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Unit 6 Topic 1 Section C

Unit 6 Topic 1 Section C
The main activities are 2a and 5. 本课重点活动是2a和5。
Ⅰ. Teaching aims and demands 教学目标
1. Learn some new words and phrases:
queen, draw, land, forward, come up with, look forward to (doing) sth
2. Go on learning infinitive:
It is very common to raise money in Canadian and American schools.
The best way to raise money is to sell newspapers.
Why don’t we have a show to raise money?
I think the most exciting way is to sell flowers in the evening.
Spring is the best time to climb Mount Tai.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
3. Learn how to raise money.
Ⅱ. Teaching aids 教具
小黑板/录音机/本课的教学图片/Section B, 2a的图片。
Ⅲ. Five-finger Teaching Plan 五指教学方案
Step 1 Review 第一步 复习(时间: 10分钟)
1. (把Section B的信息图片发给学生, 复习Section B预订旅馆的内容。)
T: Please look at this picture. Yesterday, Maria made hotel reservations for her classmates. How much does a standard room cost?
Ss: A standard room with two single beds costs ¥160 and a room with a single bed costs
T: How many rooms did she book?
Ss: She booked 11 rooms, 10 rooms with two single beds and one room with one single bed.
T: When will they want them and how long will they stay?
S: March 13th and 14th, about two days.
T: Good! Now who are volunteers to act out Section B, 2a?
2. (把制作好的关于1的卡片,分发给学生看。)
T: We know when we want to travel, we should have enough money. If not, the traveling will lose. We should know the cost before we start out. Now please look at these pictures.
T: Let’s help Helen work out the trip cost. How much is the total cost?
Ss: ¥300.
T: Do you have¥300?
S1: Yes, I do.
S2: No, I don’t.
T: Well. If you want a lot of money but you don’t have it. What should you do?
S1: Get it from my parents.
S2: Get it from my grandfather.
S3: Get it from my brother.
S4: Make money by myself.

T: Yes. You can get money in many ways. But in Canada and America children usually make money by themselves. They don’t get it from their family members. If you were them, what would you want to do to raise money? You can discuss in pairs, then give me your ideas.
raise money for field trips为郊游筹集资金

come up with great ideas 想出好主意

T: Now, give me your ideas. Please use the sentence pattern “We can do sth to raise money.”
S1: We can sell newsporpers to raise money.
S2: …

T: Yes. We have many ways of raising money. We can sell old books to raise money. We can have a show to raise money …
The best way to raise money
The most exciting way to raise money
T: So. Which is the best way to raise money?
Ss: The best way to raise money is to have a show …
T: Yes. We can raise money in different ways. Helen doesn’t have enough money for her trip. She is worried. Let’s look how Jane and Michael comfort her.
Don’t worry. We can raise the money by ourselves.
That’s a good idea.
Step 2 Presentation 第二步 呈现(时间: 10分钟)
1. (放1录音,让学生跟读。)
T: Now, listen to 1 and read after it.
T: Make similar dialogs according to 1, and act them out in groups.
2. (教师介绍一些筹集资金的故事,让学生对这一情况有所了解,帮助理解下面的阅读内
T: We know Jane and her classmates want to raise money. Please listen to 2a and read it. Find out how do the Canadian and American students raise money?
T: Look at the new words.
queen, draw, headmaster, cellphone
T: Read 2a again and finish 2b.
T: Read 2a and underline the sentences with infinitive.
It is very common to raise money in Canadian and American schools.
It costs each student one dollar to buy a ticket for the draw.
The student even gets to call home using the headmaster’s cellphone.
3. (教师分析这三个含不定式的句子和不定式的句子中的不同用法,然后让学生回忆类似用法的句子,教师给予提示。)
T: Now, let’s recall the similar sentences with infinitive.
S1: It’s hard to say.
S2: We can sell flowers to raise money.
S3: …

Step 3 Consolidation 第三步 巩固(时间: 5分钟)
land safely 安全着陆
T: Look at the sentences in 4 carefully, then listen and mark True (T) or False (F).
Step 4 Practice 第四步 练习(时间: 9分钟)
T: Now, let’s look at the letter from Maria to Li Wei. First let’s learn the new word and expression.
look forward to (doing) sth.
T: OK. Read the letter and finish 5.
T: In the letter, not all the blanks are filled with infinitive. Please find out the blanks filled with infinitive.
T: Now, please make more sentences with the infinitive.
Step 5 Project 第五步 综合探究活动(时间: 11分钟)
1. (教师设置场景,给出提示。)
T: If next Saturday is your mother’s birthday, you want to buy a present for her. But you don’t have much money. What should you do to raise money? The following questions may help you.
What would you like to buy for your mother?
Work out the cost of the present.
Which way do you think is the best way to raise money?
T: Work in groups and discuss what you will do.
2. Homework:

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