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Unit 6 Topic 2 Section C

Unit 6 Topic 2 Section C
The main activities are 1a and 3. 本课重点活动是1a和3。
Ⅰ. Teaching aims and demands 教学目标
1. Learn some new words and phrases:
space, push, direction, step, rush, notice, sight, huge, out of sight
2. Go on learning adverbial clauses of time:
As they were exploring happily, the crowd became larger and larger.
He didn’t raise his head until someone called his name.
As soon as the three boys saw each other, they all jumped up happily.
Ⅱ. Teaching aids 教具
Ⅲ. Five-finger Teaching Plan 五指教学方案
Step 1 Review 第一步 复习(时间: 6分钟)
1. (师生互动复习明十三陵的相关内容。)
T: We’ve learnt a lot about the Ming Tombs in Section B. I’d like you to give me the answers to the questions on the blackboard.
Where are the Ming Tombs?
Who could ride horses through the Sacred Way in the old days?
When did the emperors start to build their tombs?
What place did the emperors choose for their tombs?
T: Don’t look at your books. Who can have a try?
S1: …
T: Good! Let’s come to the second question. Any volunteer?
S2: …

2. (教师设置悬念,激发学生学习兴趣,引入新课。)
T: Since there are so many interesting things in the Ming Tombs, do you want to visit the Ming Tombs?
Ss: Yes, I’d like to. / …
T: S1, if you were in Beijing, how will you get there?
S1: I’ll go there by…
T: S2, how will you get there?
S2: I’ll go there by…

T: Well done! Different students have different ways to go there. Kangkang, Michael and Darren visited the Ming Tombs. Do you want to know how did they get there?
Ss: Yes, of course. /…
T: OK, let’s come to 1a and know about what they did during their travel.
space, crowd, push, direction, step, toe, rush, notice, sight, slowly, huge, sadly, out of sight (看不见,在视野之外)
Step 2 Presentation 第二步 呈现(时间: 8分钟)
1. (教师让学生快速阅读短文,并标出文章下面四幅图的顺序。)
T: Read 1a quickly and number the following pictures.
T: Can you tell me the correct order of the pictures?
S1: …

2. (教师让学生再次阅读文章,找出含有时间状语从句的句子。)
T: Boys and girls. Read 1a again and find out the sentences with“when”,“after”,“as”,“as soon as”,“until”, and,“while”.
T: Boy and girls, you did a good job! Now please turn to Page 38 and complete the short passage in 1b. This time you needn’t read the passage.
T: Let’s check the answers.
3. (师生互动,共同处理课文1a中的重难点,并作板书。)
two and a half hours
be full of
park their bikes
take some pictures
rush out
out of sight (1)The parking lot was full of cars, taxis and bicycles, so they had to look for space to park their bikes.
(2)They walked into Dingling and were surprised at the wonders.
Step 3 Consolidation 第三步 巩固(时间: 9分钟)
1. (放1a录音,要求学生跟读,注意语音语调的变化。)
T: Listen to 1a carefully and pay attention to the pronunciation and intonation.
2. (让学生自由朗读课文,为后面的复述课文做准备。)
arrived at the Ming Tombs—look for space to park bikes—walked into Dingling—Want to
take pictures (No photos here.)—exporing happily—push him in different—directions
stepped on his toes—rushed out of the crowd—out of sight—sat down on a huge rock
called his name—jumped happily
T: Now, read 1a again by yourselves. And try to find the general idea.
3. (让学生根据关键词和提示信息复述课文。)
T: Close your books, please. Look at the questions on the blackboard and try to retell the story in your own words.
Who went to the Ming Tombs?
How did they get there?
Who was lost during the travel?
What did he do after he was lost?
What happened in the end?
T: Now, time is up! Who can have a try?
S1: …

Step 4 Practice 第四步 练习(时间: 10分钟)
1. (1) (教师提出几个简单的问题,放2录音。)
T: Do you like traveling?
Ss: …
T: Do you know Jiuzhaigou?
Ss: …
T: Jiuzhaigou is in Sichuan. It is a beautiful place. I went there with my parents last month. Now, what did we do there? Please listen and give me your answers.
T: Now, Let me check your answers.
T: Listen again and fill in the blanks in 2, then tell me more about my trip.
T: Boys and girls, you can discuss with your partner, and then give me your answers.
T: Time is up. Who can tell me your answer?
S1: …
(2) (教师指导学生,仿照2,谈谈自己的旅行经历。)
T: Now, boys and girls, I know most of us like traveling and I think most of you have been to some very interesting places. Please share your experiences with your partner. Three or four minutes later, report your interesting or exciting trip to us.
T: Now, stop! Who will share your trip with us? Volunteers?
S1: …
S2: …
S3: …
2. T: Boys and girls. We all know that Darren had a wonderful trip with his friends. Now, he is writing to his parents. Please help him to finish 3. Three or four minutes later, report it to us.
T: Time is up, please report your passage to us. Who will have a try?
S1: …
S2: …

Step 5 Project 第五步 综合探究活动(时间: 12分钟)
1. (教师将学生分成小组,每小组四人,小组各成员讨论并决定去哪旅行。)
T: Work in groups of four. Make a discussion with each other and choose a place to visit.
2. (教师让学生自己制作一张旅行路线图。接着填出下面的表格。)
T: Each group should make a simple map of your trip. And then fill out the form.
How will we go? When will we go? What will we do there?

3. (教师让每组学生将自己目的地的名称贴在椅子上。)
T: Now, please tape the names of your destinations on your chairs.
4. (教师让学生在校园里进行一次虚拟的旅行。)
T: Now, let’s go out of the classroom and take your imaginary field trip on the schoolyard.
5. (教师要求学生写出各自的旅行经历,并读给全班学生听。)
T: Write a short story about your travel experience and report it to the class.

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