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仁爱八年级英语上Unit 3 Topic 3 Section B

Unit 3 Topic 3 Section B
collect, hobby, used to do sth., stone, coin, act
3.Yeah, I think so. (Page 71)是,我也这样认为。在think后面可以用so来代替前面的内容,以避免重复。例如:— Is he at home? 他在家吗?— Yes, I think so. 是的,我想他在家。I think so.的否定形式一般为I don’t think so.例如:—Do you think classical music is very popular in China?你认为古典音乐在中国很流行吗?—No, I don’t think so. 不,我认为不很流行。
4.And I also like the young man with light hair. (Page 71) 我也喜欢那个留着浅色头发的年轻人。with在这里是“有”的意思。如:a coat with two pockets有两个口袋的衣服a girl with blue eyes碧眼女郎a woman with an angry look in her eyes眼里有怒色的女子
5.He is so handsome! (Page 71)他非常帅!so在口语中,与加重语气的感叹句连用,作very解。如:1) I’m so glad to see you!我很高兴见到你!2) It was so kind of you !你真好!3) There was so much to do!这么多事要做!
6.I agree with you. (Page 71)我同意你的意见。agree with sb.同意某人的看法。如:I don’t agree with her.我不同意她的意见。
7. You look very sad. (Page72) 你看起来很伤心。look系动词,可以翻译为“看起来”。look做系动词,后面可以接形容词、动词的过去分词、名词、介词短语以及as if从句做表语。如:1)Tom looks very strong. 汤姆看起来非常的强壮。(形容词做表语)2)Amy looks a fool. 埃米看起来像一个傻瓜。(名词做表语)3)You look like your mother. 你看起来很像你的母亲。(介词短语做表语)4)It looks as if we’re going to win this game. 看起来似乎我们要赢得这场比赛。(从句做表语)
8.There’s nothing serious. (Page 72)没什么严重的事。(没事。)nothing serious “没事”。注意此结构的用法。用来修饰代词something, anything, nothing, somebody, anybody, nobody等的形容词,要放在被修饰词的后面。如句中serious要放在nothing的后面。如:1) Would you like anything else?你还要点儿什么吗?2) I’ll tell you something important.我要告诉你一件重要的事。3) There is nothing wrong with the computer.这台电脑没毛病。
8.Well, Miss Wang was angry with me. (Page 72)王老师生我的气了。注意be angry 后所跟的介词:be angry with + sb. 生某人的气be angry at + sb. 对某人的言行气愤be angry about + sth. 对某事生气 如:1) He was angry with himself for having made such foolish mistakes.他因犯如此愚蠢的错误而气恼自己。2) He was angry at being kept waiting.他因旁人使他久等而生气。3) He was angry about so much traffic in the street. 他对街上那么多的车辆而气恼。
2. .课前预习 同步练习与测试 Unit 3 Topic3 Section B练习
(二).提高 拓展的练习
Ⅰ. 单项选择。
( )1. does it take you to get from home to school?
A. How long B. How far C. How much D. How often
( )2. What do you do in your time?
A. strange B. frozen C. free D. crowded
( )3. Dave usually takes to school.
A. the taxi B. the walk C. the bike D. the subway
( )4. His house is next mine.
A. to B. in C. from D. of
( )5. My friend is the same me. We are both quiet.
A. with B. than C. as D. for
( )6. Summer hot and winter cold.
A. is, is B. was, was
C. will be, will be D. is going to be, be
( )7. They can’t speak French Japanese.
A. as well as B. as well C. either D. neither
( )8. Both fish and meat running out.
A. is B. will C. are D. has
( )9. I’ll tell her about it she .
A. when, came B. where, come C. when, comes D. where, came
( )10. I didn’t have fun your day off.
A. in B. at C. on D. to
Ⅱ. 用所给单词的正确形式填空。
1. Which is (bright), this room or that one?
2. Who is (tall), Sue or Tom?
3. Who is (tall) in your class?
4. A plane is a very (heavy) machine.
5. This is the (long) way to our school.
6. Lesson One is (easy) than Lesson Two.
7. Lucy is (young) in our class.
8. You coat is (nice) than mine.
9. Which is (small), the sun or the moon?
10. Li Ping is a little (hungry).
Ⅲ. 补全对话。
A: 1 you’re going to get married soon, 2 .
B: They are studying for a 3 (测验).
A: I get his 4 (邀请), but I can’t go.
C: 5 . We’ll send you some wedding cake.
A: That’s very kind.
a. That’s right b. Oh, what a pity c. Never mind
d. I hear e. Congratulations
Ⅳ. 词汇,根据汉语和句意完成单词。
1. Today I’m very busy, but she’s (有空的).
2. They are studying for a (测验).
3. I get his (邀请),but I can’t go.
4. I have too (多)homework to do.
5. Mr Wang often goes to the (音乐会).
6. We s a day in the zoo.
7. Maria received many p at her birthday party.
8. I like listening to folk m .
9. The Beatles is the name of a b .
10. The weather is very t . People can hardly go out.
Ⅰ. 1—5 ACDAC 6—10 AAACC
Ⅱ. 1. brighter 2. taller 3. tallest 4. heavy 5. longest 6. easier 7. the youngest 8. nicer 9. smaller 10. terrible
Ⅲ. 1—5 d e a b c
Ⅳ. 1. free 2. test 3. invitation 4. much 5. concert 6. spent 7. presents 8. music 9. band 10. terrible
2、完成 同步练习与测试 Unit 3 Topic 3 Section B练习

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