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Unit 6 单元测试卷

Unit 6 单元测试卷
( )1.I have________old pen and my brother has _______ new one.
A.a, an B.an, a C.a, a
( )2. _______there any lamps on the table?
A.Have B.Is C.Are
( )3.The keys are on the desk. Please __________.
A.put them away B.put away them C.put them on
( )4.Walk_______this street, and you can see it.
A.in B.along C.on
( )5.Which is the _________ to the bank?
A.way B.road C.place
( )6.There________ some good news the newspaper.
A.are, in B.are, on C.is, in
( )7.—What_________you like ?
—I like reading books.
A.are, doing B.do, doing C.do, do
( )8.—_______ does Sally go shopping?
—Once a week.
A.When B.How C.How often
( )9.Your friend often __________TV at night.
A.watch B.watches C.watching
( )10.You can _____ the book for two weeks.
A.borrow B.keep C.return
( )11.—Where ________your neighbor live?
—He lives __________ the second floor.
A.does, on B.do, on C.do, in
( )12.The policeman gives the driver a ticket for .
A.speeding B.speed C.listening
( )13.—I’m sorry, I can’t help you now.
A.Thank you very much
B.Thank for your help
C.Thank you all the same
( )14.—______________?
—The kitchen fan doesn’t work.
A.What’s matter B.What the matter C.What’s the matter
( )15.—What’s a tea house?
—It’s a place where you can .
A.eat meals B.buy things C.drink tea
1. (一直向前走)! You’ll find the Japanese restaurant on your right.
2. No.15 bus will (把你带到那儿).
3. (小心)! A car may hurt you.
4.The policeman gives Mr.Brown a (超速行驶罚款单).
5. People must obey the (交通规则).
6. How can I (到达) the dormitory building?
III. 用适当的介词填空。(10分)
1.His pet cat plays _________ the boll everywhere.
2.Let’s have a rest _________ a while.
3. My bedroom is ________ the sixth floor.
4.Please put your walkman ________ the right place.
5.You can see the library __________ the end of the road.
6. Kangkang lives far ________ his school.
7. There are no shops _________ the right.
8.The post office is ________ the restaurant and the barber shop.
9.They buy a new house __________ a garden beside it.
10.When you walk __________the road, you must be careful.
1. There are some teachers in the teachers’s room.(改否定句)
There teachers in the teachers’s room.
2. Put it on the shelf. (改为否定句)
it on the shelf.
3.—What time is it?(改同义句子)
—It’s 9:45.
—What time is it?
—It’s a 10.
4. Why don’t you go there by bus? (改同义句子)
Why go there by bus?
5. Kangkang wants to rent a house with furniture. (就划线部分提问)
house does Kangkang want to rent?
Mike is a farmer. He lives __1__ a farm. One of his feet is smaller (更小) than __2__. It’s difficut to find right shoes for __3__ feet. His friend, Dick, says to him, “Why __4__ go __5__ a shoemaker(鞋匠)? A good shoemaker can make you the __6__ shoes.” __7__ Mike goes to the shoemaker’s near his house. Very soon the shoemaker makes him __8__. Mike looks at the shoes and he is not happy. He says to the shoemaker,“You __9__ a good shoemaker. I want a shoe smaller than the other, but you __10__ me one shoe bigger (更大) than the other.
( )1.A.on B.in C.at
( )2.A.other B.the other C.others
( )3.A.he B.his C.him
( )4.A.not B./ C.don’t
( )5.A.find B.to find C.finding
( )6.A.right B.wrong C.well
( )7.A.Or B.If C.So
( )8.A.a shoe B.a pair of shoes C.a pair of shoe
( )9.A.aren’t B.are C.can’t
( )10.A.make B.making C.to make

New York, London, Paris and other big cities are wonderful places to live in.There are many nice things to see and to do. You can go to different places of great interest, plays and films. You can also go shopping to buy things from all over the world.
But there are serious problems in big cities, too. The cost of living is high, and there are too many people in some places.
Every year many people move to the cities because there are more chances (机会) to find jobs, to study at good schools and receive good medical care (医疗保健).
But sometimes these people can’t find jobs or good places to live in .Also, too many people in a small place make it hard to keep the cities safe and clean.
Some people enjoy staying in big cities, but others do not. Before people move to a big city, they should think about the problems of staying there.
( )1.Big cities are wonderful places to live in.
( )2.You can buy many cheap(便宜的)things in cities.
( )3.Many people go to cities to find jobs.
( )4.There are too many pople in cities, so it is hard to keep the cities safe and clean.
( )5.All the people enjoy staying in big cities.
Mr.Brown is 80 years old. Every morning he goes for a walk in the park. And he comes home at twelve thirty for lunch. But today a car stops at his house. At twelve. Two policemen help him get out. One of them says to Mr.Brown’s daughter, “The old man can’t find his way in the park. He asks us to take him home by car.” The daughter thanks the policemen and leave. Then she asks her father,“Dad, you go to that park every day. But today, you can’t find the way. What’s wrong with you?” The old man smiles like a child and says, “I can find my way. I don’t want to walk home.”
( ) 1. Every morning, Mr.Brown often comes home at .
A. twelve B. eleven thirty C. twelve thirty D. twelve fifteen
( ) 2. Today Mr.Brown comes home .
A. by car B. by bike C. by bus D. on foot
( ) 3. The policeman says Mr.Brown in the park.
A. doesn’t want to walk home B. can’t find his way home
C. knows the way D. is ill.
( ) 4. Mr.Brown’s daughter thinks .
A. he wants to go home B. he wants to have lunch early
C. he doesn’t want to go to the park D. something is wrong with him
( ) 5. Mr.Brown has lunch .
A. at home B. in the car C. in the park D. at twelve


When you are in England, you must be very careful in the streets because the traffic drives on the left. Before you __1 __a street, you must look to the right first and then to the left.
In the morning and in the __2 __ when people go to or come back from work, the streets are very __3__. Traffic is the most dangerous then.
When you go by bus in England, you have to be careful, too. Always remember the traffic __4 __ on the left. So you must be careful. Have a look first, or you may go the wrong way.
In many English cities, there are big buses with two floors. You can sit on the __5__ floor. From there you can see the city very well. It’s very interesting.
1.________ 2.________ 3._______ 4.________ 5.__________

提示词:like, live in, kind, shop, take a bus, subway, school, tall

Unit 6 测试卷答案
Ⅰ. 1. B以元音开头的名词前面不定冠词用an,以辅音开头的名词单数用a
2. C there be句型的一般疑问句Be there...?
3. A put away“放好”,“收拾起来”,若宾语是代词时,则代词要放在短语中间
4. B固定短语walk along...“沿着……走”
5. A问路句型为“Which is the way to...”还可以用Where is the...?或Could you tell me the way to...?Is there a/an...?等来表达
6. C news为不可数名词,谓语用第三人称单数形式,在报纸上的内容,介词是in
7. B like doing“喜欢做……”表示爱好
8. C问频度等用How often
9. B其中your friend是第三人称单数形式,动词要加-s或-es
10. B借书用borrow,借一段时间,动词要用延续性动词keep
11. A在第几层,介词用on
12. A a tiket for...指一张……罚款单
13. C
14. C句型What’s the matter?相当于What’s wrong?均表示问“怎么了?”
15. C
Ⅱ. 1.Walk / Go straight ahead 2.take you there 3.Be careful / Take care/ Look out
4.ticket for speeding 5.traffic rules 6.get to
Ⅲ. 1.with 2.for 3.on 4.in 5.at
6.from 7.on 8.between 9.with 10.across
Ⅳ.1. aren’t any 2.Don’t put 3.quarter to 4.not 5.What kind of
Ⅴ.1. A在农场上,介词用on
2. B
3. B形容词性物主代词his,后面加名词
4. A句型Why not do...?Why don’t you do...?表示征求意见,“为何不……?”
5. B“go to do sth.”去做某事
6. A right意思是“合适的”
7. C根据上文理解,so译为“因此”
8. B a pair of shoes指“一双鞋”
9. A由上文“...and he is not happy”可以推断出正确答案。
10. A
Ⅵ. (A) T F T T F (B) 1~5 C A B D A
Ⅶ. 1.cross 2.evening 3.busy 4.moves 5.second
Some people like living in the cities. Some people enjoy living in the suburbs. And I like living in the cities. There are different kinds of shops in the cities. You can buy many things. When you go out, you can take a bus, a subway or a taxi. There are better schools in the cities than in the suburbs. The buildings in the cities are tall and nice. So I like living in the cities.

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