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湘教版八年级英语Unit 4检测题

湘教版八年级英语Unit 4检测题
Our World
( Time:45minutes Total Marks:100)
Class: Name: ___ Marks:
Listening Test Part(20分)
I. 听单词,从A、B、C、D中找出你所听到的单词的反义词。(5分)
( ) 1. A. thin B. heavy C. short
( ) 2. A. free B. right C. left
( ) 3. A. finish B. have C. start
( ) 4. A. sell B. bring C. wear
( ) 5. A. here B. where C. home
II. 听对话,根据其内容选择正确答语。(5分)
( ) 6. A. Because she saw some dangerous animals.
B. Because she smelled something.
C. Because she heard some dangerous animals were walking or running.
( ) 7. A. She has to eat less food and take more exercise.
B. She has to eat more food and take less exercise.
C. She can't have any fruits.
( ) 8. A. He has to give to me. B. He has to borrow one.
C. He has to 1ook after his things.
( ) 9. A. Mend his radio. B. Tidy his bike. C. Clean his room.
( )10.A. She has to help her mother with washing.
B. She has to do her homework. C.She has to go to schoo1.
III. 听短文,根据短文内容选择答语。(10分)
( ) 11.Mr. Brown was usually ________ when he went home.
A.pleased B.tired C.excited
( ) 12.One evening,he was ________when the telephone bell rang.
A.Watching TV B.reading C.in bed
( ) 13.Mr. Watt wanted to speak to__________.
A.Mr. Brown B.Mrs. Jack C. Mr. Smith

( ) 14.Mr. Brown was a _________ in a big schoo1.
A.Worker B.headmaster C.teacher
( ) 15.Both Mr. Brown and Mr. Watt were very____________.
A.angry B.rude C.happy

Written Test Part(80分)
I. 词汇。(12分)
(A) 词语释义,在所给选项中找出词语的正确释义。
( ) 1. wet A. to search for and find, as in a dictionary
( ) 2. look up B. not dry
( ) 3. be against C. king of an empire
( ) 4. vacation D. holiday
( ) 5. lovely E. disagree
( ) 6. emperor F. beautiful
(B) 用括号内所给单词的正确形式填空。
7. In the day, it’s very hot, but at night it____________ (get) cold.
8. We can go shopping without going out of our__________(house).
9. ---Do you have a computer? -
---No, but I________________(buy) one next week.
10. There’s always a lot of __________(noise ) around us.
11. Robots can make our life__________(easy), because they can help us do a lot of things,
12. Today, people in Beijing try their__________(good)to protest and rebuild old city walls.
Ⅱ. 单项选择。(16分)
( ) 1.I met an old friend of ______ when I was walking down the street yesterday.
A. my B. I C. mine D. me
( ) 2.Kangkang. The window is broken. Please ______ who did it.
A. find B. look for C. look up D. find out
( ) 3.I spent ______ time writing the novel.
A. a great deal B. a great deal of C. many D. a great many
( ) 4.Maria, please pay attention ______ what the teacher says in class.
A. to B. at C. for D. about

( ) 5.I think cows ______ grass.
A. live B. feeding on C. living on D. feed on
( ) 6. I don’t think TV sets can ______ cinemas.
A. take the place of B. take place C. take the place D. take place of
( ) 7.______ is very important for us ______ English well.
A. That, to learn B. It, to learn C. It, learning D. What, learning
( ) 8. They must be visiting the Great Wall of China,______?
A. mustn’t they B. must they C. aren’t they D. are they
( ) 9.---I hope you can help me with my maths this evening.
A. I’m not free B. Yes, I’m busy C. I hope not D. Certainly
( ) 10.It ______ me two and a half hours ______ my homework yesterday.
A. took, to do B. takes, to do C. spent, doing D. cost, to do
( ) 11. I am not sure _______ the old woman mistook me ______ her daughter.
A. of, for B. whether, for C. if , of D. that, for
( ) 12. The film is ______ interesting than that one.
A. many more B. a lot of more C. much more D. even more much
( ) 13.Let’s begin with an English song, ______?
A. will you B. won’t you C. don’t we D. shall we
( ) 14.Mother asked Tom ______ the room now.
A. clean B. cleaning C. to clean D. be cleaning
( ) 15. I share a room ______ two other people.
A. at B. of C. with D. about
Ⅲ. 按要求完成下列句子。(12分)
1.You can lend him the book after you finish it.(对划线部分提问)
2. It took 100,000 people over 20 years to build the Great Pyramid. (对划线部分提问)
3. The people are practicing dancing in the park. (对划线部分提问)
4. They didn’t go out for a walk because it was raining. (对划线部分提问)
5. The old man used to wake his son up at six in the morning.(改为反意疑问句)
6. I believe the football game is wonderful.(改为否定句)
IV. 完型填空。(10分)
In recent years, computer games have become more and more popular in many cities and towns. A lot of small shops and restaurants along busy__1__ have changed into __2__ game houses in order to get more money. These places are always crowded with__3__ especially young boys.
In the computer game houses, people__4__ a lot of money competing with the computerized machines. It’s __5__ for one to win against a computer, but one can make__6__ after trying again and again. People have a kind of gambling psychology when they play computer games. The more they__7__ the more they want to win, and at last they even can’t live without it. For school boys, they have no_8__ for their lessons. When class is over, they rush to the nearby computer game houses. Some of them can get enough money from their parents. But some of them are not__9__ enough to get the money. They begin to steal__10__ students’ money and become thieves.
( ) 1. A. rivers B. cities C. markets D. streets
( ) 2. A. small B. big C. computer D. sports
( ) 3. A. people B. boys C. women D. girls
( ) 4. A. take B. win C. women D. spend
( ) 5. A. easy B. hard C. important D. wonderful
( ) 6. A. mistakes B. money C. progress D. rich
( ) 7. A. miss B. lose C. play D. make
( ) 8. A. different B. secret C. mind D. duty
( ) 9. A. bad B. angry C. difficult D. lucky
( )10. A. other B. others C. another D. the others
V. 阅读理解。(20分)根据所给材料内容选择正确答案。
The earth moves round the sun, and the moon moves round the earth. When our part (部分) of the earth turns to the sun, it is day, When our part of the earth turns away from the sun, it is night. The sun is much bigger than the moon. But sometimes the moon looks bigger than the sun, because it's much nearer to the earth. The sun is very bright. It gives a very strong light. The moon looks quite bright, too. But it doesn't give any light at all. The moon looks much bigger and brighter than the stars. But in fact the stars are much bigger and brighter than the moon. They look smaller than the moon because they're much farther away from us.
( )1. ____ moves round _____.
   A.The earth, the moon  B.The moon, the earth 
C.The moon, the stars  D.The sun, the earth
( )2. Sometimes the moon looks bigger than the sun, because______.
   A. it is much bigger than the sun  B. doesn't give a very strong light
   C. it is much nearer to the earth than the sun D. it comes out only at night it
( )3. The sun ______.
   A. is very bright,and it gives a very strong light
   B. isn't bright ,but it gives a very strong light
   C. is very big, but it doesn't give any light at all
   D. is very round, but it can't move round
( )4.The stars ______.
   A. look much bigger than the sun  B.look much brighter than the moon
   C. are a lot brighter than the moon ,but they are not bigger than the moon
   D. are much farther away from us than the moon
( )5.When it is day,____ .
   A.our part of the earth turns to the moon
B. the sun looks much smaller than the stars
   C. we can't see any stars in the sky.  D. the moon turns away from the sun
Train No. From To Departure(离开)time Arrival (到达) time
11 Beijing Shenyang 6.35 17.50
186 Chengdu Taiyuan 22.50 5.05
185 Taiyuan Chengdu 13.09 19.30
271 Tianjin Beijing 8.35 10.21

( ) 6. The train from Beijing to Shenyang leaves at _______.
A. 5.05 B. 6.35 C. 8.35 D. 17.50
( ) 7. We have to spend _____ on the train if we go to Shenyang from Beijing.
A. 17 hours and 50 minutes B. 24 hours and 25 minutes
C. 6 hours and 35 minutes D. 11 hours and 15 minutes
( ) 8. If you want to go to Chengdu from Taiyuan, you can take the _____ train.
A. No. 11 B. No. 185 C. No. 186 D. No. 271
( ) 9. The No. 186 train arrives in Taiyuan at _____.
A. 10.50 am. B. 10.50 pm. C. 5.05 am. D. 5.05 pm.
( ) 10. It takes _____ from Tianjin to Beijing by train.
A. about two hours B. half an hour C. about an hour D. more than two hour
Ⅵ. 书面表达(10分)
A: We are going on a holiday.
Could you please look __________(1) my daughter when we are__________(2)?
B: With _________(3). What should I do?
A: Offer her a cup of milk before breakfast. And__________(4) her__________(5) school at 7:30. She has her lunch at school. Pick her at 4:00 in the afternoon and then send her to Young Palace to __________(6) music.
B: Anything __________(7)?
A: Oh, yes. Let her __________(8) before 11:00. That’s all. Thank you very much.
B: __________(9) __________(10).

I. 听单词,从A、B、C、D中找出你所听到的单词的反义词。
1. fat 2. wrong 3. end 4.take 5. there
II. 听对话,根据其内容选择正确答语。
6. A: Listen! I'm sure there may be some dangerous animals on this mountain.
B: Don't be afraid! We are safe.
Question: Why is she feeling a little afraid?
7. A: What problem does Mrs. Brown have about her health?
B: The doctor said she was eating too much. It means Mrs. Brown is too fat.
Question: What does she have to do if she wants to be thinner?
8. A: Excuse me, is this your pen, Jim?
B: Let me see. Oh, yes, it's mine.
A: I found it under the chair on the floor. You must look after your things. Here you are.
B: Thank you very much.
Question: What does Jim have to do?
9. A: Hi, Mike! Can you come swimming with us?
B. I'm afraid I can't. I have to tidy my room.
Question: What does Mike have to do?
10. A: Where's Xiao Ling?
B: She can't come. She has to do her homework.
A: Does she usually help her mother with the washing?
B: Yes, she does.
Question: Why can't Xiao Ling come?
III. 听短文,根据短文内容选择答语。
Mr. Brown was a teacher. He taught in a big school in London. He lived a long way from the school. So he was always quite tired when he went home. At nine o'clock one evening, when he was in bed, the telephone bell rang.
"This is White Bridge 165, who's speaking, please?" said Mr. Brown.
"Watt." a man answered.
"What's your name, please?" said Mr. Brown.
"Watt's my name" was the answer.
"Yes, I ask you that, what is your name?" Mr. Brown said again.
"I told you, Watt's my name," said the other man "Are you Jack Smith?"
"No." answered Mr. Brown.
Both Mr. Watt and Mr. Brown put their telephones down angrily and thought, "That was a silly man!"
I. 1~6 (A)BAE DFC (B)7. gets 8. houses 9. will buy 10. noise 11. easier 12.best
II. 1~5 CDBAD 6~10 ABCDA 11~15 BCDCC
1. When can I/you lend him the book?
2. How long did it take 100,000 people to build the Great Pyramid?
3. What are the people doing in the park?
4. Why didn’t they go out for a walk?
5. The old man used to wake his son up at six in the morning, didn’t he?
6. I don’t believe the football game is wonderful.
V. 1~5 BCBDC 6~10 BDCCA
Ⅵ.1. after 2. away 3. pleasure 4. send 5. to 6. learn 7. else 8. sleep 9. You’re 10. welcome

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