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Unit 8 Beautiful Clothes
Topic 1 What a nice coat !
belt腰带 blouse宽松的上衣 boots 靴子 cap 帽子
coat外套 dress套裙 gloves手套 hat 帽子
jacket夹克 jeans牛仔裤 pants裤子 raincoat雨衣
scarf围巾 shirt衬衣 shoes鞋子 shorts 短裤
skirt裙子 socks 短袜 stockings长袜 suit套服
sweater毛衣 tie领带
briefcase公文包 purse钱包 umbrella雨伞 wallet 皮夹
small小号 medium 中号 large 大号 extra large特大号
1.on the first floor 在一楼
2.get…from… 从……中得到……
3.shopping center 购物中心
4.catch one's eye 吸引某人的注意
5.go with… 与……相配
6.on special days 在特殊的日子
7.in fact 事实上,实际上
8.thanksgiving Day 感恩节
9.depend on 依靠,依赖,相信
10.It's said that 据说
11.Santa Claus 圣诞老人
12.the same…as… 与……一样
13.protect…from… 保护……使不受……
14.as well as 也,还
15.be made of/from 由……制成
1.what's it made of 它是由什么做成的
be made of意为"由……制成"(看出原料),类似结构的短语还有
be made from"由……制成"(看不出原料)
be made in "某物生产于某地"
be made up of"由……组成"
be made into"把……作成某产品"如:
The table is made of wood.这张桌子是木头制成的.
Paper is made from wood.纸是木材做成的.
The TV set is made in Japan.这台电视机是日本产的.
The medical team is made up of ten doctors.这支医疗队由十位大夫组成.
Bamboo can be made into walking sticks and fishing rods.
2.The weather is getting warmer and warmer.天气变得越来越暖和了.
The little tree is getting taller and taller.那棵小树越来越高了.
对于多音节的形容词或副词则这样表达more and more+adj/adv.如:
The girl becomes more and more beautiful.
3.We can get cotton from plants and get wool,silk and leather from animals.
get sth .from/sth./sb.从某事或某人处获得某物.
4.A…caught her eye.一个……引起了她的注意.如:catch one's eye 意为"吸引某人的注意"如:
Can you catch the teacher's eye
5.What the people there wear depends on their likes and dislikes.
depend on 意为"依靠,依赖"如:
We depend on our hard work.我们依靠我们的努力工作.
6.Some people prefer to dress formally…一些人宁可打扮得正式些
prefer 宁肯,更喜欢……, prefer A to B = like A better than B
I like prefer singing =I like singing better.我更喜欢唱歌.
I prefer swimming to skating.比起滑冰我更喜欢游泳.
7.While many South American people have the same way of dressing as Australia
Michael is interested in music, while his brother prefers P.E.
the same… as 和……一样/相同,反义词:be different from…与……不一样,如:
My idea is the same as yours, but it's different from his我的主意和你的一样,但和他的不一样.
8.People first started wearing clothes to protect themselves from the sun ,wind, rain and cold.人们最早穿衣服是为了保护他们不受日晒,风吹,雨打以及寒冷.
protect …from sth/doing sth 阻止……做……
The trees can protect the sand from moving.树可以防止沙子向前移.
Try to protect your skin from the sun.尽量保护你的皮肤不受太阳暴晒.
What a nice day it is ! 多好的天气!
What a good boy he is ! 多好的男孩!
How silly you are ! 你真傻!
How beautiful it is ! 它多美啊!
What +a(an)+名词单数+主语+谓语
What +形容词+可数名词复数/不可数名词+主语+谓语
How +形容词+主语+be
How +副词+主语+动词
What an interesting book! /How interesting!
( 4) what 与how引导的感叹句之间的转换.
What a beautiful girl she is!=How beautiful the girl is!
How delicious the food is!=What delicious food it is!
Topic2 What would you like to wear
1.school uniform 校服
2.allow sb.to do sth 允许某人做某事
3.make a survey 做调查
4.be in need 在需要时
5.take off 脱下,脱掉;起飞
6.on every occasion 在每一个场合
7.have a business meeting 开商务会议
8.dress for 为……穿衣服/打扮
9.in fashion 流行,时尚
10.out of fashion 不流行,过时
11.advise sb.(not) to do sth. 建议/劝告某人(不要)做某事
12.at other times 在其余的时候;有的时候
1.I don't like uniform because they will so ugly on us.
look so ugly on us意为"穿在我们身上看起来很丑"
2.I think our school should allow us to design our own uniform.
allow"允许,许可",allow sb .to do sth."允许某人做某事"如:
Mr.Wang allows us to play football.王老师允许我们踢足球.
3.They are good for patients.
be good for 对……有益,be bad for 对……有坏处,be good at 擅长于
4.Second,patients can find easily when they are in need.
be in need "需要",与 need同义.如:
When you are in need, you can call me.当你在需要的时候,你可以打电话给我.
5.You should take off your shoes when you enter someone's home in Japan.
take off意为"脱下,脱掉",反义词组是put on. take off还可表示"起飞"
The plane will take off in an hour.飞机将在一小时内起飞.
6.But now ,most of us can dress for ourselves.
dress for"为……穿衣服"
put on"穿(戴)上"的动作,反义词take off
wear, have …on, be on…"穿(戴)着"的状态.
dress sb./oneself"给别人/自己穿衣服,dress up"穿上盛穿,乔装打扮"
7.It's well-known that uniforms are not popular but useful.
①It's well- known…意为"众所周知"如:
It's well- known that this song is very popular. 众所周知,这首歌很流行.
②not…but… 不是……而是……
He isn't a teacher but a doctor.他不是一个老师而是一个医生.
① 跟to do的动词口诀
(hope, wish, would like, want, learn, agree)
需要决定选to do.
(need, decide, choose)
(begin, start, like, prefer, love, hate)
to do, doing意无别.
(forget, remember, stop, go on, try)to do意不同.
(order ,warn, ask, tell, invite, teach sb .to do)
(wish,want, would like, get, allow sb .to do)
(see, look at, watch, notice, observe, make, let, have)
(hear, listen to; feel; (to)help)
② 跟do的动词口诀
(hear,listen to,see,look at,watch,notice,feel,make,let,have,help,please,
had better,why not)
Topic3 Let's go to see the fashion show
1. fashion show 时装表演/时装秀
2. T-shaped stag T型台
3. in the center of 在……的中心
4. high fashion 高级时尚
5. in the world of 在……领域
6. wedding dress 婚纱
7.stand for 代表
8.get one's name 得名
9.be known to 为……所知
10.be designed as 以……来设计
11.except for 除……之外
1.There is going to be a fashion show in fashion show in Xidan Shopping center.
There is going to be…是There be结构的将来时,表示某地将举行某项运动,或将有某物.如:There is going to be a football match in our school next week.=There will be a football match in our school next week.我们学校下周将有一场足球比赛.
there is/are going to be=there will be
Here come the models. 模特走过来了.
如:Here come Mary! 玛丽来了!
Here come the bus! 车来了!
如:Here she comes.她来了.
Here it is.它在这儿.
The Tang costume stands for Chinese history and fashion culture.
stand for意为"代表",如:It stands for Olympics.它代表着奥林匹克.
The so-called Tang costume got its name because China became known to other countries during the Han and Tang Dynasties.所谓的唐装是因为中国在汉,唐时期开始文明于世而得名.
(2)get one's name得名 如:The village got its name from the lake in it.这个村庄因村内的湖泊而得名.
Chinese fashion is different from not only western fashion,but also fashion from other Asian countries such as Japan and Korea.中国时装不仅不同于西方国家,也有别于其他亚洲国家,如日本和韩国等.
(1) be different from与……不同
(2)not only …but also意为"不但……而且"
(3)such as例如,比如说
Today the Tang costume can be designed as formal or casual clothes.现在唐装被设计成有正式款的,也有休闲款的.
be designed as被设计成 如:They decided that the theater will be designed as a palace.他们决定把那个剧院设计成宫殿模样.
Today,few people wear kimonos except for special occasions like weddings and national celebrations.
except for除……之外 如:The roads were clear except for a few cars.
怎样善于做贡献 (What/how about doing ,be good at/do well in doing, make a contribution to doing)
阻止他人放弃练.(stop/prevent/keep sb .from doing, give up doing, practice doing)
有难宁可不介意,(have problems doing, prefer doing sth./to doing sth, mind doing)
建议花时忙完成.(suggest doing, spend doing, be busy doing, finish doing)
使人不禁有信心,(keep sb.doing sth., can't help doing ,have confidence in doing)
继续展望想未来.(keep/keep on doing, look forward to doing, feel like doing)
惊喜满意又兴奋,(be amazed/surprised at doing, be pleased/satisfied with doing, be excited about doing)
(be worth doing, enjoy doing, have fun doing)

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