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The Exercises of Unit 6 Topic 1  (八年级下

The Exercises of Unit 6 Topic 1  (八年级下)
1. It’s spring. There are many farmers working in the f _______.
2. Car is a kind of v ______.
3. We student’s t _______is to study hark.
4. We will go to Shanghai by a __________.
5. We should divide us three g ____________to finish the work.
6. The a ________told the passengers that the airplane would be late because of the bad weather.
7. I will b ________a airplane ticket on the phone.
8. The famous singer Li Yuchun is from Sichuan P__________.
9. He bought two tickets at $ 100 for the s __________sleeper.
10. I think going by plane is more c ____________than by bus.
11. From the window we can see the sea c ___________.
12. Mr. Wang likes to lives in the countryside. Because it is q _________there.
二、根据汉语完成下列句子 4%
1. Excuse me , where is the nearest ___________(宾馆)?
2. Can you r __________(提起) the big stone?
3. In our school we take part in many kinds of _________________(活动)
4. The night __________________(风景) in Shanghai is very beautiful.
5. Their plane left Beijing at 8:30 am and ___(着陆) in Changsha after an hour.
6. The __________(日出) of Mount Tai is very beautiful.
7. Finish your homework quickly. Then we can go to a movie _______(一起)
8. Miss Yang __________________(抽中)the first prize yesterday.
三、选择题 18%
( ) 1. He was very ___when he knew the _____news .
A. exciting, excited B. excited, excited
C. exciting, excited D. excited, exciting
( ) 2. Let’s make a decision to ____where to go.
A. find B. look C. look for D. find out
( ) 3. We have very nice T-shirts ____a very good price.
A. in B. at C. on D. for
( ) 4. I’d like _____a ticket to Wuhan.
A. to book B. book C. booking D. books
( ) 5.- _____? -We will go there by bus.
A. How will you go there B. Where will you go
C. What will you go D. Where will you go there
( ) 6. The hospital is too far away. You’d better ___a bus there.
A. to take B. take C. taking D. takes
( ) 7. It’s a little far for _____. You should ride a bike.
A. to walk B. walks C. walking D. walk
( ) 8. ____? I want to look for a shirt for my daughter.
A. What do you want B. What do you do
C. What can I do for you D. what does your daughter want
( ) 9. -What's your sister like? _________
A. She is a worker B. She likes pears
C. She is very thin D. She is like his father
( ) 10. The store has T-shirt _____red, black, yellow and green
A. on B. in C. with D. of
( ) 11. _____will you stay in Beijing? For two weeks.
A. How B. How long C. What D. When
( ) 12. This house is ____small to live in.
A. too B. very C. so D. quite
( ) 13. Tom often talks ____but does ____. So everyone says he is a good boy.
A. less, more B. little, many C. more, less D. many, little
( )14. In Canada, students do fund ______ activities for their field trip.
A. raise B. raises C. raising D. to raise
( ) 15. Would you please ____ this letter to him ,and____ his answer here?
A. bring, bring B. take, take C. take, bring D. bring, take
A. don’t you B. won’t we C. shall we D didn’t we
( )16. Can you help me ______the math problem?
A. work out B. works out C. working out D. work
( ) 17. Mr. Black arrived in Shanghai _______12:45______August 20, 2005
A. in, on B. in, to C. at, in D. at, on
( ) 18. We’ll go to Mount Tai for our holiday next week. ______
A. The same to you B. It’s a pleasure
C. Have a good time D. You’re welcome
四、补全对话 5%
A:Hello. Shanghai _______. Can I help you?
B: Yes. I’d like _____book some ________, please.
A: All right. ________ and _______to?
B: Hong Kong. Tomorrow morning.
A: OK. The plane will take off at 9:00 am.
B: _______great. I want to book three. ______ ______the price?
A: 400 yuna __________. Please _______ for them before 17:00
B: OK. Thank you.
A: You are welcom.
五、 按要求完成下列句子 14%
1. There are many interesting places there. (同义改写)
There are many _______of ________there.
2. We have rooms with a bathtub, TV and air conditioning.(提问)
What ______of rooms _____you have?
3. I think , you don’t have much money. (合并成一句)
I _____think you _____much money.
4. He looks very sad because she worries about the cost of her field trip.(提问)
_____ _______Helen look sad?
5. I was very tired. I could go on any longer. (合并成一句)
I was _____tired ______go on any loner.
6. Mike often wears thick. He won’t catch a cold. (合并成一句)
Mike often wears thick ______ _______he won’t catch a cold.
7. Why don’t we organize a show to raise money? (同义改写)
_____ _____organize a show to raise money?
8. Tom spent ten yuan buying the book. (同义改写)
The book _______Tom ten yuan.
9. We enjoyed ourselves in the zoo yesterday. (同义改写)
We _____ ______ ______ _____in the zoo yesterday.
10. A standard room costs 100 yuan. (提问)
______ _______ _____a standard room ______?
11. We saw the sunrise on Mount Tai yesterday morning. (提问)
______did you ______on Mount Tai?
12. He is too young to go to school. (同义改写)
He is ______young _______he _______go to school.
六、 用所给动词的适当形式填空 10%
1. After a day of ________(sell) tickets, They began _________(draw).
2. Every day I spend two house ________(finish) my home work.
3. Can you bring me some DVDs for me________(watch)?
4. The King or Queen of a day can call home, _______(use) the principal’s sell phone.
5. They have many ways _________(raise) money.
6. We should make a decision _______(choose) where to visit.
7. I think it is the best way ________(solve) the problem.
8. It will take you a long time _______(get) there on foot.
9. Spring is the best time _________(plant) trees.
10. The most interesting thing for me is ________(take) photos.
七、翻译下列词组 15%
1. 旅行的费用_____________________2. 算出它_______________________
3. 欣赏夜景_______________________4. 筹集资金活动_________________
5. 吃了丰盛的一餐_________________6. 在山脚下_____________________
7. 安全着陆_______________________8. 照相_________________________
9. 看日出_________________________10. 在白天______________________
11. the sea of clouds_________________12. Make a hotel reservation_________
13. serve a special dinner_____________13. have a good trip_______________
14. an exciting experience_____________15. a great fund raiser_____________
八、翻译下列句子 13%
1. 我有一些令人兴奋的事告诉你。
I have ___________ _______ ______ _____you.
2. 我将去泰山两日游。
I will _______ ______ ______ ______ to Mount Tai.
3. 乘火车没有乘飞机贵。
______ _______train ______ _____ ______ _____ going by plane.
4. 你们组的工作就是查明旅行费用。
Your group is _____ ______ _____the cost of the trip.
5. 他定了一张去泰山的火车票。
He _______a _____ticket _______ Mount Tai.
6. 一间有两张单人床的标准房要160元。
A ________room ______two ______beds ______160 yuan.
7. 在卖了一天的票后,他们开始抽奖。
After a day _____ ______tickets, they began to draw.
九、完型填空 10%
One morning, Sue was riding her bike to school. She was late, so she decided to take a short cut(捷径). But she made a mistake and 1 into a one-way street. The street was not very 2 A car was coming from the other direction. The driver quickly drove to one side and drove into a shop window. The shop assistant was greatly 3 ! There was 4 everywhere.
Sue rode into the other side of the street and 5 a man, then an apple cart. The apple cart turned over and the apples went in all directions.
A group of students were having 6 in a small restaurant. Quickly they ran 7 the street. With their help, all the apples were 8 and put back on the cart. Luckily, 9 Sue nor the driver of the cart was hurt. A policeman came by and saw what happened. He 10 Sue from riding to school and asked her some questions, so Sue was even later for school.
( ) 1. A. walked B. looked C. turned D. drove
( ) 2. A. wide B. narrow C. long D. deep
( ) 3. A. glad B. interested C. hungry D. frightened
( )4. A. grass B. glass C. trouble D. dirty
( )5. A. touched B. hit C. kicked D. pulled
( )6. A. breakfast B. lunch C. supper D. picnic
( ) 7. A. back B. from C. away D. across
( )8. A. broken B. picked up C. carried D. thrown away
( ) 9. A. both B. either C. neither D. none
( )10. A. helped B. took C. sent D. stopped
十、阅读理解 5%
Mr. Scott is a veterinarian (兽医). He has the only clinic in the small town. The
farmers near the town often ask him to treat(治疗) their domestic animals(家畜). There are a lot of people in his clinic and sometimes he's waken up late at night. So he's always busy and hopes to have a good rest.
One evening it was raining hard. When the last man left his clinic, he was too tired to stand. He went to bed after a quick supper. He looked at his watch and it was five to eleven and soon went to sleep. And at twenty past eleven the telephone bell woke him up. He told his wife to answer it. "Hello," said a man. "This is Mr. Ted here. May I speak to Mr. Scott please?" "Sorry, he went out half an hour ago , "answered Mrs. Scott. "I'm afraid he won't come back this evening. ""Something is wrong with my dog's eyes. But I don't know what to do. "Mr. Scott was afraid the man would bring his dog to his clinic. He asked his wife to answer the man on the phone as he said. Mr. Ted thanked her and then asked, "By the way, is the man lying by you qualified(有资格的) to treat my dog?"
( ) 1. Mr. Scott is always busy because_______.
A. he's a veterinarian
B. he's a good man
C. only he has a veterinary clinic in the town
D. he knows the domestic animals well
( ) 2. Mr. Scott hurried to bed because_______.
A. it was to late
B. he was very tired
C. he was afraid to be sent for
D. he would be waken up very soon
( ) 3. Mr. Scott slept only for ________ and the telephone bell rang.
A. more than half an hour
B. more than an hour
C. less than twenty minutes
D. about twenty-five minutes
( ) 4. _______,so he asked his wife to answer the man instead.
A. Mr. Scott wouldn't treat any animals that night
B. Mr. Scott never goes out in the rain
C. Something was wrong with Mr. Scott
D. Mrs. Scott is also a good veterinarian
( ) 5. It seemed _______.
A. Mr. Ted believed Mr. Scott's answer
B. Mr. Ted didn't believe Mr. Scott's answer
C. Mr. Scott's answer was right
D. Mrs. Scott learned to treat domestic animals

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