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Unit6 Topic1 练习题

Unit6 Topic1 练习题
Ⅰ. 词汇部分。(20分)
(A) 根据句意及首字母提示,完成句子。
1. The farmers are busy harvesting the crops in the f_____.
2. “Are you the driver of this v____, sir?”asked the policeman.
3. Televisions are a s_____ feature in most hotel rooms.
4. The airplane l_____ at the airport on time yesterday.
5. I’d like to b_____ some train tickets, please.
(B) 用方框中所给词的适当形式填空。

6. I’m sure _____ by train must be cheap.
7. Lucy gets up as _____ as her sister every morning.
8. Can the students in the back row see the blackboard ___?
9. You’d better not _____ a bus to Beijing.
10. In our country, most people are ready to do fund _____ for the poor children.
Ⅱ. 单项选择。(15分)
( ) 1. The students like to go _____ a trip _____ spring.
A. on; on B. in; on C. to; in D. on; in
( ) 2. Mr. Green lives in a _____ room on the fifth floor.
A. three-beds B. three bed
C. three-bed D. three beds
( ) 3. There are enough bananas _____ you _____ eat.
A. for; to B. of; to C. for; / D. of; /
( ) 4. Let’s _____ when the train leaves!
A. look at B. find out C. find D. look for
( ) 5. How much do you _____ a single room every night?
A. pay B. pay for C. take D. spend
( ) 6. It’s a popular ____ to raise fund in Canadian schools.
A. sport B. game C. activity D. match
( ) 7. Li Ping hardly hurt his feet in the accident, _____?
A. doesn’t he B. does he C. did he D. didn’t he
( ) 8. My teacher was _____ angry that she couldn’t say a word.
A. too B. so C. very D. quite
( ) 9. We _____ him when the principal arrives _____ Monday morning.
A. greet ; on B. greet ; in C. greet to ; on D. greet to ; in
( ) 10. — Thank you for telling me your telephone number.
— _____
A. All right. B. That’s right.
C. It’s hard to say. D. You’re welcome.
Ⅲ. 从方框中选择适当的句子完成对话。(其中有两句是多余的)(10分)

Tom: What are you going to do after leaving school?
Bill: I’m thinking about becoming a plane driver. 1
Tom: So you like traveling, don’t you?
Bill: Of course, I do. I like to visit different places, make different friends and know different things.
Tom: That sounds good. 2
Bill: What do you want to be in the future?
Tom: 3 I like to go into business and make money.
Bill: 4
Tom: You’re right. 5
Bill: Yes, I agree with you.
1. 过马路很危险。
_____ very dangerous _____ _____ the road.
2. 学好英语对你有用处。
To learn English well _____ useful _____ you.
3. 谢谢你帮助我。
_____ very kind _____ you _____ _____ me.
4. 我没有时间踢足球。
I have no time _____ _____ soccer.
5. 这是给你的一个好机会。
This is a good _____ _____ you.
Lofton (洛夫顿) is a little village not far from Manchester (曼彻斯特). Like many
1 villages near towns or cities, it’s clean and quiet. Not many families 2 there, so the people all know 3 . Most of them are friendly and helpful. Their homes are in Lofton, 4 many people have jobs in Manchester. Some work in big factories. 5 work in shops or offices. Most of these people go to work by train. It usually takes them about 6 to go from Lofton to Manchester.
In the evening a lot of people enjoy 7 TV. If they want to see a film or to listen to a concert, they 8 go to Manchester. There are no cinemas in Lofton.
Life in Lofton may not be so exciting as life in the 9 cities, but it can be just as 10 as that in them. That’s why people in Lofton love their village.
( ) 1. A. any B. others C. the other D. other
( ) 2. A. lives B. are living C. live D. lived
( ) 3. A. each another B. each other
C. other one D. the other
( ) 4. A. but B. so C. and D. because
( ) 5. A. Little B. A little C. Few D. few
( ) 6. A. a half hour B. half hour
C. half an hour D. half a hour
( ) 7. A. to watch B. watching C. watched D. watch
( ) 8. A. have to B. had to C. need D. must
( ) 9. A. more bigger B. bigger
C. bigger than other D. biger
( ) 10. A. interested B. more interesting
C. interesting D. more interested
An Englishman was showing a foreign visitor around London.“What’s that strange building?” asked the visitor.“That’s the Tower (塔) of London.”“I see. How long did it take to build it?”“About 500 years.”“In my country we can build it in a few months.”said the visitor. After they came to St. Paul’s Cathedral (大教堂), the visitor asked the same question. “Nearly forty years,”said the Englishman. “In my country we finish it in forty days at most,” said the visitor. This went on all day. They visited most of the best known buildings in the city. Every time they saw a new one, the visitor asked what it was and how long it took to build it. Then he said they could do the same thing much faster in his country. At last the Englishman got angry with the visitor though he tried not to show it. Several days later they came to the House of Parliament (议会) and the visitor asked his usual question, “What’s that?” The Englishman answered, “I have no idea. It wasn’t there last night.”
( ) 1. The Englishman showed the foreign visitor around ____ one day.
A. the Tower of London B. St. Paul’s Cathedral
C. some famous buildings in the city
D. the whole city of London
( ) 2. The visitor said that in his country it would take them ____ to build the Tower of London.
A. less than a year B. forty days
C. five hundred years D. fifty days
( ) 3. It took them a few days to see ____.
A. some of the best known buildings in England
B. several most famous places in England
C. many famous houses in the city of London
D. most of the best known buildings in London
( ) 4. The Englishman was very angry at the end of the day, but he ____.
A. didn’t want to say anything
B. tried to show it to the visitor
C. had no time to tell the visitor
D. tried not to show it to the visitor
( ) 5. The Englishman’s answer to the question of the last place showed ____.
A. he was sorry he didn’t see the building before
B. he could say nothing because he didn’t know anything
C. he was angry and didn’t want to tell the visitor its name
D. he didn’t know how to tell the visitor the name of the building
Come to Austria!
Soll is a village in the mountains in western (西部的) Austria, and the Hotel Post, opened by a local family, is clean and not expensive. From the hotel you can see the whole village, the forest and the mountains. Temperatures in summer are usually 20℃ to 25℃ in the daytime, but much cooler by the evening.
Enjoy Thailand!
When you visit Bangkok in Thailand, don’t miss the early morning river boat trip to the Floating (漂浮的) Market just outside the city. There you’ll find many kinds of fruit and vegetables. There you can pay for them when you sit in your boat. Don’t forget your hat:the sun can be strong and it may be as hot as 40℃ at noon!
Visit Hawaii (夏威夷)!
Maybe the most beautiful place in Hawaii is Kauai. You can visit its long, sandy beaches in the south and west. And there is land, mountains and forests in the north (北方), but be careful: there are many mosquitoes (蚊子). And don’t be surprised (惊讶) if it rains in the middle of the island. Daytime temperatures there are usually around 24℃ to 26℃ by the sea, and only a little cooler by late evening.
6. If you stay at the Hotel Post, you have a view (风景) of _____.
7. At the Floating Market you can buy things _____.
8. Because the sun is strong in Bangkok, you should bring _____.
9. In the north of Kauai Island there is _____.
10. The warmest place of the three is _____.
VII. 书面表达。(10分)

Unit 6 Topic 1 答案

Ⅰ.(A)1.field 2.vehicle 3.standard 4.landed 5.book
(B) 6.to travel 7.early 8.clearly 9.take 10.raising
Ⅱ.1~5 DCABB 6~10 CCBAD
Ⅳ. 1.It’s; to cross 2.is; to 3.It’s; of; to help 4.to play
5.chance for
Ⅴ.1~5 DCBAC 6~10 CBABC
Ⅵ. (A)1~5 CADDC
(B) 6.the whole village, the forest and the mountains
7.in your boat 8.your hat
9.land, mountains, forests and many mosquitoes
10.Bangkok in Thailand
My friend Li Hua will visit me on May Day. During the following days I will show him around the city. We are going to the Beijing Museum on the morning of May 2. I think we can learn much about the history of Beijing. In the afternoon we will climb Mount Yan and the Great Wall. It is really great fun!In the evening I will take Li Hua to the night zoo in Beijing. It is interesting to see animals at night. Next day we are going to the bookshops to buy books. We may be very tired in the two days, but we will enjoy ourselves very much.

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