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Unit 7单元测试卷

Unit 7单元测试卷

()1. Now please put some oil in the pan and fry the meat ___________.
A. gentle B. careful C. finely D. lightly
2. Wait a moment, please. It __ about five minutes to prepare your dishes.
A. Spends B. costs C. will pay D. will take
3. The Beijing roast duck smells ________.
A. bright B. badly C. nice D. well
( )4. What do you think ________?
A. we should do B. should we do C. we should go D. should we go
( )5. I don’t know _____ I am free this afternoon.
A. that B. if C. what D. which
( )6.— Anything else?
A. No, that’s all. B. No, some pies. C. sure, that all.
D.Ok, I’m full.
( )7. I’m very _______ with what ________ at the meeting.
A. pleased; he said B. pleased; will he say
C. Pleasant; he will say D. pleasant; he spoke
( )8. Jane studies Chinese ________.
A. enough careful B. enough carefully
C. careful enough D. carefully enough
( )9. My uncle often teach me _________ kind to others.
A. be B. to am C. to be D. become
( )10. A good breakfast ________ the body strong.
A. lets B. has C. keeps D. wants
( )11. He has two sons. One is a teacher. _______ is a doctor.
A. Other B. The other C. Another D. Others
( )12. He walks as ________ as an old man.
A. slow B. slower C. slowlier D. slowly
( )13. Could you tell me _______ the Internet?
A. how to search B. how search
C. how can I search D. how searching
)14. There is a table _______ two over there.
A. to B. at C. for D. in
( )15. Is it polite ________ noisily or quietly?
A. eat B. to eat C. eats D. eating
16. When we are in trouble , we need to _____ others .
A. turn to B. turn on C. turn on D. turn up
17. All the students are pleased ______ that they will have a long vocation.
A. come true B. to come true C. comes true D. coming true
18. – I can’t stay here for a long time , because I have something to do . -- _______.
A. That’s right . B. I’m sorry C. I’m glad to heat that D. It’s a pity.
19. Will you please _____ me to clean the classroom ? I’m afraid of I can’t do it by myself.
A. help B. to help C. helps D. helping
20. Miss Cheng is a helpful girl. She always helps _____.
A. other B. another C. the other D. others
21. it’s very kind _____ you to help the old in need .
A. to B. of C. for D. with
22. Some children like eating a kind of sandwich ____ butter and fruit.
A. and B. in C. of D. with
23. _____ you are , _______ mistakes you will make in the exam.
A. The more carefully; the fewer B. The more careless; the fewer
C. The more careful; the fewer D. The more careless; the less
24. – I’ll travel abroad with my parents for my holiday.
-- I ____ you to have a good time.
A . hope B. wish C. think D. believe
25. it isn’t worth______ him . He is always late.
A. wait for B. waiting for C. to wait for D. waits for
26. Not only my teachers but also my best friend _____ my with my lessons.
A. helps B. helping C. to help D. help
27. _____ Helen ____ Joan speaks Chinese since They came to China.
A. Neither; nor B. Not only; but also
C. Both; and D. A and B

A: Hi Lily! Did you go to the concert last night?
B: Yes, 1
A: 2
B: Wonderful. many famous singers sang at the concert. 3
A: What does it mean?
B: 4 You know many children in the world don’t have enough food.
A: 5
B: I think people all over the world should help them.
A: That’s right!
a. That’s true.
b. How did you like it?
c. The concert ended at 10∶00 p.m.
d. I went there with my parents.
e. How did you go there?
f. It was called“saving the children”.
g. The concert was for collecting money for poor children.
1.________ 2._________ 3. ________ 4._________ 5. _________
1. It takes us about three hours to fly there.(对划线部分提问)
________ _________ does it take ________ to fly there?
2. Maria wanted to know. Who likes cheese pies best?(连成一句)
3. I am proud of you.(同义句)
You are _______ ________.
4. Cut up a pear into small slices.(否定句)
_______ ________up a pear into small slices.
5. I’d like so me Chinese fried rice.
______ _______ _______ some Chinese fried rice?
1. He asked me how I ________ (make) the sausage.
2. I think the children ________(get) ready for their food festival wow.
3. Let me tell you something about _______ (I).
4. Cut the bread into two ______ (half).
5. It ______ (say) you have a sweet tooth.
Do you know when and how “sandwich” came into use? 
The word“sandwich” is an English word. Sandwich was an English 1 . He lived in England about two hundred years ago. Sandwich had a lot of 2 . But he liked 3 cards for money. He often played 4 day and all night. 5 day he played twenty four hours without stopping. He did not 6 the card table to eat. He asked his servant (仆人) to 7 him some meat and 8 . He 9 the meat in the bread and ate them. He did not want to stop playing cards. From the name of this man, Sandwich we have the word“sandwich” 10 Isn’t it fun?
( )1.A.woman B. man C. place D. book
( )2.A.money B. food C. bread D. cards
( )3.A.making B. keeping C. playing D. selling
( )4.A.eveny B. only C. one D. all
( )5.A.one B. some C. Next D. This
( )6.A.hold B. leave C. show D. put
( )7.A.use B. take C. bring D. throw
( )8.A.milk B. tea C. fruit D. bread
( )9.A.put B. took C. brought D. held
( )10.A.tomorrow B. yesterday C. today D. this year
Mrs. Black has two children, one is a boy, the other is a girl. The boy’s name is Tony, and the girl’s name is Tina. One day Mrs. Black wanted to go shopping in the city. No one could look after the two little children, so she took them to their aunt’s house, and then she went shopping.
The children played for half an hour. Their aunt brought two apples to them. One is big, and the other is small. She looked at Tony and asked, “Could you tell me your age?”“Of course. I’m six, and my sister is five.”“Oh, good. Here are two apples. One is for you, the other is for your sister, but remember you should do it like a gentleman.”
“Like a gentleman?” Tony said to himself, “What should I do?”
“You should give the bigger one to others.” his aunt answered. And then she left.
Tony stood there, thinking for a few minutes. Then he gave the two apples to his sister, a five-year-old girl, and said to her with a smile, “These two apples are for us two. Now do it like a gentleman. Do you know how a gentleman should do? He always gives the bigger one to others. Do you understand? Now which one do you want to give me? You should give the bigger one to me, because I’m older and I’m very hungry. I think you will do that. Am I right?”
Read the passage and choose the best answers.(阅读短文,选择最佳答案。)
( )1. Mrs. Black took her children to their aunt’s home, ______________.
A. and then she went shopping in the city
B. and then she went shopping with her sister
C. and then she went to the kitchen
D. and then she went shopping in town
( )2.Who looked after the two children?
A. Their mother. B. Their aunt.
C. Their father. D. Themselves.
( )3. How many apples were there for Tony and Tina?
A. One. B. Four. C. Three. D.Two.
( )4. A gentleman always think about ______________ first.
A. other people B. himself C. his sister D. his parents
( )5. Tony __________________________________.
A. gave a bigger apple to his sister
B. did like a gentleman
C. didn’t want to do it like a gentleman
D. thought about his aunt first

American Food Habits
Most Americans eat quickly during the day—that is, breakfast and lunch—unless it is a social, business, or family ①occasion. The evening meal, however, is usually ②leisurely and a family time. ③Racing through daytime meals is part of the“ American pace” of life, for working time ④is considered ⑤precious. There is also another reason, that others in public eating places are waiting for you to finish, so that they can be served and get back to work within the ⑥allotted time .Each one hurries to make room for the next person.
1. occasion 场合
2. leisurely 悠闲的
3. racing through daytime meals 白天吃饭速度快
4. be considered 被认为
5. precious 珍贵的
6. allotted time 规定的吃饭时间
Read the passage and mark (T) for true and (F) for false.
( ) 1. Most Americans eat quickly at breakfast and lunch.
( ) 2. Americans eat the evening meat leisurely.
( ) 3. In America, working time isn’t considered precious.
( ) 4. The people in America hope to finish eating quickly and get back to work within the allotted time.
( ) 5. Each one hurries to make room for himself.

An important question about eating out is who pays for the meal. If a friend of yours asks you to have lunch with him, you may say something like this. I’m afraid It’ll have to be some place cheap, as I have very little money. The other person may say,“ OK. I’ll meet you at McDonald’s.”
This means that the two agree to go Dutch, that is, each person pays for himself. He may also say, “Oh, no. I want to take you to lunch at Smith’s,” or “I want you to try the Chinese dumplings there. They’re great.” This means the person wants to pay for both of you. If you feel friendly toward this person, you can go with him and you needn’t pay for the meal. You may just say, “Thank you. That would be very nice.”
American customs (风俗) about who pays for dates (约会) are much the same as in other parts of the world. In the old days, American women wanted men to pay for all the meals. But, today, a university girl or a woman in business world will usually pay her way during the day. If a man asks her for a dance outside the working hours, it means. “come, as my guest (客人).” So as you can see, it is a polite thing to make the question clear at the very beginning.
( )1. The passage tells us __________________.
A. how to eat out B. where to eat out
C. what to eat out D. who pays for the meal
( )2.If you have little money, ____________.
A. you’ll have a cheap meal
B. you’ll borrow some from others
C. you’ll ask your friend to pay for your meal
D. you won’t want you friends to ask you to dinner
( )3.“go Dutch” in this passage means __________ in Chinese.
A.去饭馆 B.就餐 C.订餐 D.各自付款
( )4.Sometimes your friend takes you to lunch. It means _______________.
A. he’s going to lend some money to you
B. he’s going to pay for your meal, too
C. he’ll be angry with you
D. he can’t understand you
( )5.In America, some girls and women __________ now.
A. ask men to pay for their meals
B. try to pay for the men’s meals
C. try to pay for their own meals
D. never have anything outside
The Chinese New Year is called the Spring Festival.


1. They eat with right hand. No need for fork or spoon in India.
2. “Lady first”is polite in England.
3. What’s your favorite food? It’s roast duck.
4. Look! She is having an ice cream.
5. — Maria, would you like some bananas?
— Yes, please.
1. W: Can I help you?
M: Yes, How much are the apples?
W: They’re 6 yuan a kilo.
M: Oh! That’s cheap. I’ll take two kilos, please.
2. M: Do you like monkeys. Lisa?
W: Yes, of course. THEY ARE SO CLEUER. In fact. I like many kinds of animals. Such as pandas, elephants and cats. But my favorite is dogs.
3. A: What are you making for the Food Festival, Tom?
B: I am making fish curry and bread.
4. A: What kind of drink do you prefer? Milk or coffee?
I like a glass of milk with coffee.
5. A: Jim, Let’s try some sausages. OK?
B: That’s a good idea.
Ⅲ. 1. A: Will you please tell me something about yourself and your village school?
B: Sure. But I’m busy now. I’ll send you an e-mail soon.
2. A: Hello! No. I middle school.
B: Hello! Extension eight six six eight, please.
3. A: What about buying a sandwich for him?
B: That would be very nice.
4. A: What should I do when I drink to somebody?
B: You should raise your glass and take only asip.
5. A: I don’t think I can eat that very neatly!
B: Well, you can use a spoon or a fork to eat the curry.

答 案
Ⅰ.1~5 A C C A A
Ⅱ.1~5 B B C C B
Ⅲ.1. an e-mail soon 2. Hold the line, please
3. That would be very nice 4. drink to somebody
5. I can eat that very neatly
Ⅰ. A) 1.carefully 2. gentlemen 3. organize 4. proud
B) 1. kind-hearted 2. make money 3.do our best 4. for inviting 5. to obey
Ⅱ. 1. D 副词lightly修饰fry意思是轻轻的。
2. D “It takes sometime to do sth”这一句型
3.C smell是用nice来修饰,表示好香,好吃
4. A What do you think 后面接陈述句语序。
5. B if有是否的意思。
6. A 固定搭配,表示“不要了,够了”
7. A “be pleases with”固定词组,“what he said”是陈述句语序
8. D 动词应由副词修饰,所以用carefully;修饰副词,enough应放在副词后面
9. C kind形容词前用be动词,teach后面带的河不定式
10. C 保持身体强壮
11. B one… the other 两者中的另外一个
12. D as… as 之间用平级。
13. A “how to…”=“how I can go to…”
14. C 介词for含有“供、为”的意思,表目的
15. B 句中it为形式主语to eat才是真正的主语
Ⅲ.1~5 d b f g a
Ⅳ.1. How long; you 2. Maria wanted to know who liked cheese pies best.
3. My pride 4. Don’t cat 5. Would you like
Ⅴ. 1. made 2. are getting 3. myself 4. halves 5. says
Ⅵ.1. B 从下一句便可知,Sannioh是一个男人
2.A 从下文内容读到他家有仆人,可知他很有钱。
3.C “打纸牌”用“play cards”表达
4.D 根据下文和句子结构,应选用all
5. A “有一天”用“One day”
6. B 按下文提示,他来离开cleave纸牌桌
7.C 从某处“拿来”用all
8. B 据下文,应选bread
9. A “把……放……中”用“put… in…”词组
10.C 据主句中的“have”放选用today
Ⅶ.(A) 1~5 A B D A C
(B) 1~5 T T F T F
(C) 1~5 D A D B C
Ⅷ. The Chinese New Year is called the Spring Festival. It usually comes in late January or February. Before the Spring Festival people usually give their houses a big cleaning and buy new clothes for children. On the last day of the old year there is a big family dinner. All the family go out to visit their relatives and friends on the first day of the new year. People have a very good time in the Spring Festival.

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