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新湘教8年级下 Unit5 Topic3 Section C 教案

新湘教8年级下 Unit5 Topic3 Section C 教案
Section C needs 1 period. Section C需用1课时。
The main activities are 1a and 2. 本课重点活动是1a和2。
Ⅰ. Aims and demands 目标要求
1. Learn some new words and phrase:
moon, especially, hang, thought, try out, noise
2. Go on learning the sentence pattern:“make + object + v. / adj.”.
Sometimes it makes me feel happy.
Rock music always makes me want to dance.
3. Talk about the influences of different things on feelings.
I think the moon can affect my moods.
The environment can change my feelings.
I think the weather can affect my moods.
Sometimes colors can affect my feelings and moods.
Ⅱ. Teaching aids 教具
Ⅲ. Five-finger Teaching Plan 五指教学方案
Step 1 Review 第一步 复习(时间:10分钟)
T: I will tell you a piece of news. My pet dog died yesterday. I feel sad. (教师在黑板上画简

Ss: Oh, that’s too bad. We are sad, too.
T: (播放轻快音乐。) How do you feel now?
Ss: We feel better now. (引导学生用简笔画表示开心。)

T: Then do you know what can affect our moods?
That’s to say, what can make us happy or sad?
1. (让学生表演Section B中的对话。)
T: I’ll ask some students to act out the dialog in Section B. Who wants to have a try? Come here, please.
2. (让学生根据教师板书的话题进行小组讨论并表达自己的情感,然后表演。)
T: You see, different situations, different feelings. Different feelings, different actions. What actions you’ll do in the following situations? Do you want to express your feelings exactly? Well, talk about the situations in groups first and then I’ll ask someone in your group to act out. Now let’s begin.
I am going abroad!
I just saw a UFO!
I just found one million dollars!
I just bought you a car!
You are buying a house!
Your pet dog died yesterday.
You see your classmate making faces.
Your father hit you yesterday.
T: OK. Let’s act out your feelings in class. The others tell me what his/her feeling is. Do you understand?
Ss: Sure.
T: OK. Go! Group 1.
T: Good, very good.
T: What do you feel now?
S1: I feel happy.
S2: I feel…

T: What can affect our feelings? Let’s go to Section C.
Step 2 Presentation 第二步 呈现(时间: 6分钟)
1. (出示一幅明月悬空图,通过师生问答,自然呈现1a。)
T: It’s so round and bright. What is it?
Ss: It’s the moon.
T: Yes. How do you feel when the full moon is hanging in the sky, especially you are not with your family?
Ss: We often feel very lonely.
T: Yes, it’s unhappy feeling. At that time, the tears may come to your eyes.
moon hang especially feeling tear
T: We know many things can make our feelings change. Here are some examples. Please listen to 1a and answer the questions.
(1) How does the girl feel when seeing the full moon?
(2) How does the boy feel when he is in a different environment?
(3) How does the boy feel when the sun shines brightly?
(4) What colors are warm colors?
2. (播放1a的录音,为降低听力难度每播放一段录音呈现一个问题,让学生互相讨论后核 对答案。)
T: Listen to 1a and then check the answers after discussing in class.
3. (解释1a中的重难点。)
T: Do you have any questions about the passages?
S1: What’s the meaning of…
S2: …

Step 3 Consolidation 第三步 巩固(时间: 12分钟)
1. (再放1a录音, 学生跟读。)
T: Follow the tape please.
2. (让学生在1a中画出含有make/let+sb.+adj./v.的句子。进一步熟悉这一结构。)
T: Underline the sentences with the structure “make/let+sb.+adj./v.” in 1a.
3. (让学生重新阅读短文并找出关键词。)
T: Boys and girls, please read the passages again and underline the key words.
Paragraph 1: the moon — affect — happy — sad — feel very lonely
Paragraph 2: environment — change — noisy — fall asleep — clean and quiet — happier
Paragraph 3: weather — affect — rains — unhappy — sun — make — happy
Paragraph 4: orange and yellow — warm colors — confident; blue and white — calm colors — feel calm; green — nature color — energy; red — strong color — make active
4. (学生根据板书的关键词复述课文。为降低难度,可分段复述。)
T: Now, let’s retell the text ...
Step 4 Practice 第四步 练习(时间: 12分钟)
1. (完成1b。)
T: Many things can affect our feelings. Please fill out the form in 1b.
The full moon makes me sad.
The full moon makes me miss my friends.
Some noise makes me bored.
A noisy city makes me nervous.
Sunny days make me happy.
Windy days make me active.
Blue makes me feel quieter and calmer.
White can make me more helpful.
A quiet environment makes me happy.
A noisy environment makes me worried.
A bad environment makes me bored.
Loud music makes me angry.
Soft music makes me want to sleep.
Funny movies always make me laugh.
Moving movies make me sad.
2. (核对答案后让学生仿照例子造句,要求学生以小组为活动单位。)
T: Now, make sentences as many as you can.
I was happy when my teacher made me monitor.
3. (小组报告结果,并将一些典型句子分类板书到黑板上。)
It makes me happy when I wear bright clothes.
It makes me active when I wear red.
It always makes me want to dance when I hear rock music.
It always makes me cry when I watch sad movies.
I was happy when my teacher made me monitor.

4. (引导学生完成2的写作练习。)
T: What can affect your feelings? Choose one of the things in 1b and write a passage. Discuss in groups and then report to class. You can do it according to the example in your books.
Step 5 Project 第五步 综合探究活动(时间: 5分钟)
1. (表达情感。)
T: We know everyone has different feelings about different things. For example, we’re very happy when we meet our old friends. It makes us very worried when we can’t find something that we need. Boys and girls, how do you feel if you lose your books, toys, or other things? How do you express your feelings with your facial expressions and gestures? First talk about the questions in groups, and then act the dialogs out in class.
S1: How do you feel when you lose your books?
S2: It will make me sad.

2. Homework:

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