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八年级新湘教版下 Unit7 Topic 3 Section C教案

八年级新湘教版下 Unit7 Topic 3 Section C教案
Section C needs 1 period. Section C需用1课时。
The main activities are 1 and 3a. 本课重点活动是1和3a。
Ⅰ.Aims and demands 目标要求
1. Learn some new words:
worth, effort
2. Learn comparative and superlative forms of adverbs.
Maria cooked very carefully.
Jane cooked more carefully.
I cooked the most carefully.
3. Talk about the correct ways to eat different food.
fried noodles —— chopsticks
tofu soup —— spoon
Ⅱ.Teaching aids 教具
录音机/小黑板/挂图(Page 69图片)/多媒体课件
Ⅲ.Five-finger Teaching Plan 五指教学方案
Step 1 Review 第一步 复习(时间: 12分钟)
1. (检查上节课作业,由作业“Tell something about the food festival.”导入1和3a内容,呈现副词的比较等级。导入时,先让学生根据自己的想象和作业内容描绘“美食节”,然后用问题形式引导学生完善描述,从而引出本课目标语言。)
T: Boys and girls, check your homework, please.
T: S1, would you like to tell something about the food festival to our class? / would you please…?/ can you try …?
S1: …
T: OK, excellent. And who can try? / Anyone else?
2. (教师可以利用以下问题来引导学生进一步思考,完善描述,同时便于导入本课目标语
T: Please answer the questions.
How did the food festival go?
Were the results worth the effort?
Who did the students invite?
Did the parents and teachers like the food?
Who cooked carefully?
Who cooked more carefully?
Who cooked the most carefully?
What food and drink did they sell?
Were they happy?
How did the students work?
How much did they make?
T: Please think over these questions above, and discuss in groups. I’ll ask some of you to answer later. You may look at the picture on page 69.
Step 2 Presentation 第二步 呈现(时间: 6分钟)
1. (再次使用第一步复习中小黑板上的问题,引导学生理解课文,获取正确信息,检查学习效果。)
T: Just now, we talked about the food festival. Now, read the e-mail which Li Weikang sent to Daniel in 1. In the e-mail, Li Weikang described the scene very carefully. Read it carefully and answer the questions.
T: What’s Daniel’s e-mail address?
Ss: Daniel @ hotmail. com.
2. (读1,然后完成下面的表格。)
T: Do you know the results of the First Ren’ai International Food Festival? Here is an e-mail from Li Weikang to Daniel. Read it carefully, and you’ll know the results. After reading it, fill out the form.
Name Quantity of sold-out food Attitude
Maria 35 dishes of beef curry Very carefully
Li Weikang
Step 3 Consolidation 第三步 巩固(时间: 6分钟)
1. (完成2。让学生先看题目,以降低难度。)
T: Now, let’s look at 2. First read the sentences in one minute. Then listen to 2 and fill in the blanks.
T: OK, let’s check the answers.
1. four 2. a glass of lemonade 3. a big glass of milk
4. sandwiches, sausages, a bottle of beer
2. (让学生再听对话2。)
T: Listen to 2 again. Make up a similar dialog according to the dialog in 2. Work in groups.
3. (请一组或两组来表演。)
T: Who can try? Act out the dialog in the front.
Step 4 Practice 第四步 练习(时间: 10分钟)
1. (学习3a。)
T: Listen to 3a and answer the questions.
What did Mina make for the food festival?
How did they have them?
T: Let’s check the answers together.
T: Please read after the tape twice.
T: Practice in pairs, please.
T: Let’s welcome Pair A and Pair B!
2. (学习3b。)
T: Now, let’s match the food with the correct way to eat it.
T: Please make a conversation about eating. Practice in pairs like this:
S1: How do you eat steak?
S2: I use knife and fork.
S1: How do you eat fried chicken?
S2: I use my hands.
3. (学习完成4。)
T: Look at 4, and fill in the blanks, please.
T: Practice in pairs after the example.
S3: Maria cuts the meat finely.
S4: Michael cuts the meat more finely than she / her.
S5: Kangkang cuts (the) most finely.

Step 5 Project 第五步 综合探究活动(时间: 11分钟)
1. (讲故事比赛。尽量用上1,3b和4中所学内容,给学生两分钟准备。)
T: Say something about the food festival, especially the scene / the picture on page 69, using the words and expressions in 1, 3b and 4 as many as possible. Practice in groups.
2. (开展竞赛。每组推荐一名选手讲关于美食节的故事,学生掌声的响亮程度决定名次,将得分记入各小组。)
T: Let’s have a competition about the food festival. Each group can have a chance.
Groups 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
3. Homework:
Organize your friends to hold a food festival.

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