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Unit 6 Topic 2 Section D

Unit 6 Topic 2 Section D
The main activities are 1a and 3. 本课重点活动是1a和3。
Ⅰ. Teaching aims and demands 教学目标
1. Learn a new word:
2. Learn some useful expressions:
In the old days, common people like us had to get off their horses and walk.
It stands for the peace of the country.
Thank goodness!
We were so excited and happy when we met again.
What a special trip!
3. Review the adverbial clauses of time:
After we had lunch, we decided to climb on the Dragon and Phoenix Gate and take pictures.
While we were having fun exploring, I found Darren was lost.
4. Review how to describe one’s travels and learn to write a diary of the trip.
Ⅱ. Teaching aids 教具
Ⅲ. Five-finger Teaching Plan 五指教学方案
Step 1 Review 第一步 复习(时间: 5分钟)
1. (创设情景, 复习时间状语从句。)
T: From the passage in Section C, we know three friends visited the Ming Tombs. And one of them was lost. Do you remember who was lost?
Ss: Darren.
T: Yes, good! Did Kangkang and Michael find him at last?
Ss: Yes.
T: You’re quite right. Now suppose you were Michael, think over the questions on the blackboard.
How do you feel when you notice Darren was lost?
What will you do after you hear the news?
How do you feel while you are looking for him?
How do you feel as soon as you meet him again?
(让学生思考两分钟,接着发表自己的看法;学生说得好的句子, 教师可将其写在黑板上,加深学生对时间状语从句的理解,并给予评价。)
S1: …
S2: …

T: Well done! You did a good job.
2. (导入新课。)
T: Michael wrote a diary of his trip after they arrived home. Do you want to know more about the trip?
Ss: Yes.
T: OK, let’s come to 1a on Page 39.
Step 2 Presentation 第二步 呈现(时间: 8分钟)
1. (教师指导学生快速阅读,尽可能多的掌握关键信息。)
T: This is Michael’s diary of his trip to the Ming Tombs. Please read it to find out when they went into the tombs.
2. (学生认真阅读短文,完成1b。)
T: Read 1a again, and finish 1b.
T: Please give your answers to the whole class.
S1: …
3. (处理短文中的重难点词句。)
T: If you have difficulties in reading this passage, put up your hands.
Useful expressions:
ride to
two and a half hours
arrive at
get off
here and there
ask…for… Important sentences:
In the old days, common people like us had to get off their horses and walk.
It stands for the peace of the country.
Thank goodness!
What a special trip!
4. (教师让学生参照教材Page 36的图,和学生一起回忆Michael、Darren和Kangkang他们的游记历程。尽量让学生多表达。)
T: Look at the picture on Page 36. Let’s recall their traveling experience: First, where did they arrive?
Ss: They arrived at the Great Palace Gate.
T: Then they rode bikes along the…
Ss: The Sacred Way.
T: What are on both sides of the road?
Ss: There are many stone animals and some officials along the road.
T: Then what happened?
Ss: …

Step 3 Consolidation 第三步 巩固(时间: 9分钟)
1. (听1a录音,学生跟读,注意语音语调。)
T: Listen to 1a carefully and follow it. Pay attention to the pronunciation and intonation.
2. (学生分成男女两组,每组抽两个,看谁读的好。)
T: Now, I’d like to divide the whole class into two groups, girls’ group and boys’ group. Let’s begin. Who can have a try?
S1: …
S2: …

T: Boys did a good job. Girls did better. Because…
3. (参照1b,教师给出文中的关键信息,让学生站在康康的角度,讲一个小故事。)
T: Suppose you were Kangkang, please tell a short story about your experience to the class. I’ll give you three minutes for the preparation.
ride to—two and a half hours—arrive at—in the old days—but now—the 7km Sacred
Way—have lunch—lose Darren—look for—ask…for—meet again
T: Time is up. Who wants to have a try?
S1: …
S2: …

Step 4 Practice 第四步 练习(时间: 12分钟)
1. (学生两人一组,回忆自己的旅行经历。)
T: Now, boys and girls. Traveling can make us relaxed. I enjoy traveling in my vacation. Do you like traveling?
S¬¬s: …
T: What place did you visit?
Ss: …
2. T: You can tell your partner about your travels.
T: These questions may help you.
Do you like traveling?
How many places of interest did you visit?
Who went along with you?
Did you lose your way during your vacation?
What are your feelings after the travel?
3. (学生互相问答两三分钟,参照1a写自己的经历。)
T: Please write a diary about your own travel. You can use the passage in 1a as an example.
T: Now, who can have a try?
S1: …
S2: …

4. (给学生一两分钟,让他们尽可能多地回忆本单元所学过的知识。)
T: We have learnt Unit 6 Topic 2. Let’s go exploring. What have we learnt in this topic?Close your eyes and think as much as you can. Two minutes later you need to tell us what you have thought of.
T: Time is up. Please tell us what you have thought of…
S1: …
S2: …

T: Please read 2a and 2b. If you have any difficulties, please ask me.
Step 5 Project 第五步 综合探究活动(时间: 11分钟)
1. T: We all know that it is easy to get lost in a forest. What are your feelings? Will you cry?
Ss: …
2. (让学生四人一组讨论,完成3。)
T: Though we seldom come into a forest and lose our way. It’s easy for us to get lost in a strange place. Work in groups of four and talk about your experience of losing your way. The following questions may help you.
Did you lose your way in a strange place?
When and where were you lost?
How old you feel when you were lost?
What did you do at that time?
T: Now, please report your answers to the class.
T: What should we do when we are lost?
3. Homework:

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