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笔试部分 (120分)
Ⅰ. 单选。(20%)
31. The young ______ is learning to ______ this dish. Look! He is putting a pan on the ______.
A. cooker, cook, cook B.cooker, cooking, cooker C. cook, cook, cooker D.cook, cooking, cooker
32. The Chinese Tang costume is made_______ silk. The newspaper is made ______ paper.
A. in; of B. of; of C. from; of D. of; from
33. Could you tell me______?
A. if light traveled faster than sound B. if light travels faster than sound
C. if did light travel faster than sound D. if does light travel faster than sound
34. . We use clothes to______ourselves______the bad weather.
A. protect…in B. protect…from C. protect…to D. protect…of
35. Mr. Lee asked the students to stop______and______to him.
A. to talk; listen B. talk; listen C. talking; listening D. talking; to listen
36. To keep our classroom clean, please ________ waste paper whenever you see it.
A. take up B. pick up C. put up D. send up
37. ---- How is the weather tomorrow?
---- I don’t know if ______ tomorrow.
---- Well, if it ______ tomorrow, I won’t go out with you.
A. will rain; will rain B. will rain; is raining C. rains; will rain D. will rain; rains
38. There is a table ______ three the re. Please sit there.
A. in B. to C. for D. with
39. I hope all of you can enjoy _______ at the food festival.
A. you B. yourself C. your D. yourselves
40. Let’s wish the students ________.
A. success B.successful C. succeed D. successfully
41. He is _________ a good teacher _________ a good father.
A. too, to B. not only, but also C. not as, as D. not, and
42. Of the two students, Jim is _________ one. But he runs _________ in the class.
A. the tallest; slowliest B. the tallest; most slowly C. taller; slowliest D. the taller; most slowly
43. I don’t know _______ or not it rains.
A. if B. weather C. whether D. how
44. Look! ______________.
A. Here comes a bus B. The bus comes C. The bus comes to here D. Here a bus comes.
45. Not only you but also Kate ______ good at swimming.
A. are B. have C. is D. has
46. _______ do you wear? I wear size medium.
A. What B. What size C. How big D. How size
47. ________ you work , the more you can harvest .
A. Hard B. Harder C. The harder D. The hardest
48. ---- Anything else? ---- ___________.
A. No, that’s all. B. No, some pies. C. Sure, that’s all. D. OK, I’m full.
49. I was ___ tired ___ I couldn’t go on any longer.
A. too…to B. so…that C. such… that D. as…as
50. It’s impolite ___ in Cuba.
A. eat noisy B. eating noisy C. to eat noisily D. eating noisily
It is well known that the English go out with an umbrella or a raincoat. Why?
51 the weather in Britain often changes quickly. It is not very usual for the same kind of weather to 52 long. Spring may be rainy or windy, so you can hope more 53 days. In fact, there 54 as much sunshine in spring as in summer. Summer is 55 time for visitors to go to the seaside and other places of interest. The weather will be sunny and nice. People often go out to have a walk or swim. Fall is a beautiful season 56 trees in the woods and parks changing color. During fall it is still nice to be outside, too. In winter, it gets colder. It might snow, especially on high land and in the north. There are 57 very high winds in this season. January and February are the coldest 58 of the year, while the warmest 59 often July and August. The difference 60 temperature between winter and summer is not so great, winter is about 45℃, and for summer about 15.5 ℃.
51. A. For B. As C. Because D. So
52. A. make B. keep C. change D. take
53. A. rainy B. windy C. sunny D. foggy
54. A. can B. can be C. have D. can have
55. A. the earliest B. the hottest C. the worst D. the best
56. A. with B. like C. without D. from
57. A. also B. too C. either D. as well
58. A. seasons B. monthes C. months D. mouths
59. A. is B. are C. was D. were
60. A. for B. on C. by D. in
Ⅲ。 阅读。(15%)
A good way to pass an exam is to work hard everyday in the year. You may fail in an exam if you are lazy for most of the year and then work hard only a few days before the exam.
Do not remember only grammar(语法) when you are learning English. Try to read stories in English and speak in English as often as you can. A few days before the exam you should go to bed early. Do not study late at night. Before you start the exam, read carefully over the exam paper. Try to understand the exact(确切的) meaning of each question before you pick up your pen to write. When you have at last finished your exam, read your answers again. Correct(改正) the mistakes if there are any and make sure you have not missed anything out.
61. If you want to do well in an exam, you must _____________.
A. work hard everyday in the year B. study hard a few days before the exam
C. get up early a few days before the exam D. keep doing your homework day and night
62. It is _________ to go to bed late at night before the exam.
A. useful B. not helpful C. important D. difficult
63. Do your best to get the meaning of each question ___________.
A. after you write down your answers B. before you write down your answers
C. as soon as you write down your answers D. while you are writing down your answers
64. In the last sentence “miss...out” means “ __________”.
A. think it hard B. be important enough C. be wrong D. forget to answer
65. If you want to learn English well, you must __________.
A. try to read as many English stories as you can B. learn grammar well
C. try to speak in English as much as possible D. A, B and C
Easter(复活节) is one of the two important Christian festivals. Easter celebrates resurrection (复活) of Jesus Christ (耶稣基督) and Christmas celebrates his birth. It’s not a festival as big as Christmas. It starts usually in late March or early April and the Easter holiday is Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. It’s quite a long holiday for everybody. The main symbol of Easter is Easter eggs. Children like Easter eggs because they are made of chocolate. Eggs are a symbol of new life. Easter is also a time for families to get together like Christmas. Many people see Easter as a nice long holiday and they have a good time with their families and friends.
66. People love Easter because ________________.
A. it’s a long holiday B. it’s the birthday of Jesus Christ
C. they can have real eggs on that day D. everyday believes in Jesus Christ
67. Which of the sentences is not true?
A. Easter is one of the most important festivals in western countries.
B. Easter is a day that everyday gets his resurrection.
C. Easter is a religious (宗教) festival. D. Most people love Easter.
68. People begin to celebrate Easter in ____________________.
A. mid-April or late April B. mid-March or late March
C. late March or early April D. early March of mid-March
69. Easter eggs are _______________.
A. covered by chocolate B. chocolate eggs C. a symbol of death D. not food
70. From the passage, we know that _____________.
A. Jesus Christ died on Christmas Day B. Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day
C. Jesus Christ was born on Easter D. Jesus Christ died and got his resurrection on Christmas Day
I have always heard that walking under a ladder brings bad luck, but I’ve never thought so. I have walked under ladders many times, but I have never met anything bad before. It’s the same with black cats. People say if a black cat crosses before you, it means bad luck. I have never thought that until this afternoon. But ever since I heard my student Sam’s story, I’ve begun thinking about whether it was true.
This afternoon, Sam was walking down the street thinking about something, so he wasn’t paying attention to where he was going. He walked right under a ladder standing against a building. A black cat ran out of a door just at that moment, and Sam fell over it. His head hit the ladder. A man washing the window was at the top of that ladder and the dirty water went down through the air. Poor Sam! He got wet all over.
71. At first, the writer believed that walking under a ladder would bring bad luck.
72. A black cat crossing will bring you good luck when you are walking.
73. That afternoon, the writer’s son Sam was walking down the street thinking about something.
74. There was a man washing the window near the door.
75. Sam had bad luck that afternoon.

Maria: Jane, which season do you like best in a year? (B)
Jane: 1 .
Maria: Why?
Jane: 2 .
Maria: Yes, I think so. 3 .
Jane: Yeah! 4 .
Maria: Fall is my favorite season.
Jane: Why?
Maria: 5 .
( B ) (其中有一项是多余的)。(5%)
A: 6 .
B: Oh, It’s sandwich with butter and pear. It’s really delicious. 7 .
A: Well, first you take two pieces of bread and then spread butter on them. Next, cut up a pear into small slices and put them on one of the pieces of bread. 8 . Finally put the other piece of bread on top.
B: 9 .
A: Don’t worry. If you are interested in it . I can teach you .
B: 10 .
Class ________ No. _____ Name _________ Marks _______
客观题 (75%)
主观题 (75%)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Ⅱ. 任务型阅读。(5%)

English Name: Lee Young Ah
Blood Type: AB
Birthplace: Seoul (汉城)
Birthday: January 31st, 1971
Zodiac Sign(星座): Aquarius (水瓶座)
Hobbies: singing, swimming, riding and playing
Motto(座右铭): Never stop to go on
Lee Young Ah, an actress of Korea, has been well-known for the TV play Da Chang Jin. Her name is also popular on the Internet now. Lee Young Ah is 34 years old now, however, she still looks beautiful. Because of Da Chang Jin, she won the first prize of performing skill, and climbed the peak of the performance career. All the media started to pay attention to her. As the play Da Chang Jin introduce the famous diet culture of Korea, her name Lee Young Ah has become a symbol of this culture recently.
1. It is well known that Lee Young Ah come from ___________.
2. Lee Young Ah is the leading role of _____________.
3. — Does Lee Young ah like swimming? — _________________.
4. The TV play tells the audiences __________________ of Korea.
5. Lee Young Ah first appeared (出现) on television in 1993. She was _________ years old then.
Ⅲ. 用所给词的适当形式填空。(10%)
1. Please cut the _________ (cook) meat into small pieces.
2. Please remember ___________ (not drink) too much.
3. It’s _________ (polite) to speak loudly at the table in western countries.
4. What about making ________ (fry) rice for the festival?
5. He is __________ (satisfy) with his son.
6. He felt very _______ (hunger), so he ate up all the food on the plate.
7. Let’s try our best to make the food festival _________ (success).
8. ____________ (Australia) speak English.
9. How ____________ (surprise)! He won the first prize.
10. The book is worth __________ (read) for children.
Ⅳ. 翻译。(15%)
1. He works hard ______ _______ _______ go to Beijing University. (为了)
2. _______ _______ ________ ________ of China, people eat rice a lot. (在……南方)
3. Is it polite to _________ chopsticks ______ people in China? (用……指……)
4. Many different delicious foods are ______ ________. (上市)
5. Could I _______(订购)a meal _______(通过)phone?
6. What people wear __________ _________ their likes and dislikes. (取决于)
7. The phone rang and I _______ it _______. (拿起)
8. Let’s make the child’s dream ________ _________. (实现)
9. As soon as he walked in, a scarf _________ _______ ________.(惹人注目)
10. May I __________ __________ __________? (付帐)
11. When he _________ _______ (为……干杯)somebody in western countries, he’ll know about western ________ _________.(餐桌礼节)
12. You should keep the fork _______ your right hand.(用)
Ⅴ. 用所给的词,看图写话(10%)

1 2 3
4 5
1. best way, raise money________________________________________________________________
2. go on, the museum__________________________________________________________________
3. afraid ____________________________________________________________________________
3. easy, fried rice _____________________________________________________________________
5. use, eat ___________________________________________________________________________
Ⅶ. 用所给词的适当形式完成下面短文,其中有两项是多余的。(10%)
end, ready, three, fish, surprise, quiet, buy, go, pull, another, speak, good
One afternoon after supper, Mr. Turner ________ out for a walk at the side of a river. He saw a fisherman _________ on the bank of the river. So he stopped to watch him ________.
After a few minutes, the fisherman _________ his line out. There was a big fat fish at the ________ of it. The fisherman took it off the hook(鱼钩)and threw it back into the river. Then he put his hook and line in again. After a few minutes, he caught _______ big fish. Again he threw it back into the river. Then, the ________ time, he caught a small fish. He put it into his basket and started to get ________ to go home.
Mr. Turner was very __________, so he _________ to the fisherman. He said, “Why did you throw those beautiful, big fish back into the river, and keep only that small one?” The fisherman looked at Mr. Turner and answered, “ Because my pan is too small.”
Ⅵ. 作文(15分)
A. 康康想要邀请王叔叔参加6月15日星期天上午8:45在他学校操场上举办的美食节,美食节上将出售各种美食以集资给中国西部的贫困儿童。请以KangKang的名义写一张请贴(invitation)给Uncle Wang (约30字,5%)

B. 健康对每个人都很重要,请以“How to keep healthy”为题,写一篇如何保持健康的作文。内容包含要点:健康饮食,多做锻炼,注意休息,保持愉快的心境等,用上first, second, then, finally 等词。(80词左右,10%)

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