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仁爱八年级英语上Unit 3 Topic 2

Unit 3 Topic 2

(检测时间:45分钟 满分100分)

Class: Name: Marks:

Ⅰ. 单项选择。(15分)

( ) 1. Mike often plays football and Nick often plays piano.

A. the, the B. the, / C. / , the D. / , /

( ) 2. My dictionary is at home, could you your dictionary to me?

A. borrow B. lend C. keep D. lent

( ) 3. We are going to our vacation tomorrow.

A. take B. spend C. cost D. pay

( ) 4. My mother likes classical music of all.

A. good B. better C. best D. well

( ) 5. It was very cold, but they continued outside.

A. work B. working C. to working D. works

( ) 6. I will have a holiday.

A. 7 days holiday B. 7-days-holiday C. 7-day-holiday D. 7-days-holidays

( ) 7. U2 is the name of from Dublin, Ireland.

A. a singer B. a pet C. a mountain D. a band

( ) 8. Country music, rock music and jazz are very popular young people.

A. in B. between C. among D. of

( ) 9. China is famous her long history.

A. as B. at C. for D. of

( ) 10. Our class is going an English corner.

A. to set up B. send up C. to put up D. open up

( ) 11. ― is it for the dance lesson?

― It's 100 yuan.

A. How much B. How many C. How often D. How far

( ) 12. They have lessons a week.

A. art, twice B. an art, twice C. artist, second D. an artist, second

( ) 13. One of boys wants by train.

A. traveling B. to travel C. to traveling D. travels

( ) 14. My father taught me a bike when I was 7 years old.

A. to ride B. rode C. ride D. rides

( ) 15. weather! It's always raining!

A. What a bad B. How a bad C. What bad D. How bad


Yesterday evening, when I went to town 1 my mother, we met a strange old man.

It was raining 2 and we had no umbrella. We were trying to 3 a taxi when he came up to us. He was carrying a nice umbrella and he said that he would give 4 for only a pound. He had forgotten his wallet, he said he needed taxi to go back home. My mother didn't believe what he had said at first, and 5 him a lot of questions. But she finally believed the man and gave him the pound. She was happy to 6 a good umbrella for so little. But the old man didn't get into a taxi. We walked 7 him and found he went into a pub and bought himself a glass of 8 with the pound. After he drank it, he 9 his hat and took up one of the many wet umbrellas there and went off with the new one.

Soon after that, he 10 it again.

( )1.A.in B. near C. with D. by

( )2.A.hard B. big C. heavy D. small

( )3.A.get out of B. get into C. get up D. get off

( )4.A.it us B. it to us C. us it D. us to it

( )5.A.showed B. borrowed C. lent D. asked

( )6.A.have B. buy C. see D. make

( )7.A.with B. for C. before D. after

( )8.A.orange B. tea C. coffee D. whiskey

( )9.A.put on B. took off C. put up D. put down

( )10.A.lost B. dropped C. sold D. wore


1. Who is going to sing ____________________(在音乐会上).

2. I think they are ____________________ (亲密的朋友)

3. Most kids like ____________________ (流行音乐).

4. People ____________________ (全世界人民) enjoy their music very much.

5 What do you do ____________________ (在你的业余时间).

Ⅳ.按要求转换句型 (15分)

1.I want to be a dancer. (对画线部分提问)

________ ________ you want to ________?

2. The movie is very interesting. (改为感叹句)

________ ________ ________ ________ it is!

3. Many young people like pop music. (用rock music改为选择问句)

________ many young people like pop music ________ ________ ________?

4. We are going to Beijing. (对画线部分提问)

________ ________you going?

5.They will give a concert in Hainan. (变为否定句)

They ________ ________ give a concert in Hainan.


(Rob=R Mom=M)

R: Hi, Mom. (1)_________________!

M: Where have you been? It's almost 5:00.

R: Sorry. I was at Sam's house.

M: (2)____________________?

R: Listening to music. Sam has a lot of great CDs. You should hear some of them.

M: Maybe I'll do that sometime later.

R: (3) ______________________?

M: Now? I'm busy cooking.

R: It doesn't matter. Sam let me borrow some of them. See?

M: Sam let you borrow some of them? (4) ___________________________.

R: I only borrowed 15 CDs. Sam has more than 200.

M: That's a lot of CDs. (5) ______________________.

R: He does. He spends his mom's money, too.



Mr. Turner liked fishing. It was his favorite sport. He often fished for hours without catching anything. But this did not worry him. Some fishermen couldn't catch fish. Sometimes they caught old boots or rubbish. Mr. Turner was even worse than the fishermen. He never caught anything � not even old boots. After he spent whole morning on the river, he always went home with an empty bag.

"You must give up fishing!" his friends said, "It's a waste of time."

"But they don't realize one important thing. I'm not really interested in fishing. I am only interested in sitting in a boat and doing nothing at all. It can make me forget the noise of the city and live quietly for some time." he always said to himself.


( )1. Mr. Turner always went fishing because ______.

A. he could sell the fish and get some money B. he thought it was a good sport

C. he could cook the fish for supper D. he could sit in a boat

( )2. Mr. Turner liked to fish_____.

A. by the river B. in a boat on the river

C. in the river D. with the fishermen

( )3. He always went home with an empty bag because ______.

A. he couldn't fish at all B. there weren't any fish in the river

C. he gave the fish to the fishermen D. he didn't pay attention to fishing at all

( )4. His friends told him _____ when they knew he couldn't catch anything.

A. to learn how to fish B. to change the way of fishing

C. not to fish any more D. to buy fish to eat

( )5. From the story we knew Mr. Turner______

A. lived in the country B. was a good fisherman

C. was interested in fishing D. disliked the noise of the city


Popular music in America is what every student likes. Students carry small radios with earphones and listen to music before class, after class, and at lunch. Students with cars buy large speakers and play the music loudly as they drive on the street.

Adult drivers listen to music on the car radio as they drive to work. They also listen to the news about sports, the weather, and the life of American people. Most of the radio programmers are music. Pop or popular music singers make much money. They make a CD or tape which radio stations use in many places. Once the popular singer is heard all over the country, young people buy his or her tape. Some of the money from these tapes comes to the singer. Wherever the singer goes, all the young people want to meet him or her. Now the singer has become a national star. There are other kinds of music that are important to Americans. One is called folk music. It tells stories about the common life of Americans. Another is called western or country music. This was started by cowboys(牛仔) who would sing at night to the cows they were watching. Today, any music about country life and the love between a country boy and his girl is called western or country music.

根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F) 。

( )6.Three kinds of music are mentioned in this passage.

( )7.When pop singers make a CD or tape, they will become national stars.

( )8.From the passage we know that country music is about the country life and love stories.

( )9.Adult drivers in America listen to music all the time while driving.

( )10.The best title for this passage should be Western Music.


假如你在第一中学读书。你校准备在"五一"节邀请the Beatles乐队到你学校举行音乐晚会,欢度"五一"节。请你以学校的名义写一张英语海报,告知全校师生。内容包括以下要点:

1.时间:五月一日晚上八点开始;2.地点:学校音乐厅;3.对the Beatles乐队略为介绍;




Dear classmates,


No. One Middle School

Unit 3, Topic 2参考答案

I.1---5 CBACB 6---10 CDCCA 11---15 AABAC

Ⅱ.1---5 CABBD 6---10 BDDAC

Ⅲ.1. at the concert 2. closed friends 3. pop music 4. all over the word

5. in your spare/ free time

Ⅴ.1. What do; be 2. What an interesting movie 3. Do; or rock music 4. Where are 5. will not

Ⅵ. 1. I'm home 2. What were you doing 3. How about now 4. It seems you borrowed all of them 5. Sam must spend all of his money on music

Ⅶ.1---5 BBDCD 6---10 TFTTF



Dear classmates,

The Beatles is invited to have a music party in our school music hall on May 1st. The Beatles from UK is very popular in the world. It has successfully made several pop songs (such as Love Me Do, Number one hti, and Please Please Me ) which Chinese students are very interested in. There are no enough seats for all the teachers and students, so please book your seat ahead. Our telephone is 7380540. The party begins at eight in the evening. Remember to come in time!

No. One Middle School

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