched a football game __3__ last night,
and I went to bed very late.
Jane: You’d better __4__ a doctor.
Shall I take you to the hospital?
Kangkang: No, thanks. I’ll take some medicine.
Jane: I see. Then you should go to bed early tonight, and you’ll __5__ tomorrow.
Kangkang: Right! I will have a good rest tonight.

1、¬¬_____________ 2、_____________ 3、_____________ 4、_____________ 5、_____________

Unit 2听力材料及答案

I. 听句子,选出你所听到的单词或短语。(5分)
1.The doctor told me to take the pills three times a day..
2.He played football two hours last Saturday afternoon.
3. You’d better lie down and have a good rest.
4.Drink at least eight cups of water every day..
5.We must eat healthy food .
II. 听对话,选择最佳答案。(5分)
6. M: Lucy, how many hours do you sleep every night?
W: Nine hours, I think. What about, Tom?
M: About eight hours.
Q: How many hours does Tom sleep every night?
7. W: How long are you staying here, Mike?
M: I’m staying here for 7 days.
Q: Mike is staying here for a week, isn’t he?
8. M: Sally, let’s exercise together.
W: Sorry, Mike. I have to go shopping later.
Q: Where will Sally probably go?
9. W: How often do you drink milk , Kangkang?
M: I drink milk every day, and you, Maria?
W: I don’t like to drink milk. But my mother likes it.
Q. Who doesn’t like to drink milk, Kangkang, Maria or Maria’s mother?
10. W: What do you like best,Jim?
M. Playing computer games. How about you, Jill?
W: I like singing.
Q:What does Jim like best?
III. 听短文,选出正确答案。(10分)
Michael is happy today. He got an e-mail from his aunt. She works in Hongkong and is going to visit Tibet in July. She asked Michael to go sightseeing with her. Michael never travel in China. He hopes to visit Tibet. And he knows Hongkong is a beautiful city. He hopes to travel there, too. He asks his father to order the ticket from New York to Hongkong, so he can go there by plane when his summer vacation starts.

I. 1~5 ×√×√×
II. 1~5 BCBAC 6~10 CABCB 11~15 CAACB
IV. 1~5 DADBC 6~10 DCADC
V. 1--5. FTTFT 6~10 CDBAC
VI. 1. more than 2. to take care of 3. had better not cook 4. No; needn’t 5. What does; have
Ⅶ. 1. What’s 2. to hear 3. on TV 4. go to see 5. feel better

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