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Exercise 1
1.Of course ______ 2.healthy lifestyle _____
3.look after ______ 4.stay healthy_______
5.see the doctor_____ 6.it doesn’t matter_______
7.多久一次_________ 8.至于,关于 ___________
9.一星期一次_______ 10.吃药, _______________
11. 咳嗽______ 12.垃圾食品厂________
1.----How often do you do morning exercise?
A. Many times B. For half an hour
C. Every morning D. In the morning
2. My eating habits ___ yours.
A. is same as B. are same as
C. is the same as D. are the same as
3. Good food and exercise ___ me to study better.
A. help B. helps C. helping D. to help
4. I___ listen to jazz, I love it.
A. often B. sometimes C. hardly ever D. never
5. Can you _____ _____ your health?
A. look after B. look at C. look for D. look around
6. —Do you often go out to eat? --Not often, but ___ I go out.
A. sometimes B. never C. usually D. always
7. I want you ___ with me every day.
A. exercise B. to exercise C. exercises D. \
8. ---¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬___ does she do on weekend?
---She often goes to the movies.
A. How B. What C. when D. Why
9. Drinking milk every day ___ good ___ your health.
A. are, to B. is, for C. is, to D are, for
10. The students in Class Two always exercise a lot.____homework, they finish it very often.
A. To B. As for C. As D. As to
11. --- How are you today?
--- _______, thank you.
A. pretty healthy B. very health C. pretty well
Tina: I think I’m kind of unhealthy, Tony._______
Tony: I am sorry to hear that._______
Tina: Because every day I have a lot of homework
and lessons to do at school.
Tony: Bad! What do you usually do after school?
Tina: __________
Tony: How many hours do you watch TV every night?
Tina: __________
Tony: Why not spend your two hours of watching TV exercising
Tina: ________

A. Three hours.
B. I must exercise from now on(从今以后)
C. I usually watch TV.
D. I hardly ever exercise.
E。Why don’t you exercise, Tina?

Good eating habits
I think my eating habits are pretty good. Noodles and rice are my favorite. I eat them every day because I know they are good for my health. Bread is my favorite breakfast, and also eggs. I eat them every day. Sometimes I have them for supper. I also try to eat a lot a lot of vegetables. Usually I eat them eight or eleven times a week. I eat a lot of fruit, seven or nine times a week. I like drinking milk, usually twice a day. Sometimes I eat meat and fish three times a week. Of course, I like junk food, but I only eat it once a week.

你看不见, 我看不见。
Who can see time?
Neither you or I.
When the clock ticks, ticks, tick,
Time is passing by.
Where can you see time?
Neither in the day or at night.
The teachers’ white hair, white hair,
Tells us time’s flying by.


Exercise 2

OK, boys and girls, 要想超越别人,首先得超越自己。不断确立新的目标,不断迎接新的挑战,拿出勇气来吧,你能行,Let’s go!

一. 小小翻译家
1. 另一方面_______ 2. 看牙医_______ 3.保持一个…平衡_____
4. 卧床休息_______ 5. 感冒________ 6. 咳嗽__________
7. 平衡的饮食_____ 8. 保持年轻_____

1.—What’s the matter, Judy?
-- _______
A.I have a stomach B. I have some stomach
C.I have stomaches D. I have a stomachache
2. It is important __eight hours a night.
A. to you to sleep B. for you to sleep
C. for you for sleep D. to you for sleep
3. --Would you mind lending me some money?
--________.Here you are.
A. Yes B. Of course C. Sure D. Of course not
4. You should eat yang food, __beef or lamb, to give you more energy.
A. like B. unlike C. dislike D. as
5. He eats ___food, so he is ___ fat.
A. much too, much too B. too much, too much
C. much too, too much D. too much, much too
6. He studies ___. He ___ plays outside after school.
A. hard, hard B. hardly, hardly
C. hard, hardly D. hardly, hard
7.--Can you tell us how to learn English?
--We should practice ___ it every day.
A. listening and speech B. listen and speak
C. to speak and listen D. listening and speaking
8. You have to eat ___ if you want to keep healthy.
A. fewer food B. few food C. less food D. little food
9. -- The milk looks ___. Drink some, my boy?
-- No, thanks. I don’t feel___ today.
A. good, good B. good, well C. well, well D. well, good
10. ___ get off until the bus stop.
A. Don’t B. Do C. Not D. No

1. Who _______ (teach) you English in your class?
2. I’d like ______ (talk) to you after class.
3. It’s time ______ (go) to school.
4. Look! Your father and mother ______ (come) to see you.
5. Jim did ______ (bad) of all in the long jump.
6. Please give me some water. I’m t _______.
7. Do you like dumplings? They are t ______ food in China.
8. Jim is clever, He can work out these p ______
9. It’s easy ______ (write) an e-mail.
10.--Who do you think can win the chess game?
--We b_______ Peter can win.
1.Katrina exercises once a day.(对画线部分提问)
_____ _____ ______ Katrina exercise?
2.What’s wrong with you?(改为同意句).
______the ______ with you?
3. I think I am getting a cold(该为否定句).
______ ____ ____ getting a cold.
4.均衡的饮食能帮助你保持健康(翻译). _________________________.

参考词汇: have breakfast, be bad for, if feel hungry, listen to, carefully, need energy, should

1. Better late than never. 2. I’m coming back in a minute
A. 迟到比不到强暴 B.迟到C.最好不迟到 A. 立刻 B. 一样 C. 一点儿
3.That’s much too dear.
A. 太好看报 B. 太贵C. 太可爱
4.Don’t sit in the way. You can’t sit there. OK
A. 用那种方式 B. 这样 C. 在路上 D. 挡道
5. We don’t like him. He is a yes-man.
A. 坚强的人 B. 总有理的人 C. 唯唯诺诺的人 D. 说一不二的人


Exercise 3
OK, boys and girls,有了丰富的知识储备,你一定能够迎接下面的挑战.Let’s go!

1. I’m b_______ my little brother.
2 How about taking a w_______.
3. Would you like to go f______ with me tomorrow?
4. W______ are you going with?
5. I’m going h_______ in the mountains.
6. I waited u_______ 10 o’clock , but he still didn’t come
7. He’s going to Beijing for a v_______ with my friends.
8. Yao Ming is a ______(著名的) player.
9. Shall we go ______(观光,旅游) next week?
1. Susan forgot ___ the windows yesterday.
A. to open B. closing C. opening D. to closing
2. Why are you looking at the baby all the time? Is there ___ on it?
A. nothing strange B. something strange
C. strange anything D. anything strange
3. ---____did the movie last? ---About two hours.
A. How many B. How long C. How often D. How much
4. ---Supper is ready, Kate. ---- ______________
A. I’m coming B. I know C. I will come D. Thank you
5. ---What’s the matter with you, Peter? ---_____________.
A. I’m going to leave here B. I have a bad cold
C. I want to go shopping D. I’m teaching an exam
6. I’m going to Hawaii with my aunt this month for my vacation.
A. Have a good time B. Why are you going there
C. Who’s going with D. please go
7. Please stay here ___ I come back.
A. for B. until C. to D. by
8. You’d better ___ too much all the time.
A. don’t ear B. not to eat C. not eat D. to not eat
9. Thanks for ___ us for vacation.
A. ask B. is asking C. asking D. to ask
10. The teacher told her students ___ in public.
A. not to shout B. didn’t shout C. not shout D. to not shout
11. I __ for Hawaii next week.
A. leave B. leaving C. am leaving D. am going leave
12. She ___ relax.
A. real needs B. really needs
C. real needs to D. really needs to
13. ---How do you usually come to school? --- ____my father’s car.
A. By B. With C. In D. For
14. How about _____ tomorrow? ---- That’s sounds interesting.
A. go boating B. going to school
C. going boating D. going to boating
15. They are going hiking ___ Saturday afternoon.
A. on B. at C. in D. with
1. The little boy often goes to school by bike(对画线部分提问)
_____ ______ the little boy often ____ to school
2. I’m going to Tibet for vacation next month. (对画线部分提问)?
_____ ____ you ____ for vacation?
3. It’s about three miles from my home to school. (对画线部分提问)
_____ _____ is it ____ your home to school?

1. Well I’m going __________ (shop) on Saturday.
2. He ________ (go) camping yesterday.
3. The dog______ (die) soon.
4. Sometimes he _________ (play) football after school.
5. A lot of ______ (tour) visit our city every year.
多读善思, 厚积薄发
I’m taking my family to Europe to have a trip. My wife and our two children are1____ going along. My brother is also2____ to go with us for vacation. Because he 3_____ went to other countries, he is even more 4_____ than the children. He can’t wait to go. My father would like to stay at home, but we’ll send him postcards 5_____ Europe.
We’re 6____ next Friday. We’re going to New York by train, 7____ taking a ship to Europe, When we8____ in Europe. We are going to9____ countries for10_____ a week there. Then we are flying home.
1. A. both B. all C. may D maybe
2. A. enjoying B. forgetting C. keeping D. planning
3. A. didn’t B. sometimes C. never D. often
4. A. excited B. angry C. exciting D. stressed
5. A. in B. to C. for D. from
6. A. sending B. leaving C. finishing D. resting
7. A. so B. for C. as D. and then
8. A. got B. arrived C. came D. went
9. A. few B. a lot C. a few D. much
10.A. taking B. having C. staying D. spending
1.今天下午两点出发。 2.北京天气晴朗而暖和。
请根据以上要点写一篇短文。 要求: 语意连贯, 语法正确。 词数100左右。
1.. They are not here. Ten to one they’re in the classroom.
A. 一定 B. 很可能 C. 有可能 D. 有一点儿可能
2.. What has a tongue(舌头), but can’t speak?______
A. Shirt B. Shoe C. Hat D. Erasers
3. There are two fathers and two sons. How many people at least are there?
A. Four B. Three C. Two D. One
4. My uncle has a brother. He is not my uncle. Who is he?_____
A. My uncle’s father B. My brother C. My brother’s uncle D. My farher
5. _____the ninth letter in the English alphabet(字母表)? 6. Which can’t you eat?
A.“I”is B. I am C. I is D. “I” am A. Cake B. Bread C. Milk D. Rice

★怎么样? 作完该练习,感觉还不错吧,继续努力哦!
Exercise 4

Hi, boys and girls.未来唯一的优势,就是比你的对手学习的更快。快快行动吧,超前一步,步步领先哦。Let’s go!

1. She ______ sightseeing tomorrow.
A. goes B. going C. is going D. go
2. Mike is_____ Australian boy. He studies in ____ university
in Changchun.
A. the, \ B. a, a C. an, a D. an, an
3. This is _____ classroom. ____ is over there.
A .Ours, Their B. Ours, theirs C. our, Theirs D. Our, Their
4._____to school is good for your health.
A .walking B. walk C. walks D. walked
5. It’s about ___ from my home to the park.
A . ten minutes walk B. ten minute’s walk
C. ten minutes’ walk D. ten minutes walking
6. It takes me half an hour ___ my housework every day.
A. do B. does C. to do D. doing
7. Please stop talking and ___ to me.
A. listen B. hear C. listening D. hear to
8. The number of the students ___ 3000 this year.
A. is B. was C. are D. were
9. They ____ get up early on weekends.
A. didn’t have to B. has not to
C. haven’t not to D. don’t have to
10. ----Would you like to have a picnic with us?
----_______, but I’m too busy.
A. No, I can’t B. Yes, I’m glad C. I’d love to D. I’d like
11. ___Do you usually go home?
A. What B. How C. Where D. Who
二.阅读青春,放飞激情。赶快来试一试吧。Let’s go!
There are kinds of trains in the world. There are trains to carry (运载)people , trains to carry people or carry things. There are fast trains and slow ones. Some trains go through mountains. In big cities the streets are usually very busy. So you can find the trains under the ground. They carry people quickly in and out of the city.
Can a train run over water? Yes, it can. There are many bridges over the water. But it is easy for trains to run over the water. But it is not easy to build these bridges. Today’s trains have dinning cars for people. You may eat something in them on the way if you are hungry.
Trains are useful to men, women and children. Many children have model trains. They can enjoy the wonderful world of model trains.
1. There are all kinds of trains. Here “all kinds of trains” means_______
A. fast trains and slow trains B. many different kinds of trains
C. trains to go through mountains D. trains to carry people
2. The trains carry people in and out of the big cities under the ground because_________
A. the streets are very busy B. the cities are very big
C. the trains have dinning cars D. the cities are too small
3. If you’re hungry on the train, you may go to ____ to have something to eat.
A. some rooms B. some shops
C. the dinning cars D. the station
4. It’s ___ for trains to run over the water, but ____ to build bridges.
A. easy, easy B. easy, not easy
C. not easy, easy D. not easy, not easy
5. Which of the following is NOT true?
A. There are dinning cars in the trains.
B. There are fast trains and slow trains.
C. The trains are only useful for young people.
D. We can see the trains under the ground.
三.中考暸望台----中考常常是这样的, 提前感受一下吧。
1. How many _____(香蕉) have you picked?
2. The boy was so shy that he hid his _____(脸) in his hands.
3. Would you like to go______钓鱼)with me?
4. I’m going to spend my _____(夏天)holidays in Beijing.
5. Don’t _____(看) TV too much. It’s not good for you.
6. Candy isn’t tall, but she sits in the _____(第六) row.
7. Today is one of the_____ (热) days of the year.
8. Last night he heard some noise and______(跑)out to see what was happening.
9. The boy on the new _______(自行车) is Sally’s brother.
10 John never goes to school ________(迟).
1.嗨!everybody,寒假已经过了一半了, 接下来的时间你打算做什么呢?赶快来计划一下吧!


天文地理, 尽收眼底!
1.the Garden on the sea A. Yunnan(云南)
2.the Sunlight City(日光城) B. Guangzhou(广州)
3.the Kingdom of Plants(植物王国) C. the Gulang(鼓浪屿)
4.the City of Flowers(花城) D. Chongqing(重庆)
5.the City of fog(雾城) E. Lhasa(拉萨)


Exercise 5

Hi, boys and girls本练习是一个很好的展示你的才华的舞台哦,相信聪明的你,勤奋的你,勇于进取的你一定能够在这里展的风采。Let’s go

1. ---____ is the pizza? --- $5 each.
A. How much B. How many C. How old D. How
2. ---____Some meat? ---____. Just a minute.
A. Would you like, All right B. Had you like, All right
C. Did you like, No D. Would you like, No
3. --Will you please go to the concert with me? --That’s great!__
A. I’d like B. I’d love C. I like D. I’d love to
4. I’m ____ I can’t go with you.
A. happy B. ready C. afraid D. right
5. I was born ___ March 8th, 1983.
A. on B. at C. in D, for
6. ---May I speak to Lao Zhang? ---__________.
A. Yes. Wait a minute B. Certainly. Hold on, please.
C. Lao Zhang, hurry up D. I’m Lao Zhang
7. --- I’m having a party in my home tonight. Can you come?
---I’d love to, but I ____ stay at home because my mother is ill.
A. must B. have to C. should D. need
8.---Who’s the woman under the tree? Is it Mrs Liu?
---No, it____ be her. She is in red.
A. mustn’t B. may not C. needn’t D. can’t
9. ---It took me nearly 40 minutes to ride here.
---Have a drink, please. You ____ be thirsty.
A. have to B. must C. should D. can
二. 活学活用
1. Everyone in our class______(like) swimming,
2. _____ Tom ______ (go) hiking last Sunday.
3. _____ (not be) late for the meeting.
4. ----Who are the boys? --- They’re ______ (America) students.
5. She didn’t feel like ______ (walk) after supper.
6. We’re discussing where _______ (go).
7. Miss White is good at ______ (dance).
8. Jack can ______ (come) to party tomorrow afternoon.
9. They _______ (visit) Uncle Liu tomorrow.
10. Miss Green enjoys ______ (live) and _____ (study) with us.
1. He has shorter hair than Sam.(改为同义句).
2. Sam’s hair is____than his.
3. ---你能来参加音乐会吗? ---对不起, 我不能. 我得学习。
---_____you go to the concert? --- I’m ___ I can’t. I ____study.
4. Helen does well in math(同义句). Helen ___ ___ ___ math.
5. 我很愿意去看电影。 I ___ ___ ___ go to the movies.
6. 这两个女孩都喜获唱歌。_____________________________.
In China, more and more middle school students are getting shorter1___ time than before. Most students sleep less than nine hours every night because they have much homework2_____ some homework is given by the teachers and3_____ are given by parents. Also, some students don’t know4 ______ save time. They are not 5_____ enough while they do their homework, so it 6_____ them a lot of time. Some students spend too much time 7_____TV programs or playing computer games. They stay up(不睡觉) very late. Some students have to 8_____early every morning on weekdays to get to school 9_____ by bus or bike. It can be a long way from home to school.
Schools and parents cut down some of the10______so that the children can enjoy more than nine hours of sleep every night for their health. As we know, children are our country’s future. They should be well cared for.
A. work B. sleep C. working D. sleeping
A. do B. to do C. doing D. to be done
A , others B. some C. the others D. some other
A. what to B. how to C. what to do it D. how to do it
A. careful B. sad C. unhappy D. good
A .take B. takes C. spend D. spends
A. watching B. watch C. are watching D. to watch
A. get up B. go to sleep C. go to school; D. put on
A. in time B. on time C. hurry D. fast
A .sleeping time B. homework C. housework D. playing time
中考瞭望台---解中考之谜, 走成功之路。
1. How are you feeling? a. Thank you.
2. What does your mother do on weekends? b. Me, too.
3. How was your holiday? c. Much better now.
4. Well done! Congratulations, Li Ping! d. I’m sorry, there isn’t.
5. May I borrow your pen, please? e. Sure, here you are.
f. Great.
g. She usually goes shopping

At the doctor’s

病人陈述病情: I’m not feeling well; I feel dizzy.
医生询问病情: what’s your trouble? What’s wrong\the matter with you?
How do you feel?\ How are you feeling now?
医生医嘱用语: You’ll get over it soon.\ You’ll be all right soon.
One tablet each time, and three times a day after meal.

★做完本卷, 你一定有了成功的体验,祝贺你!.

Exercise 6

Hi, boys and girls. 很高兴我们又见面了,做好这套练习,它会给你带来信心和惊喜,快快行动吧。Let’s go!

1. tall______ 2. smart_______ 3. heavy______-_
4. thin______ 5. wild________ 6.calm_________
7.funny_____ 8.quite_________ 9.athletual_______
10.slim______ 11.intellectual_____ 12.outgoing_____
1. tall______ 2. short______ 3. thin_______
4. wild ______ 5. calm_____ 6. intellectual_______
7. athletic_______ 8. quite_______ 9. outgoing________
10. funny_______ 11. curly_________ 12. fat________
1. I like to have friends who are___ us.
A . different from B. difference from
C. different D. difference
2. --- Mom, could you buy me a dress like this?
--- Certainly, we can buy ___ one than this, but___ this.
A. a better, better than B. a worse, as good as
C. a cheaper, as good as D. a more important, not a good as
3. The weather in Guangdong is ___ than ___ in Hebei.
A. hot, that B. hotter, that C. hot, \ D. hotter, \
4. This coat is too___ for me. Cam I have a ___ one?
A. long, Short B. long, shorter
C. longer, shorter D. longer, short
5. Although my friend is ___ than me, I like her.
A. moody B. too moody C. very moody D. moodier
6. The Changjiang River is one of ___ in the world.
A. the long river B. the longest river
C. the longer river D. the longest rivers
7. ---Happy New Year to you. --- __________
A. really B. Too lucky C. so am I D. the same to you
8. He began to catch up with ___ in this team.
A. another B. the others C. other D. the other
9. ---Remember this children.____ careful you are, ____ mistakes you will make. ---We know, Miss Gao.
A. the more, the more B. the fewer, the more
C. the more, the less D. the less, the less
10. ---Did your parents go to the film yesterday evening?
---No, we___ stayed at home watching TV.
A. both B. either C. none D. all
潜能挑战----激活思维, 展示能力,大胆尝试吧!
四. 选词填空
a. funny, b. intellectual c. calmer d. laugh e. wilder
f. as, g. kind h. popular i. good j. both
1. He is a ______ man. He always helps others.
2. These songs are more_______ in the school.
3. Don’t ______ at others.
4. I like ________ English and Chinese.
5.Tom is as tall _______ his friends.
6. Are you ______ at singing and dancing?
7. Mary is a _____ girl. She often makes me happy.
8. Ruben is very smart, but Tom is more _______.
9. I’m quite. I am not like my brother. He’s _______.
10. He’s much ____ than me when we met terrible things.
五.下面是三则广告, 看一看是否适合你。
Driver Wanted
1. Clean driving license
2. Good---looking
3. Age over 25
Apply to:Caps Taxi, Shenzhen
Tel: 0755--6561382 Teacher Needed
1. For private language school.
2. Teaching experience necessary.
Apply to:Instant Languages Ltd, Dalian
Tel: 0411---4313861
Air Hostess(空姐)
Age between 20and33
Height from 1.6to 1.75
Two foreign languages
College graduate
Apply to:ChinaAirlines, Beijing
Tel: 010--88488970
1. If you want to work in the south, you can apply for a job as___
A . a drive B. an air hostess C. a teacher D. all of above
2. You may call_____ when you wish to be a teacher.
A . 0755-6561382 B. 0411-4313861
C. 010-88488970 D. A and B
3. Mary, aged 26, knows English and Japanese. Which job can be given to her?_____
A. Driving for Capes Taxi. B. Working for China Airlines.
C. Teaching at Instant Languages Ltd. D. None of the above.
4. What prevents Jack, an experienced taxi driver, workings for Caps Taxi
A. liking beer and wine
B. Being unable to speak a foreign language.
C. Not having college education D. Breaking traffic rules
5. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the three ads?_____
A. Height. B. Age. C. Language. D. Health.
---六. 探索显毅力,书写展才华。
正在成长着的我们,每天都有新的变化, 你觉察到了吗?比较一下升入初中后一年前的你现在的你有什么不同? 请运用学过的知识介绍一下。
内容应包括: 性格方面, 穿戴方面,智力方面 ……
注意: 短文意思连贯, 语句通顺, 符合逻辑.
提示: more outgoing, more popular, better and better……

交通规则 traffic regulation 绿灯 green light
路标 guide post 黄灯 amber light
里程碑 milestone 交通岗 traffic post
红绿灯 traffic light 岗亭 police box
自动红绿灯 automatic traffic signal light 让车道 passing bay
红灯 red light 停车处 parking place

★怎么样? 做完后感觉还不错吧,继续加油哦!

Exercise 7

Hi, boys and girls,你想成功吗? 那就要及时练习哦,不断巩固我们所学的知识, 快快行动吧, Let’s go!

一. 对号入座
1. Don’t ___ stressed out. It will make you sick.
A. give B. stay C. need D. get
2. After finishing ____ his homework, John decided ____ a walk in the park.
A. to do, to take B. doing, taking
C. doing, to take D. to do, taking
3. ---____ do you go to the movies? --- Twice a month.
A. How soon B. How often C. How many times D. How long
4. ____ she practices, ___ she’ll be.
A. the more, fitter B. the more, the fitter
C. More, the fitter D. More, fit
5. ---Can you understand me? ---Sorry, I can___ understand you.
A. hardly B. almost C. ever D. nearly
6. The Olympic Games will be hold in 2008 in Beijing. The city of Beijing will ____
A. beautiful B. more beautiful C. be much beautiful D. be more beautiful
7. Ruth is smarter, ___ I think Rose is more outgoing.
A. then B. but C. and D. so
8. My home is about ___ our school.
A.10 miles far away B. 10 miles from
C. 10 miles far from D.10 miles far
9. I have six friends, ___ of them are in the US. ___ are in Australia
A. second, The others B. two, Other
C .two, And other three D. two, The others
10. ---When did your toothache start? ---____________
A. About two days B. Two days later
C. Two days before D. Two days ago
11. I should ___ than before.
A. calmer B. am calmer C. be calmer D. be calm
12. I’m relaxing___ home___ the 12th.
A. in, at B. at, on C. on, at D. at, in
13. I’d like to drink coffee ___ milk. It is called white coffee.
A. for B. in C. with D. without
14. ____. Let me help you.
A. Don’t be sorry B. Don’t worry C. Don’t be careful D. Nothing
15. She is ___ than Li Ping at swimming.
A. good B. well C. better D. best
二. 多读善思,厚积薄发
1. 你喜欢运动吗? 怎样通过科学的方式来达到锻炼身体的目的呢?一起来了解一下吧。
Everyone knows that exercise is important. We all need to exercise. Doctors say it’s good for us. It keeps our body strong.
When the daytime comes, we must get up. This is the best time for exercise. Exercise means doing things with the body. There’re many ways to exercise. You can walk, run, skate, or play ball games. Make sure you exercise in the following ways: you have to like what you’re doing; exercise enough--- but not too much; it’s good to exercise twice a week; thirty minutes each times is enough; try all kinds of sports until you find one, two or three sports right for you.
Exercise can be fun. Friends can exercise together at a fitness center, or they can play sports together. How do you exercise?

「任务一」在下列左边方框中写出文中提到的几种运动方式, 然后在右边的方框中写出你所知道的球类运动(至少五种)

「任务二」根据文意,写出运动时需要遵循哪五条规则。1.____________________ 2.___________________________
3._____________________ 4.____________________________

2.人们的生活离不开各种交通工具。 而在现代化城市里,公交车更是人们不可缺少的一种交通工具。 下面是公交车时刻的相关信息。
stop Bus Bus 1 Bus2 Bus3 Bus4 Bus5
library 6:00 6:05 6:35 6:45 7:00
Video store 6:15 6:20 6:50 7:00 7:15
Park 6:40 6:45 7:10 7;20 7;30
Factory 7:00 7:20 7:30 7:40 8:00
School 7:15 7:35 7:50 8:00 8:15
Hospital 7:35 8:00 8:15 8:22 8:40
Supermarket 8:00 8:20 8:35 8;47 8:55
Computer city 8:15 8:30 8:55 9;00 9:15

「任务一」 根据表格内容回答问题。
1. If you want to get to school at eight, which bus will you take?
2. Which bus can take you to the hospital before eight?
3. If you live the bus stop, and you take Bus 3, when will you arrive at the computer city? _________________________.
4. Kate lives near the library. How long does it take her to go to school by Bus 2? ________________________________.
5. What time must you get on the bus if you live the video store and want to buy a computer at nine o’clock? _______________.

1.You know a lot of about English names. ( )
2.Kate wants to read quick. ( )
3.You can meet my family and eating dinner with us. ( )
4.They are walking home after visit the Terra Cotta Warriors. ( )
5. But I don’t think it is right at him to do that ( )

妹妹班上来了位新老师,学生们都很喜欢她。请你根据下面的内容写一篇70个词左右的短文 介绍一下这位老师。
Name: Li Ling Age: 34
The subject she teaches: Chinese
Her child: A daughter ( named Zhang Xiao)
The Age of her child: 5
Hobbies: reading and listening to music
Personality: easygoing, kind

Do you know those cars' English names?
SUZUKI 铃木 Porsche 宝时捷 Lincoln 林肯 BMW 宝马
Buick 别克 Audi 奥迪 Volkswagen 大众 Rover 罗孚
TOYOTA 丰田 NISSAN 尼桑 Chevrolet 雪佛莱 Ferrari 法拉利
Cadillac 卡迪拉克 Hyundai 现代 Rolls-Royce 劳斯莱斯 Honda 本田
Lexus 凌志 Passat 帕萨特 Mitsubishi 三菱 Santana 桑塔纳

★怎么样? 做得不错吧, 那就给自己几个笑脸。 反之, 失败乃成功之母! 相信你在今后的学习中更加努力的。

Exercise 8

Ok, boys and girls. 经过一段时间的努力, 你一定有了很大的进步。 现在到了集中检验成果的时候了, 集中精力,认真准备,以优异的成绩展示你的风采吧! Let’s go!

1. She is a q______ girl. She doesn’t say much.
2. The w_______ animals are dangerous.
3. Zhou Jielun is very p______ with young people.
4. Don’t L______ at people in trouble.
5. They had opposite v_______, so they didn’t come to a decision.
6. If you take exercise, you’ll soon feel much h______.
7. Practice using and learning English as often as p______.
Start with, get a cold, think about, grow up,
take a walk, send, mean, travel abroad, hear, miss
1. He ______ he would help those poor children.
2. She _____ a letter to Susan by air yesterday.
3. My parents learned English by _____ pronunciation.
4. Look! Who ____ along the river?
5. Jane is not healthy. She often ______.
6. What are you going to do when you ____?
7. When I was abroad, I ____my teachers and my classmates very much.
8. Mr Johnson never ____ such a thing. 9. Are these _____ foods?
10. --- Where are Kate and Mary? --- They______.
1. Thank you for your_______ (invite).
2. Tom enjoys ______ (go) hiking in the mountains.
3. ----what is he doing for vacation? --- He ____ (visit) his cousin.
4. There is no time_____ (think).
5. I have too much homework______ (do).
6. I’m planning ______ (spend) time in the book.
7. I just finish_____ (make) my last movie
三. 中考瞭望台---真题演练,精彩无限
1. ---My parents always tell me____ others late at night.
---They’re right. It’s not polite.(2006年福州市中考题)
A. to call B. not call C. to not call D. not to call
2. ---What number should appear next sixty-four?
8, 16, 32, 64, …
---It’s _______

A. One hundred and twenty-two
B. one hundred and four
C. one hundred and twenty-six
D. one hundred and twenty-eight
3. Who is better at____, Joe or Dave?
A. draw B. to draw C. drawing D. draws
4. In order to keep healthy, you should eat___ fast food,____ fresh vegetables and take enough exercise.(2006深圳)
A. fewer, fewer B. less, more C. fewer, more D. less, less
5. I don’t think they can do as___ as we do.(2006南通)
A. best B. better C. good D. well
6. ---Must I finish that work today?
--- No, you ___.You may finish it in three days.
A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. shouldn’t D. couldn’t
四. 你了解大自然吗?你对大自然感兴趣吗?让我们一起来了解吧。
We can see a lot of stars in the night. But we can see only the①______ in the daytime, it is also a star. And nine worlds②_____ round it. Worlds like these are plates(行星).
But there are③_____stars and suns, not only thousands of them, but millions of them. Do④_____ stars have planets? We can see the planets round our own sun, but we haven’t seen any more. The stars are too far away from us. Stars⑤_____ out light, but the planets don’t have any light of their own. So we can’t see them. They are too far and too dark.
Still, we can⑥______ that some stars do have planets. While a big planet goes round, it pulls its star to one⑦_____ . Sometimes we can see this. Then we ⑧_____ that the star has a planet.
For example, Barnard’s Star(巴拉德星) is a red star. And it is the quickest star in the ⑨ ____ . But sometimes it moves slower, and then quicker again. We have observed Barnard’s Star for a number of ⑩_____ , and mow we are sure—we know it has a planet.
1. A. moon B. sun C. plane D. bird
2. A. move B. jump C. run D. sit
3. A. another B. few C. other D. a few
4. A. beautiful B. small C. same D. different
5. A. find B. call C. give D. come
6. A. guess B. touch C. reach D. tell
7. A. side B. river C. lake D. planet
8. A. hope B. know C. hear D. plan
9. A. world B. sky C. country D. city
10. A. hours B. days C. years D. weeks
五. 小小作家
◇你是否满意自己的周末生活? 若不满意, 你希望如何过?
注意: 80词左右。信的开头与结尾已经给出,不计词数

Dear Harry,
I’m very glad to have receive your letter. You asked me about my life on weekends. Now I’ll tell you something about it.
Best wishes!
Li Hua

豆浆 Soybean milk 板条 Flat noodles
烧饼 Clay oven rolls 榨菜肉丝面 Pork , pickled mustard green noodles
油条 Fried bread stick 馒头 steamed buns, steamed bread
紫菜汤 Seaweed soup 饭团 Rice and vegetable roll
米粉 Rice noodles 水饺 (Boiled)dumplings
牡蛎汤 Oyster soup 蛋花汤 Egg & vegetable soup
皮蛋 100-year egg 鱼丸汤 Fish ball soup

★做完该练习感觉还不错吧, 继续努力哦!

Exercise 9

Ok, boys and girls.今天的尝试就是成功的起点.只要心到,手到.胜利的彼岸就一定能达到.快快行动吧,Let’s go!

一. 睁开慧眼, 精挑细选
1. The room is dark, please ____ the light.
A. turn on B. turn off C. turn down D. turn red
2. Cut the bananas and put them ___ the blender.
A. out B with C. into D. At
3. ____ uncountable nouns are there in Unit7?
A. how much B. How many C. which words D. how often
4. ---Do you know English ? --- Yes, ___ only a little.
A. so B. but C. and D. then
5. Bill is good at playing football, _____.
A. so Jim is B. so is Jim C. so does Jim D. so Jim does
6. How many onions ___ you put in the blender?
A. is B. does C. did D. has
7. ---_____ all your things, Tom! I hate them here an d there. ---OK, Mum.
A. put up B. put on C. put down D. put away
8. We need two ____ and three____ .
A. tomato, potato B. tomatos, potatos
C. tomatoes, potatos D. tomatoes, potatoes
9. Will you please ____ for me?
A. mix up it B. mix it up C. mix it D. mix all it up
10. We need two more____.
A. yogurt B. yogurts C. cup of yogurt D. cups of yogurt
二. 活学活用。
1. ____he got to the top of the hill. (Final)
2. I like hamburgers much______ than pizza. (good)
3. Do you know how to make turkey_____? (sandwich)
4. Fruit salad is a kind of _____ of fruit. (mix)
5. We all know that relish is an _____ noun. (countable)
6. My father ____ China Daily just now. (redd)
7. Deng Yaping is one of the famous ping-pong___in China. (play)
8. ---How is the weather today? --- It’s ____. (sun)
9. Look! Two beautiful___ are drinking water by the lake. (sheep)
10. We are in our _____ year at this school. (two)

三. 阅读填词
Class 9 had a great time ①o____ the school trip. They ②w ____ to Blue Water Aquarium for the day. First they ③v_____ the Visitor’s Center and watched a movie about shake, ④T____ they watched a dolphin show. ⑤A___ that, they wet to the Outdoor Pool ⑥a_____ saw a big octopus, after lunch, they went to the Gift Shop and bought ⑦l ____of gifts, finally, tired⑧ b___ happy, they took the bus ⑨b____ to school. At the end of the day, the science teacher was very happy ⑩b___ the class monitor cleaned the bus after the trip.

1._____ 2._____ 3.______ 4.______ 5. ______
6._______ 7.______ 8.¬¬¬¬¬¬_______ 9.______ 10.______

四. 你一定去动物园玩过,下面的这个英语说明你能看懂吗?
Welcome to the zoo
Opening: Monday to Friday Fees
10:00 am—6:00 Adults: $ 10:00
Saturday to Sunday Ages13~15: $ 7.50
9:00am—8:00pm Ages4~12:$5.00
Under4: Free
Try our Train Ride for $2.0 one person!
1. At what time does the zoo open? _____________________
2. At what time does it close on Saturdays? ______________
3. How many days in a week does the zoo open? ___________+
4. Peter is ten years old. How much does he pay to go the zoo?_____________.
5. There are four persons in the Wang family. How much do they pay for the train ride? ____________________________.
五. 阅读精品屋 --- 阅读青春,放飞激情!
One day. An old man was cutting a branch(树枝)off a tree in his garden. While he was sawing(锯),⑴ ____ man passed in the street. He stopped and said, “⑵___but if you continue to saw that branch like that! You will fall down ⑶____ it?” He said this⑷____ the old man was sitting⑸____ the branch he was cutting.
The old man said nothing. He thought, “This is a foolish person. He has no work⑹____ and goes about ⑺____ other people what to do and what not to do.”
The man continued his way.
Of course, ⑻____ a few minutes, the branch fell and the old man fell with it.
“My God!” he cried, “that man knows the future!” So he ran after him to ask ⑼____ he was going to live. But the man ⑽___ gone.
1. A. another B. other C. the other D. others
2. A. Hello B. Good morning C. I’m sorry D. Excuse me
3. A. for B. with C. after D. on
4. A. when B. in C. over D. above
6. A. did B. done C. doing D. to do
7. telling B. told C. tell D. tells
8. A. after B. in C. before D. ago
9. A. how soon B. how long C. how much D. where
10. A. had B. is C. was D. were
Mr Jones was very angry with his wife and his wife was very angry with his husband. For a few days they didn’t speak to each other. One evening Mr Jones was very tired when he came back from work, so he went to bed soon after he went upstairs, mrs Jones washed the supper things and did some sewing(缝纫), when she went up to bed much late than her husband, she found a piece of paper on the small table near her bed. It said: “Mother, please wake me up at &a.m. tomorrow morning. ---Father.” The mext day, when Mr Jones woke up, it was too late, Mr Jones was very angry. But there was also a piece of paper on the small table near hid bed. On it were the words: “ Father, wake up. It is 7; 00 a.m. ---Mother”.
1. What’s the relationship(关系) between Mr and Mrs Jones?( )
A. sister and brother B. father and daughter
C. neighbors D. husband and wife
2. What happened to them?( )
A. Mr Jones beat(打)his wife B. They quarreled with each other
C. They were ill D. Mrs Jones didn’t cook for Mr Jones
3. If the story happened to you, what will you do?( )
A. Sleep for several days B. Don’t speak to him
C. Break the ice first (打破僵局) D. Go to my mother’s home
4. If the story happened to your parents, what will you do?( )
A. Ask my father to beat my mother B. Don’t do anything
C. Told your my grandparents D. Help my mother
E. Make chances for them to speak to each oyher.
5. According to the passage, which is TRUE( )
A. Their son woke Mr Jones the nest morning
B. The fault lies with Mr Jones
C. Mr Jones left a note the next morning
D. Before going to bed Mr Jones washed the dishes
六. ----用你智慧之笔, 绘出五彩缤纷
根据下面的原料,写出制作vegetable salad 的过程, 注意使用这
些词: first, then, after, that, finally.
①5 medium(适中的)tomatoes(slice) ⑤ 1 cucumber(黄瓜)(slice)
②Some black pepper(add)(after 10 minutes) ⑥ 2 onions ( cut up)
③Half a teaspoon of salt(add) ⑦ 2 teaspoons of olive oil(put)
④1 teaspoon of vinegar(醋)(put)(mix them up)

咸鸭蛋 Salted duck egg 臭豆腐 Stinky tofu (Smelly tofu)
稀饭 Rice porridge 油豆腐 Oily bean curd
白饭 Plain white rice 虾球 Shrimp balls
糯米饭 Glutinous rice 春卷 Spring rolls
蛋炒饭 Fried rice with egg 蛋卷 Chicken rolls
刀削面 Sliced noodles 肉丸 Rice-meat dumplings
麻辣面 Spicy hot noodles 火锅 Hot pot
乌龙面 Seafood noodles 卤菜 braised food

★怎么样? 感觉不错吧, 祝贺你!

Exercise 10

Hi, boys and girls. 今天心情不错吧! 那就让我们在休息的同时也来感受以下知识的神奇吧!

一. 下列句中的单词你掌握了吗? 你一定行!
1. ---What does the monster look like?
---They say it has a small head with a long neck, and a ______
(巨大的)body with four thick legs._______
2. Who won the_____(奖) for physics? ---Laura did.
3. ---How was your first day off?
---OK. I took the wrong subway first. But _____(辛运地是), I went to the aquarium at last.
4. ---What was your last day off like? ---It was____(极坏的).
5. ---It’s going to rain. You’d better take your_____(雨伞) with you.
---OK. Thanks.
1. in the future________ 2. play computer games______
3. have a yard sale_____ 4. have fun doing____________
5. 再一次, 又一次_____ 6. 上课____________________
7. 开车去兜风________ 8. 听起来烦人_______________
get, drive, take, leave, hang, be, buy, meet, come, win walk
1. She____ to see me last night.
2. I _____ to school late yesterday.
3. I ___ out with my friends last weekend and I ___ a lot of photos
4. Mary ___born on April 20th, 1998.
5. He ____ here just now, and so he isn’t here.
6. It _____ me half an hour to mend the bike.
7.“______ you ______ that hat?”“No, I didn’t. I____ it.”
8. Every day Mr Smith goes to work by subway, but he___ there yesterday.
9. At the zoo, I ____ his autograph.
10. Luckily, I____ him at the theatre
In the United States Monday is the begging of the workday. It is the day most Americans like⑴_____. It is certain that the day they most is Saturday. Saturday is the⑵_____ of the workday. It is the begging of the weekend, life is⑶ ____ on the weekend. Most Americans take care of their houses, cars or gardens. They⑷ ___ the feeling that time seems to move more slowly. The workday is for things you have to do. The⑸ ____ is for things you want to do. Some people may get in a car and go for a ⑹____ in the country. They like to take part in a sports activity outdoors(户外运动). They⑺ ___ go to a public(公众的)eating or a film on Saturday night.
The idea of the weekend is a recent(进期的)⑻____. In the 1870s rich people began to speak of ⑼____ weekends in the country visiting friends. For most people, however, the workday was six days⑽____. It began at about noon or late on Saturday.
1. A. most B. least C. more D. less
2. A. end B. beginning C. middle D. starting
3. A. terrible B. hard C. different D. same
4. A. hate B. enjoy C. remember D. forget
5. A. weekend B. weekday C. week D. weekends
6. A. walk B. ride C. drive D. run
7. A. must B. should C. need D. might
8. A. invention B. instruction C. program D. knowledge
9. A. costing B. spending C. paying D. taking
10. A. long B. short C. early D. late
四. 下面是一家报纸的阅读索引提示, 为了节省时间, 请根据题目要求,迅速找到你想要看的东西
A Newspaper Index(索引)
Businesses for Sale……….85 Interstate(州际的) properties …91
Country Properties(财产) ……85 Investment(投资)properties….91
Flats Units to Let(出租)……86~88 Houses to let…..90
Land for sale ………………92 Houses for sale ….89
Rooms to let …………………93 Shops∕Office…… 93
1. You want to rent a flat. What page do you look at?_________.
2. You want to rent a. What page do you look at?____________.
3. You want to buy a house. What page do you look at?_______.
4. you want to rent a room. What page do you look at?________.
5. You want to invent a property. What page do you look at?______________.
Swallow燕子 Goose 鹅 Swan 天鹅
Cygnet 小天鹅 Dove 鸽子 Seagull 海鸥
Peacock 孔雀 Canary 金丝猴 nightingale 夜莺
Woodpecker 啄木鸟 Starling 八哥 Thrush 画眉
Crow 乌鸦 Owl 猫头鹰 Lark 百灵
Jaundice 黄鹂 Phoenix 凤凰 Magpie 喜鹊
Cuckoo 杜鹃 Mandarin ducks 鸳鸯 Eagle 鹰
Wild goose 大雁 Ostrich 鸵鸟 Albatross 信天翁
Sparrow 麻雀 Mallard 野鸭 Red-crowned cran仙鹤
★今天你又取得了一些进步, 祝贺你!

Exercise 11
Hi, boys and girls. 这套练习与其说是一个测试不如说是一个舞台。相信勤奋的你, 聪明的你, 一定能在这里充分展示你的风采!
1.The athletes broke many world______(记录) at the 28th Olympic Games.
2. Charles Osborne started______(打嗝)more than 69 years ago.
3. ---When did Pele become a ______(专业的)soccer star?
---When he was fifteen years old.
4. ---can you go to the______(大学)with me this afternoon?
---Sorry. I have to stay at home and look after my mom.
6. ---What kind of music do you like? ---I like a pop______(歌曲).
二. 下面有用的短语都记住了吗?来检测一下你的记忆力吧。
1.play sports________ 3.a comedy called________
4. a movie star______ 5. 世界纪录______ 6.学骑自行车_____
7.例如_______ 8.出生_____
三. 睁开慧眼,精挑细选
---What a nice MP3! Is it yours? --- Of course. I ___300 yuan on it.
A. cost B. spent C. paid D. took
2. He was ___ tired___ he fall asleep as soon as he lay down(2005黄冈)
A. too, to B. enough to C. Such, that D. so, that
3. Deng Yaping ___ born n 1973
A. is B. was C. were D. are
4. I was born_____ a small town near Fuzhou. I lived there ___ ten years.
A. in, in B. in, of C. in, for D. for, for
5. One of my friends ___ here an hour ago.
A. are B. is C. were D. was
6. The young mother liked to watch her baby____.
A. sleep and play B. sleep and playing.
C. sleep and to play D. sleeping and play
7. Her parents ____ a computer____ her last week.
A. buys, for B. bought, for C. buy, to D. bought, to
8. ---____ he born? ---Hong Kong.
A. When B. Where C. How D. What
9. In 1997, she ______ English and management.
A. majors in B. majored in C. majors at D. majored at
10.His parents named him David when he was born. (2004湖南中考题)。
A. gave B. called C. had D. called
四. 活学活用
1. Yang Cheng is a ________(profession) soccer star.
2. Mary ________ (prefer) to watch TV.
3. Put those______ (knife) over there.
4. China is _______ (fill) with apples.
5. Do you mind ________( open) the door).
6. They ______ (grow) many flowers in the fields two months ago.
7. I feel a little more_______ (live) today.
8. She wants to be a ______ (golf) when she grows up.
9. Sam ______ (pick) up the ball and went on running.

五. 下面是广告栏的几则广告,看过之后可别忘了后面的问题哦
Kitty needs a new home Mr Jones from Yangming Police
Kitty: 3-month-old cat. White , Station is going to give us a
cute and beautiful. See Elsa. special lesson on traffic safety.
3:00PM-5:00PM, Jan. 17. In the gym.

I’m selling a new notebook Whose wallet?
from music class. Just NY$10. Found at the front door of the
classroom on Jan.5. See Ms Chang.
1. What does Elsa want?( )
A. To find a new home for cat. B.To give a cat a to a classroom. C. To make friends with someone who has a cat.
D. To find a cute cat.
2. David cannot find his wallet. What should he do?
A. Go to the police station B. Ask Ms Chang about it
C. Meet Jake in music class
D. Wait at the front door of the classroom on Jan.5.

六. 小小作家: 姚明来中国了!请参考下面关于姚明的资料,写一篇120词左右的短文介绍他。
Birth date∕12∕1980 Home: Shanghai NBA Team: Huston Rocket
Height: 226cm Likes: basketball, reading, computer games.
Age9: gets into Shanghai Sports School
Age14: joins Shanghai Youth Basketball Team
Age17: joins National Youth Basketball Team
Age18: joins National basketball Team
Age22: joins NBA
Mimosa 含羞草 Carnation 康乃馨 Tulip 郁金香
Rose 玫瑰 Lily百合 Gladiolous 剑兰
Azalea 杜鹃花 Honeysuckle 金银花 Plum flower 梅花
Morning glory 牵牛花 Daffodil 水仙花 Peony 牡丹
Magnolia 木兰花 Calla lily 马蹄莲 Peony 芍药
Violet 紫罗兰 Sunflower 向日葵 Chrysanthemum 菊花
Dandelion 蒲公英 Peach blossom 桃花 Lilac 丁香
Evening primrose夜来香 Vanilla 香草 Bluebell 风铃草


Exercise 12

Hi, boys and girls. 未来唯一的优势就是有能力比你的对手学习的更快, 快快行动吧! 超前一步, 步步领先, let’s go!

一. 睁开慧眼, 精挑细选
1.____You ____ tomorrow
A. Are, going to free B. Are, going to be free
C. Are, going free D. do, free
2. They ____Shanghai next month.
A. are going to move to B. are going to move
C. move to D. move
3. The Chinese farmers are getting____.
A. richer and richer B. rich and rich
C. more and more rich D. rich and richer
4. ---Don’t forget to post this letter for me, please. ---No, I ____.
A. don’t B. won’t C. mustn’t D. can’t
5. What are you ____ when you grow up?
A. go to be B. going to be C. went to be D. became
6. She was too tired to go on ____.
A. to teach B. teaching C. teach D. taught
7. These girls are___.
A. enough beautiful B. beautiful enough
C. beautifully enough D. enough beautifully
8. He hiccupped___ 69 years and 5 months.
A. at B. in C. of D. for
9. Can you communicate ___ foreigners ___ English?
A. to, with B. for, in C. with, in D. with, on
10. I got a letter___ my friend ___ his health problem.
A. to, on B. from, about C. from, for D. for, about
11. I found a job___ a family teacher.
A. for B. as C. about D. to
12. My cousin is very busy with his work. He has___ time to read newspapers. (2005年北京中考题)
A. little B. few C. a little D. a few
二. 多读善思, 体验语景, 快速反应
What will the world be like in the year 2005? ①____ knows. But it is ②_____ to guess. In the year 2050 everybody will ③___ a pocket computer, the computer will give the④ ____ to all their problems, working in the future will be different, too.⑤ ___ and hard work will be done by robots. People will have more⑥____. Perhaps they will⑦ ____ only two or three days a week. They will be fly to the moon by spaceship and spend their⑧___. More land⑨____ for building. Maybe people will live⑩___ just like a fish.
1. A. No one B. every one C. Nothing D. everyone
2.A. pleased B. useful C. interesting D. boring
3. A. carry B. bring C. give D. send
4. A. news B. messages C. A. ways D. answers
5. A. Danger B. Dangerous C. Safe D. Safety
6. A. time B. work C. holidays D. duty
7. A. sleep B. rest C. talk D. work
8. A. money B. time C. times D. holidays
9. A. will be used B. will use C. have used D. have been used
10. A. on the moon B. in the see C. on land D. under the ground
三. 中考暸望台----想有中考的体验吗? 试试吧,你能行!(200内蒙古)
David and Tina are taking about what they’re going to do in the future.
T: What are you going to do after leaving school?
D: ___ I would like to explore(探索)strange things.
T: ____.
D: Of course, I do. I like to visit different places.
T: That’s good. You seem to be good at spoken English.___
D: It’s just so-so. I’ll try to learn it better.____
T: Maybe I’ll be a P.E. teacher, I feel like playing games with children.
T: I hope my students would like me and enjoy themselves, too.
D: Good luck!
A. What do you want to be?
B. Do you liking traveling?
C. Is that right?
D. It seems that you’ll enjoy yourself work.
E. Are you going to be a teacher?
F. I’m thinking about becoming a guide.
G. Great! Being a teacher is proud(骄傲的)

四. 阅读理解
Some people say that laugher is the best medicine. Scientists are beginning to agree with this. They are studying laughter seriously(严肃地)and fiding it is really good for us.
So what happens when we laughter? We use different muscles(肌肉)in our face, laughing is good for every organ(器官)in our body. When we laugh, we breath quickly and exercise the face, shoulders(肩膀), and chest, our blood pressure(压力)goes down, and our circulation gets better, our heart beat is lower and our brain makes a natural pain-killer(止痛药)called a beat-endorphin.
Every time we laugh is the same as forty-five minutes as relaxation. Many doctors around the world believe that laughter helps us get better when we are sick.
Of course, there are many kinds of laughter, we may change the way we laugh in different situations, but we all have a laugh that is special to us. How do you usually laugh?
1. Laughter is good for us because_____.
A. scientists think so B. everybody thinks so
C. study has proved so D. doctors say so
2. When we laugh, we exercise ____.
A. fifteen muscles of the bodies B. fifteen muscles of the chest
C. every organ of our body D. fifteen organs of the bodies
3. Laughter makes a natural pain-killer____.
A. in our should B. in our heart C. in our brain D. in our blood
4. One minute laugh equals forty-five minutes____.
A. exercise B. rest C. thinking D. medical treatment
5. According to the passage, _____.
A. people laugh in the same way
B. one should learn different ways of laughing
C. we need to laugh forty-five minutes each day
D. everyone has his own way of laughing
----勤动脑, 勤动笔, 永远保持思维的流畅
提示: ◇Jack是我的朋友, 他是一个学生, 家里穷, 只好兼职工作。
◇他每月200美元。 他在存钱, 想买一台电脑。
◇他的数学和英语很好, 他在努力地学习, 今后想当一名电脑工程师。
★挑战自我, 精彩无限!
Exercise 13

Ok, boys and girls. 有了丰富的知识储备, 你一定能迎接下面的挑战。

一. 完美无缺
1. Thanks for s____ the floor for me.
2. Did you i_____ your teacher to your party.
3.---Oh, so many clothes. Could you please___(折叠)them for me?
--- All right.
4. ---Mom, I’m hungry, could you please buy me some___(快餐).
---OK, let’s go.
5.“Take good c_____ of your clothes and keep it clean.” Mother said.
6. I like to m ___ breakfast because it’s relaxing.
二. 下面有用的短语都记住了吗?来检测一下你的记忆力吧。
1. borrow money___ 2. buy some drinks____
3. go to the store_____ 4. take … for walk____
5. make the bed_____ 6. 邀请参加______
7. 照顾________ 8. 与…玩________ 9. 度假_____
三. 对号入座
1.---I want to listen to this CD. Could I use your CD player?
____ doesn’t work ---Sure. Here it is.
A. Me B. My C. Mine D. I
2. ---Hello, could I speak to Mr. Wu, please? ---_____. He’s out.
A. Too bad B. Bad luck C. Excuse me D. I’ m sorry
3. I forgot ___ you. Now I call you again.
A. call B. to call C. calling D. called
4. ---Hello, Mr. Green, can I ask you ___ questions? ----_______.
A. some, Sure B. any, Not sure C. some, Not sure D.any, Sure
5. She always finishes her homework on time. She ___ leaves it for tomorrow.
A. always B. never C. usually D. sometimes
6. ---What’s ___ radio station in the city?
---I think Easy Listening 97.7 FM is
A. best B. the best C. better D. good
7. I need ___ my bed now, so I can’t go out.
A. make B. to make C. making D. made
8. Could you please ___ your bed?
A. making B. to make C. made D. make
9. ---Would you like some more chicken? ---_______.
A. Here you are B. No, thanks C. Yes, please. D. OK
10. The shop ___ open ten hours a day.
A. takes B. gets C. keeps D. looks
四. 多读善思, 厚积薄发
Sam had a dog, its name was Tod. It was very helpful, but it ate too much. So he didn’t like it. He wanted to⑴ ____Tod. He⑵____Tod and put it in a small boat. He rowed(划)the boat to the⑶___ of a big river. Just as he⑷___ the poor animal into the river, the boat began to go down. ⑸___ Sam and Tod⑹ ___ into the river.
Tod was able to swim, ⑺___ Sam couldn’t. the dog bit(咬)the rope(绳)and broke it, it tried its best to swim to ⑻___ Sam, Sam was saved, so he was very thankful for the dog. He didn’t want to kill the dog⑼___. From then on, he gave the dog as⑽___ as it wanted.
1. A. sell B. buy C. beat D. kill
2. A. tied B. pulled C. pushed D. bought
3. A. middle B. left C. right D. front
4. A. threw B. carried C. sent D. brought
5. A. Neither B. Nor C. Each D. Both
6. A. fell B. dropped C. lost D. jumped
7. A. because B. though C. but D. when
8. A. kill B. save C. meet D. hit
9. A. no more B. any more C. no longer D. not more
10. A. little B. few C. many D. much
五. 广告大家一定看了不少,这不,根据下面广告内容来做一做哦!
Simply Sushi
Your friendly restaurant
1022 west Fifth Street lotus Chinese $4.95
lunch special
Sherman Street And 14th
The Egg Place 25%
Come to join us for breakfast
1-225 and Parker Road Tony’s pizza $7.50
Outdoor Tables
Open every day from 12 noon to 10p.m
Which is the Chinese restaurant?
A. Simply Sushi B. The Egg Place
C. Tony’s Pizza D. Lotus Chinese
Pizza can be served at___ every day.
8:00a.m. B. 11:3o a.m. C. 4:00 p. m D. 10:30 p.m.
If your meal is $4 at The Egg Place, you need to pay___ for it.
A. $4 B. $3 C. $2 D. $1

交通规则 traffic regulation 绿灯 green light
路标 guide post 黄灯 amber light
里程碑 milestone 交通岗 traffic post
红绿灯 traffic light 岗亭 police box
自动红绿灯 automatic traffic
signal light 让车道 passing bay
红灯 red light 停车处 parking place

★ 感觉还不错吧, 可要注意尽可能减少错误哦, 你检查过吗?

Exercise 14

Hi, boys and girls. 想拥有智慧的头脑吗, 优良的成绩吗? 那么做好这套练习回给你带来惊喜的!

二. 克难攻坚, 不断超越, 创新纪录
One morning, Charles left his house with six donkeys(驴)to go to own. After a while he felt①____ and got one of them. He②____ the donkeys, there were only five, so he got③___ and to look④ ____ the sixth, he looked and looked but didn’t⑤____ it. Then he went back to the donkeys and count them again,, this time there were⑥___, so he got one of them again, and they went on.
After a few minute she counted the donkeys again and again, ⑦a____ of his passed by and Charles said to him, “I⑧___ my house with six donkeys, then I had five, then I had six again, and I have only five ! One, two, three, four, five.”
“But Charles,”said his friend, “you⑨___ on a donkey. Isn’t that the⑩____ donkey?”
1. A. busy B. happy C. tired D. careful
2. A. sold B. cooked C. killed D. counted
3. A. up B. off C. on D. on
4. A. for B. at C. like D. after
5. A. see B. hear C. find D. watch
6. A. four B. five C. six D. seven
7. A. son B. friend C. donkey D. student
8. A. left B. drew C. moved D. build
9. A. put B. got C. stood D. sat
10. A. fifth B. sixth C. seventh D. eighth

One day a farmer walking along a road with his son Thomas , the father said, “look! There’s a horseshoe. pick it up and put it in your bag.”Thomas said, “It isn’t worth the trouble.”His father said nothing but he picked it up himself. When they got to nearby town, they had a rest. There the farmer sold the horseshoe and with the few pennies he bought some cherries(樱桃).
The father and the son continued their way. The sun was well up in the sky, and there wasn’t a house or even a tree where they could have a rest. Thomas felt too thirsty to walk. At this time, his father dropped a cherry on the ground and Thomas picked it up quickly and ate it, after a while , his father stopped another cherry and once again, hid son lost no time in picking it up and putting it in his mouth.
And so they went on. The old farmer dropped the cherries and the son picked them up. When Thomas had eaten up all the cherries, his father said to him, “My dear son, if you bent down early to pi8ck up that horseshoe, it would not have been necessary for you to bend so many times for the cherries. Always remember the lesson that he who does not worry about the things will find that he cannot do the great things.”
1. Who picked up the horseshoe at last?
A. the son B. The father
C. both the father and the son D. Neither the father or the son
2. The farmer bought ___ with the money after he sold the horseshoe.
A. some bread B. some water C. some cherries D. some pennies
3. When the son refused(拒绝)to pick up the horseshoe, the father___
A. beat(打) the son B. said nothing
C. felt very happy D. became very angry
4. The father dropped the cherries one by one, because_____
A. he wanted to teach his son a lesson.
B. he wanted his son to do more exercise.
C. he wanted his son to eat them all.
D. he wanted to laugh at his son.
5. From the story, we can learn that____
A. cherries are so delicious that most of us like to eat them.
B. a horseshoe is so expensive that it can bring us a lot of money.
C. if we want to eat cherries, we must pick up a horseshoe.
D. if we don’t worry about the little things, we cannot do the great things.

1. Would you like ______ (come) to have supper?
2. I have quite a lot of homework _____ (do).
3. We ______ (leave) at about seven next Sunday morning.
4. Could you ______ (pass) me a cup of tea?
5. Li Lei ______ (not do) his homework in the evening.
6. Thank you for______ (give) me the book.
7. There ______ (be) a meeting tomorrow.
8. The Kings______ (have) breakfast now
9. Some of the apples on the tree are hard______ (get).
10. Look! Uncle Wang _______ (mend) his car over there.

--生活是丰富多彩的, 只有充满智慧的头脑才能感受生活的快乐。
五. 小小作家
以 My favorite season为题目, 写一篇短文。
每当下雪的时候, 万物银妆素裹。 着世界太美了。
我喜欢过寒假, 因为这期间的春节是一年中最快乐的时侯。


1. after(反义词)______ 2. quick(副词) _______
3. begin(同义词)_______ 4. eight(序数词) _______ 5.good (最高级) ________ 6. hike(现在分词)______
7. near(反义词)________ 8. hurry(三单) ________
9. she (名词性物主代词)_____ 10. have(三单)________
–-shall we climb up that hill? --________.
A. Right B. Thank you C. Good idea D. Yes
2. I have nothing to do ____ it.
A. of B. on C. with D. for
3. ---Must I wash the clothes before supper?
---No, you____. You can do it after supper.
A. need B. needn’t C. could D. couldn’t
4. _____office is much smaller than _____.
A.. Ours, yours B. Our, yours
C. Their, our’s D. Your, their’s
5. My brother is good at playing ___violin and I am good at playing ___ basketball
A. the, the B. \. The C. a, the D. the,\.
6. The number of cars___ interesting with years.
A. is B. are C. was D. were
7. Great changes___ in China since 1949.
A. have been happened B. have happened
C. happened D. was happened
8. Let’s make it___ a quarter to six.
A. to B. at C. in D. \
明天我们去动物园好吗?___we___ to the zoo tomorrow?
___ ___ ___ basketball with us?
___ are you___ to ___ next Saturday?
I ___ ___ she ___ swim.
5. 力雷比其他两人高。
Li Lei is ___ ___ of the three.
6. 我认为动物园里最有趣的动物是海豚。
I __ the ___ ___ animal in the zoo is the dolphin.

四. 小小作家
请以“I’d like to have more spare time…”为话题,写一篇不少于60个词的短文。
提示:1. Introduce what you want to do
2. When /Where /Who /How
3. Explain why you want to do that.
Exercise 1
1.当然啦 2. 健康的生活方式 3. 照顾 4. 保持健康 5. 看医生 6. 没关系
7. how often 8 .as for 9. once a week 10. take medicine 11. have a cough 12. junk food
Exercise 2
Ⅰ. 1.on the other hand 2.see a dentist 3. keep a balance of… 4. lie down and rest 5. have a cold 6. have a cough 7.a balanced diet
Ⅱ. 1. teaches 2. talking 3. to go 4. are coming 5. worst 6. thirsty
7. traditional 8. problems, 9. to write 10. believe
Ⅲ. 1. How often does 2. what, matter 3. don’t think I’m
4. A balanced diet can keep you keep healthy.
5. Don’t be worried, it’s bad for your health.
Ⅳ. Students, time, twice, As, most, No, once, watching, interesting, every.
发散思维. AABDC

Exercise 3
Ⅰ. 1. babysitting 2. walk 3. fishing 4. Who 5. hiking 6. until 7. vacation
8. famous 9. sightseeing
Ⅲ. 1, How, does, go 2. Where, are, going 3. How, for, from 4. They are going to Europe for vacation. 5. Mr Brown id staying in Shanghai for a vacation.
Ⅳ. Shopping, went, is dying, plays, tourists
Exercise 4
Ⅲ.bananas; face; fishing; summer; watch; sixth; ran; bike or bicycle; late.

Exercise 5
Ⅱ. Likes; Did, go; Don’t be; American; walking; to go; dancing; come; are visiting; living; studying
Ⅲ. 1. longer 2. Can, sorry, have to 3. is good at
4. would like to 5. The two girls both like singing.
Ⅳ. DBBBA, BAABB Ⅴ. c g f a e
Exercise 6
Ⅲ. ACBBD, DDBCD Ⅳ. g h d j f i a b e c Ⅴ. ABDDD
Ⅲ. 知错就改:1. 去掉of 2. quick改为quickly 3. eating改为eat 4. visit改为visiting 5. at 改为 for

Exercise 8
Ⅰ. quiet; world; popular; laugh; views; healthy; possible
Ⅱ.㈠ 1. thought about. 2. sent 3. starting with 4. is taking a walk
5. gets a cold 6. grow up 7. missed 8. heard 9. mean 10. traveling abroad
㈡1. invitation 2. going 3. is visiting 4. to think 5. to do 6. to spend 7. making

Exercise 9
Ⅲ. Finally; better; sandwich; mixture; uncountable; reads; player; sunny; sheep; second.
Exercise 10
Ⅰ.huge; prize; fortunately; terrible; umbrella;
Ⅱ.1在将来 2 玩电脑游戏 3 进行家庭旧货出售 4 愉快的做某事 5.once again 6 take class 7 go for a drive 8 sound boring
Ⅲ.1.came 2. got 3. drove,took 4.was 5. left 6. took 7. Did, buy 8. walked 9. hung 10. met

Exercise 11
Ⅰ. records hiccupping professional university song
Ⅱ. 1尽行体育运动 2 太…而不能 3 一部叫…的喜剧 4 一位影星 5. world record 6. learn to ride a bike 7. for example 8. be born
Professional; prefers; knives; filled; opening; grew; lively; golfer; picked.


Ⅰ. Sweeping; invite; fold; fast food/; care; make;
借钱;买饮料; 去商场; 带…出去散步; 铺床;invite…to…; take care of…; Ⅱ. play with; go on vacation;

Ⅳ. to come; to do; are leaving; pass; doesn’t do; giving; will be; is hav ing; to get; is mending;
Ⅰ.1. before 2. quickly 3. start 4. eighth 5. best 7. far 8. hurries 9.hers 10. has

Ⅲ. 1. does, have 2. Why not play 3. What, going, do
4.don’t think, can 5.the tallest 6.think, most interesting.

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