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八年级新湘教版下 Unit7 Topic 3 Section B教案

八年级新湘教版下 Unit7 Topic 3 Section B教案
Section B needs 1 period. Section B需用1课时。
The main activity is 1a. 本课重点活动是1a。
Ⅰ.Aims and demands 目标要求
1. Learn some new words and phrase:
main course, salad, Coke, lemonade
2. Go on learning to order and offer food and drinks.
Could I order a meal by phone?
We’ll send the food to you in twenty minutes.
Can I have the menu, please?
What would you like for the main course/ dessert?
3. Learn how to make a menu.
4. Social Communications
See you./See you soon.
How much would you like?
(3)Having meals
Just a little, please.
Ⅱ.Teaching aids 教具
Ⅲ.Five-finger Teaching Plan 五指教学方案
Step 1 Review 第一步 复习(时间: 12分钟)
1. (检查上节课作业,组织学生互评,教师选若干份给予点评。)
T: Look! This one is very beautiful! /Good job! /Well done! /Excellent! /I like it very much! /That’s interesting! …
2. (由作业中的“食物分类”导入新单词。)
T: I’ll show you some charts about the foods./Look at the screen.
(竞赛: 分组到黑板上写出食物分类表,组员可以补充,看看哪个组先写得最多、最完整。)
T: Please read the words.
T: We’ve learned many kinds of foods.
T: Now let’s play a game: I“build”many“houses”. Can you take the“babies”home?
tofu, main course, staple, salad, Coke, lemonade
T: Good, all the“babies”are at home now. Do you remember their “houses”? Let’s read them together.
Ss: Yes.
T: Let’s classify the vocabulary about foods and drinks, and then fill in the form below.
汤 tofu
Main courses
甜点 Salad
饮料 Coke, lemonade
Step 2 Presentation 第二步 呈现(时间: 8分钟)
T: Let’s talk about the food festival. Mr. and Mrs. Yang came to the food festival. They enjoyed themselves. However, Mr. Zhao is busy. He can’t come to the food festival. But he wants to order some food in the food festival. What should he do?
Ss: By phone.
T: Right. Please listen to 1a, and find out what he wants to order by phone.
Ss: He’d like fried rice, roast chicken and beef curry.
T: Good! Read 1a and tell me how to order and offer food by phone. Then find out the key
Could I order a meal by phone?
What would you like?
I can e-mail you one.
We’ll send the food to you in twenty minutes.
T: Now please practice in pairs. Make a new dialog with your partner, and the menu below may help you.
Step 3 Consolidation 第三步 巩固(时间: 4分钟)
1. (通过练听力的形式来复习菜单中的食品名称。)
T: Go through the“menu”on the book. Circle the words you hear. Ready? Go!
2. (两人一组练习1a,然后表演。)
T: Practice 1a in pairs. Then act it out.
Step 4 Practice 第四步 练习(时间: 14分钟)
1. (将学生分成4人一组,讨论本节课中食物和饮料的词汇。用自己最喜欢的食物和饮料完
T: Let’s divide the class into groups of four, discuss the vocabulary of foods and drinks in this
section, and then complete the form in 1b with your favorite foods and drinks.
2. (让学生朗读1b的两个例子,学习用菜单点菜,并让学生组织对话并表演。)
T: Please read the two examples in 1b and learn how to order dishes with a menu.
T: Quite good! Now let’s learn more about ordering and offering food.
Can I have the menu, please?
What would you like to eat/drink?
What would you like for the main course/ dessert?
How much would you like?
Just a little, please.
T: Please practice in pairs imitating the example in 1b then act it out in the front.
3. (让学生模仿1a的菜单,自己制作有特色的菜单,完成1c。)
T: Try to make your own special menu according to the menu in 1a, finish 1c.
4. (采用服务员与顾客对话的形式归纳复习就餐用语。)
T: Well done! Everyone has his favorite food. When you eat out, do you know how to order the food? Let’s ask some students to have a try.
S1: Welcome to our restaurant. This way, please!
S2: Thank you!
S1: May I take your order?
S2: I’d like some fried rice, vegetable soup and fried chicken.
S1: Anything to drink?
S2: Some Coke, please.
S1: Help yourself !
S2: Thanks.
(a moment later)
S2: May I have the bill?
S1: It’s¥40.8.
S2: Here you are.
S1: Here’s your change. Thanks for coming.
5. (看2图,设置听力任务。)
T: Look at the picture of 2. Two girls are talking about what food they will prepare for the party. Can you guess what they want to prepare?
Ss: I think they will prepare noodles, ice cream, …
T: Maybe you are right. Now listen to 2. And check your answers.
T: What will they prepare? Can you tell me?
Ss: Yes. They will prepare fried rice, fish curry, …
Step 5 Project 第五步 综合探究活动(时间: 7分钟)
1. (假设学生自己是一家餐馆的老板,要求学生为自己的餐馆设计一份菜单。)
T: We’ve learned many kinds of foods. Suppose you were the boss of a restaurant, please make a menu for your restaurant. You can do it with the help of the menu on page 71.



2. (让学生复习1a电话订餐句型,并表演餐馆点菜的对话。)
T: I’ll ask some guests to order their meals in your restaurant by phone. Can you satisfy your guests? OK! Who’ll try?
3. Homework:
(根据Topic 3,Section B所学内容,想象并描述“美食节”发生的过程和结果。为Section C做准备。)

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