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八 年 级 英 语 试 卷

八 年 级 英 语 试 卷
(满分:120分 考试时间:100分钟)
( )1.--Would you mind if I smoke here ? --No, .
A. not at all B. You’re right C. Never mind
( )2. Don’t worry, Sir. I’m sure I can run _______ to catch up with them .
A. fast enough B. enough quickly C. enough slowly
( )3.—What did the teacher say just now ?
--He said that light ______ much faster than sound .
A. supplies B. travels C. imagines
( )4. The film is very interesting. I think it’s worth .
A. seeing B. looking C. cutting
( )5. What a sunny day! Look! The sun is shining .
A. finely B. carefully C. brightly
( )6. Do you know to do it?
A. how B. what C. which
( )7. I don’t know I am free this afternoon.
A. weather B. if C. when
( )8. Please remember at table. It’s a bad manner.
A. not to sit down B. not to eat up C. not to drink too much
( )9. If you eat a lot of meat every day, you’ll get _________.
A. fat B. healthy C.clever
( )10.It’s _____ to eat noisily in Japan .
A. polite B. impolite C. not polite
( )11.—We are planning to help the children in the west of China.
--Well done!_______.
A. Keep adding B. Keep trying C. Keep frying
( )12.—Hello! May I speak to Mary ?
-- _______ , please. I’ll call her.
A. try on B. hold on C. keep on
( )13.—A wonderful party ! Thank you _______.
--I’m glad you like it .
A. for sending us B. for helping us C. for inviting us
( )14.—Mr. Smith ,would you please speak a little __________?
--Sorry! I thought you could follow me .
A. more quietly B. more politely C. more slowly
( )15.—I want to make a robot that can help me do some housework .
--- Good idea. Why not work hard to make it __________.
A. thankful B. careful C. successful
( )16.—I ‘d like a bowl of rice and chicken soup.
-- ________?
--Oh, a bottle of Tsingtao beer.
A. Something else B. Nothing else C. Anything else
( )17.Remmeber this ,children . _____ careful you are ,_____ mistakes you will make.
A. The more; the more B.The more; the fewer C.The more; the less
( )18.—I won the gils’100-meter race.
A. Well done. B. It’s very nice of you. C. Never mind
( )19.I know _______ eat with their right hands .I don’t know if there’s no need for knives, forks or chopsticks.
A. Russians B. Americans C. Indians
( )20.—What would you like to cook for the food festival ?
---I’m thinking about that. What about ________?
A. raising money B. making a poster C. making biscuits
When you go to restaurant in different parts of the world, it’s 1 to know the right and wrong things to do . For example , in China it’s OK to 2 a lot of noise in a restaurant . In fact , if a restaurant isn’t noisy and 3 , you may think there’s something wrong with it . However , in many western countries ,restaurants are 4 places . If a table is too loud ,other people who are eating there might not 5 with the owner of the restaurant .
Paying the bill is also different from country to country . In China ,one person usually pays for _6__ . In western countries , one person pays if he or she is entertaining clients , but 7 friends eat together, they usually share the cost. This is called “going Dutch “ . Also, when westerners pay the bill, they usually leave some money for the 8 .This is called “ leaving a tip “. Leaving a tip is thought to be polite . In the US, it’s 9 to leave tips 10%,15% ,or 20% of the bill, which is decided by how good the service is .Good waiters can make a lot of money !
The way people eat food is different in the world, but you can 10 the same kinds of food in many countries . Chinese and Italian food, for example, are popular all over the world .
( )21. A. popular B.difficult C. important
( )22.A. cause B. make C. keep
( )23. A. lively B. friendly C.lucky
( )24.A.noisy B. quiet C. busy
( )25.A.shout B. explain C.satisfy
( )26. A.everybody B.nobody C.somebody
( )27.A. until B.when C.if
( )28.A.gatekeeper B. seller C. waiter
( )29.A.terrible B.common C.serious
( )30.A. invent B.prefer C.find
三、阅读理解 30分
Last Sunday afternoon, I was having dinner in a restaurant when my friend Poor came in. Poor is working in a bank and is quite rich, but he is always borrowing money from his friends and never pays it back. Poor saw me and came to sit at my table. He had never borrowed any money from me. When he was eating, I asked him to lend me two dollars. To my surprise, he gave me the money at once.“I have never borrowed any money from you,”Poor said,“So you can pay for my dinner.”
Read the passage and choose the best answers.(阅读短文,选择最佳答案。)
( )31. The story happened .
A. at home B. in a restaurant C. in a bank
( )32. Poor is the name of a man and the writer .
A. knows him well B. often borrows money from him
C. often lends him some money
( )33. Poor is a man.
A. poor B. clever C. rich
( )34. Why was Poor glad to lend the writer two dollars?
A. Because they are brothers. B. Because Poor is rich.
C. Because Poor wanted the writer to pay for the dinner.
( )35. From the story we can see .
A. the writer is poor B. Poor is friendly C. the writer paid for the dinner
About 70,000.000 Americans are trying to lose weight(减肥) .That is almost one out of every three people in the United States .Some people eat less food and they hardly have any fats or sweets. Others do running ,exercise with machines, take medicines, or even have operations(手术). So you can see losing weight is hard work ,and it also costs a lot of money .But why do so many people in the United States want to lose weight .
Many people in the United States worry about their looks .For many people ,looking nice also means to be slim(苗条) . Other people worry about their health as many doctors say being overweight is not good.
Most people want to find a faster and easier way to take off fat(脂肪), and books of this kind are very popular. These books tell people how to lose weight. Each year there are a lot of new books about losing weight.
Losing weight can be expensive .Some overweight people go to health centers ,like LaCosta California .Men and women pay several hundred dollars a day at these health centres .People live there for one week or two ,taking exercise ,eating different foods. Meals there may be just a little .All this works well for losing weight.
After 4 days on the program ,one woman called Mrs. Warren lost 5 pounds (2.27kg) .At 400 dollars a day, she spent 320 dollars to lose each pound. But she said she was happy to do so .
Health centers ,books ,machines, operations, running and exercise machines all need a lot of money. So in the United States, losing weight may mean losing money ,too.
( )36.If you want to lose weight ,you can eat .
A. your favorite foods B.more fried chicken and chips C. healthy food regularly
( )37. Most people want to find a faster and easier way to take off fat, and
are very popular
A. books about cooking B. books about losing weight C. books about eating habits
( )38.What can people do in health centers? .
A. take more exercise and eat less different foods
B. eat more food and take less exercise
. eat your favorite food and worry a lot
( )39.Why is losing weight so popular? Because _____________.
A. for many people , it’s happy to eat different foods what they like .
B. for many people , it looks beautiful to be slim and overweight is not good.
C. for many people, it’s important for you to do what you like .
( )40. According to the passage ,how many ways can help people to lose weight at least ? .
A. 5 B.6 C. 7
Most American children eat potatoes. But many children don’t know what part of the potato is the best for food .Take a knife and cut from the middle of the potato a piece as thin as paper .Hold the piece between your eyes and light. You will see that the potato has skin(皮), an outside rim(边缘) and an inside part. The outside rim right after the skin of the potato is the most valuable part of all .But people often throw away the skin .Even the skin itself is better for food than inside .When eating, you are throwing the best part of it .If you can’t eat the whole potato ,please eat the outside rim with the inside part.
Main point of the passage 41.
Parts of a potato 42.
The most valuable part of a potato. 45.
A: What’s your favorite dish ,Hang Xu ?
B:It’s the mushrooms (蘑菇)omelet(炒蛋).
B:Sure . First, cut up the mushrooms.47_______Then, add some salt and pepper(胡椒粉) to the egg mixture(蛋液). _48_____ Add the mushrooms and cook. Finally, fold (对折)the omelet in half. And the omelet is ready .
A: 49_______
B: Not at all .Watch me ,please.
A: OK. But I think it’s difficult . I’m afraid I can’t .
B: Don’t worry .It’s easy. Let’s do it together. Then you can cook it by yourself .
A: __50______ I think I can make it now . I’ll try it later .Thank you .
A. After that ,pour the eggs into a pan.
B. Next, beat the eggs in a bowl.
C. You’re so good.
D. Could you tell me how to make it ?
E. Would you mind teaching me to make it ?
F. Would you mind learning it ?
G. You’re so strict.
46.________47.________ 48. _______ 49_________ 50._________
A: Welcome! This way, please.
B: Thank you!
A: 51 . Is it OK with you?
B: OK. I’ll take that table.
A: Sit down, please. Here’s the menu.
(A few minutes later.) 52 ?
B: Sure. I’d like to try Italian pizza and vegetable soup.
A: 53 We have different kinds of beer ,wine and tea.
B: I think I’ll have a bottle of Tsingdao beer.
A: 54 ?
B: A cup of Chinese tea.
A: OK. 55 , please.
56.Olympic torch relay(圣火传递) starts in different parts of China, let’s wish it s_______ .
57. I often help my mother cook food at home . I think c__________ is fun ..
58. –Maria , help y_________ to the fish. –Thank you.
59.Welcom to our restaurant .Here is the m___________ .
60.—May I i____________ you to our food festival . --- I’d love to .
61.When you drink to somebody, you should _________your glass and take only a sip.
B.根据汉语提示,用词语的适当形式填空,每空限填一词。(14 分)
62.Though a strong earthquake happened in Wenchuang , Sichuang, people all over the world _ ____ ____ __ ___ ___(尽力)to help the victims (受害者).
63.He wants to help poor children to build a new school, let’s make his dream
64.Do you know anything about the western _______ ________(用餐礼仪)?
65.When at table , it’s polite to __ ___ ________(吃光) the food on your plate.
66.I do exercise every day ________ _________ ________ (为了)keep fit.
67.In McDonalds ,there are many delicious foods _________ _________(出售).
like meal morning past afternoon dinner after country lunch drink
In many English 68_____, people eat four 69_______a day: breakfast, 70______, afternoon tea and dinner. People have breakfast at any time from seven to nine in the 71_______. They eat porridge, eggs or bread. English people 72_______tea or coffee at breakfast. Lunch comes at one o’clock in the 73_____. Afternoon tea is from four to five in the afternoon, and dinner is about half 74_____seven . First, they have soup, then they have meat or fish with vegetables. 75_______that ,they eat some other things, 76______bananas, apples or oranges. But not all English people like these. Some of them have their 77_______in the middle of the day .Their meals are breakfast, dinner, afternoon tea and all these meals are very simple.
68 69. 70. 71. 72.
73. 74. 75. 76. 77.
A.四川发生了7.8级大地震(a strong earthquake),全世界的人民都非常关注,纷纷举行抗震救灾捐款活动。三明四中将定于5月25日晚上8:00在学校操场举行赈灾晚会,请你帮康康拟一份请柬给王叔叔,邀请他来参加晚会。(6分)

Dear Mr. Wang,


提示:important ,western fast food, fatter and fatter, enough food, balanced diet,
eat regularly, healthy food

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