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(总分:100分 时间:90分钟)
( )1.Hello,everybody!You are taking the important exam now. Don’t be nervous. It is not as diffcult as you imagine. I am sure you all will succeed. Please answer every question with great care. You know you are, mistakes you’ll make.
A.the careful, the few B.the more careful,the less
C.careful,few D.the more careful,the fewer
( )2--- Do you mind if I smoke here? --- _______.
A. Pardon, I do B. Yes, not at all
C. No, I do mind D. I’m sorry, but I do
( )3.Premier Wen(温总理) used _______ a very good football player, but this was a long time ago.
A. to being B. being C. be D. to be
( )4. Look, they _______ in the playground. There _______ a sports meeting in our school next week.
A. are running; is going to be B. run; will
C. are running; is going have D. run; is going
( )5. You have more pens than ______. But ______ are nicer than _______.
A. I; mine; yours B. I; my; yours
C. me; mine; you D. my; mine; you
( )6. --- What is Tom like? --- ___________________.
A. He is good at English. B. He is very tall and fat.
C. He is a student. D. He likes fast food very much.
( )7. Sam had to say sorry for his mistakes, __________?
A. did he B. had he C. didn’t he D. hadn’t he
( )8. --______we swim in that river?
--No, you______. It’s dangerous to swim there.
A. Must, can’t B. May, mustn’t C. Can, may not D. Shall, don’t
( )9. --I’m sorry I _____ my homework at home.
--Don’t forget ______ it to school tomorrow.
A. forgot, to take B. left, to bring C. forgot, to bring D. left, to take
( )10. We can't see _________ moon in _________ daytime.
A.the;a B.the;the C.the;/ D.a;the
( )11. Did the teacher say _________ in the last lesson?
A.something else interesting B.anything else interesting
C.interesting something else D.interesting anything else
( )12. --- Ken has hurt his leg. --- ______________________.
A. How did he hurt it? B. I am sorry to hear that.
C. Who told you that? D. No, I don’t know.
( )13.Who can tell me _____ at the meeting?
A. what he said B. he said what C. what did he say D. bow he said
( )14. --Which would you like, a cup of tea or a cup of coffee?
--_______ is OK. I'm really thirsty.
A. None B. All C. Either D. Neither
( )15. Would you please ______the door heavily ?
A. not to knock at B. not knock at C. don’t knock at D. to knock at
16、---Is _______true that Americans eat hamburgers and hot dogs every day?
---No, that’s not true, but they are both very popular foods in America.
A. this B. anything C. it D. something
17.—I think that China will win the World Cup one day.
—I_______. The Chinese team is becoming stronger and stronger.
A. agree B. disagree C. don’t agree D. think
18.-----Let’s go fishing if it _____ this weekend.
------But nobody knows if it _____.
A. is fine, will rain B. will be fine, rains
C. is fine, rains D. will be fine, will rain
19. Every day he makes me_______ early and __________ in the morning.
A. to get up; run B.get up; to run C. to get up; to run D. get up; run
20.______when you left the station?
A.Is it raining B.Did it raining C.Does it rain D.Was it raining
21.— Dad, do you like my picture?
— _______! It’s the nicest one I never saw.
A. What a strong boy B. How careful
C. How wonderful D. What a brave boy
22. When he heard the sad news, his face ___ white.
A. grew B. became C. got D. turned
23. He prefers ___ to school on foot to___ the bus.
A. to go; to take B. going; taking C. to go; take D. go; take
24. “Remember_______ your homework on time, Li Ming”, his mother said.
A. to finish B. to finishing C. finishing D. have to finish
25.----Would you mind turning down the music? ----______.
A. Yes, I would B. No, of course C. No, not at all
When we were having an English test this morning, I felt somebody was watching me a little too closely. I turned my26quickly and saw Jack, who sat right behind me. My eyes caught 27 and he said very quietly,“I hope you studied for this28 !”
“What am I going to do?”I thought to myself. I 29 cheating(作弊)in exams. Besides, I’d studied 30 for the test. Clearly Jack hadn’t. During the exam, I tried several ways to guard my answers so that Jack wouldn’t be able to see them.when the exam 31 , I felt I should let him know cheating was 32 . And I didn’t want to destroy(破坏)our friendship. My mind 33 the right words.
“Sorry, Jack,34 you know how I feel about cheating.”I said slowly and gently.“Maybe I could help you35 before the next test.”“Ok, Bob,”he smiled weakly,“It rnight not be easy, but I’ll have a try.”
26.A.head B.hand C.crasser D.pencil
27.A.hers B.his C.ours D.yours
28.A.exam B.job C.book D.chance
29.A.suggest B.like C.hate D.finish
30.A.slow B.slowly C.hard D.hardly
31.A.ended B.began C.went on D.took place
32.A.good B.wrong C.easy D.difficult
33.A.agreed with B.scardhed for C.took up D.looked at
34.A.and B.move C.so D.but
35.A.drive B.move C.count D.study

A. Pet Hotels
B. Pet toys
C. Robots for Pets
D. A Panther for Pet
E. Assistant Needed in Pet Hospitals
F. Smaller Pets
( )36. Many people like animals and take them as their pets. Pet hospitals are very busy. Kind persons who love animals are needed to work in busy animal hospitals. They will teach you the job.
( )37. Scientists think that pets will probably be much smaller, because people in the future will be living in much smaller spaces. Scientists are already working on making very small farm animals. The same things might be done to make smaller cats and dogs.
( )38. It's said that some day you might own a panther as a pet. Scientists might have to start turning wild animals into pets. This might be the only way to save them from dying out.
( )39. What about a robot for a pet? This may sound silly, but it could become true. Robot dogs have been made to fetch, and bark like real dogs. These "pets" might become more and more popular in the future. After all, robots don't lose hair or chew(嚼)on things the way real pets do.
( )40. Lots of people miss their pets while they are on holiday. One hotel in Minnesota has solved this problem. They lend cats to their guests. many experts (专家)believe this idea will become more and more popular. It is very possible that in the future you will be able to order a pet, as well as room service, at a hotel.
Some members of an international voluntary organization (国际自愿组织) arrived at a small village of an African country. The villagers lived in the small houses, which were built with wood and leaves. There was no school or hospital. The villagers didn’t know how to grow crops. They only went to kill some wild animals and pick some fruits in the mountains as their food.
The volunteers (志愿者) came here to help the village kids. They brought with them many textbooks and some medicine. They taught the kids how to play volleyball and also tried to learn their language so that they could talk with the kids better. Because of their hard work, the international voluntary organization offered the villagers the money to carry electricity to the village. When the lights in every house were shining, the villagers were very excited. They called them “ the little suns”. Then, they held a party to choose some lucky men who would invite the volunteers to go to their homes to see the beautiful night together with their families.
( )41. The volunteers came to the small village ________________.
A. for fun B. to help the villagers
C. for a trip D. to do some experiments
( )42. How did the villagers get their food?
A. They grew crops.
B. Someone offered them the food.
C. They got it from the river.
D. They looked for it in the mountains by themselves.
( )43. The volunteers tried to learn their language because _______________.
A. it was great fun
B. they thought it was interesting
C. they wanted to talk with the kids better
D. they wanted to learn this kind of language
( )44. Before the volunteers came to the village, there was _______________.
A. no electricity in the village B. only a school in the village
C. no food for the villagers D. a hospital in the village
( )45. The lucky men could _______________.
A. turn on the lights first
B. carry electricity to the village
C. be offered some money to carry electricity
D. have a chance to invite the visitors to go to their homes
TV commentary(实况报道,现场解说),
Today our program is about the 2008 Olympic mascots(吉祥物)—Beibei, Jingjing, Huan-huan, Yingying, and Nini. If you put their names together, they say "Beijing welcomes you!" in Chinese, They are symbols for the Games. They carry within themselves Chinese People's best wishes for the success of the Games. Here, let's learn about them one by one.
HUANHUAN The child of fire stands for(代表) the red Olympic ring (环). He is in the centre, the big brother of the five. He carries the Olympic spirit(精神).He is the most warm-hearted and outgoing of the five. He can do well in all ball games.
YINGYING The antelope(藏羚) stands for the yellow Olympic ring. Yingying is smart and moves quickly. Like all antelopes, he is strong in track and field events (田径比赛). The antelope is one of the first animals put under protection (保护) in China. Choosing the antelope shows (表明) that China wants a Green Olympics.
  Do you want to know more about the other three mascots? Please come back after the four short advertisements.
  ( )46. "Beijing welcomes you!" means"_____".
  A.It carries the Olympic spirit     B.It stands for a Green Olympics
  C.You're welcome to Beijing       D.It is a symbol for the Games
( )47.Which is the most warm-hearted brother of the five mascots?
  A. Beibei.     B.Jingjing.     C.Huanhuan.    D.Yingying.
  ( )48.Yingying stands for the _____ Olympic ring.
  A.yellow      B.black        C.red         D.green
  ( )49. Where can we see Yingying?
  A.In water sports.            B.In track and field events.
  C.In ball games.             D.At weight sports.
  ( )50.How many mascots for the 2008 Olympics has the reporter explained in detail (详细地)in the TV commentary?
  A.Six.       B.Two.        C.Four.        D.Five.
My friend, Dick, has a large police dog. It’s name is Jack. Every Saturday afternoon Dick takes Jack for a long walk in the park. Jack likes these long walks very much.
One Saturday afternoon, a young man came to visit my friend. He stayed a long time. He talked and talked. Soon it was time for my friend to take Jack for a walk. But the man was still there. Jack became very worried. He walked around the room several times and then sat down in front of the man and looked at him. But the man kept talking. Finally Jack could stand it no longer. He went out of the room and came back a few minutes later. He sat down again in front of the man, but this time he held the man’s hat in his mouth.
51 From the story, we know that Jack is ________.
A Dick’s good friend B a large police dog C a young man
52 Where does Dick walk with his dog every Saturday afternoon?
A In his room B In the street C In the park
53 Jack became very worried one afternoon because ______.
A he couldn’t be taken out for a walk at the usual time.
B a young man came to visit Dick that afternoon.
C Dick walked around his room several times.
54 What does the word “stand” mean in the passage?
A 站立 B理解 C忍受
55 Why did Jack sit down again in front of the man with the hat in his mouth?
A Try to take the man laugh. B Like the young man very much.
C Ask the young man to leave
五. 情景反应并填词 (共5小题,计5分)
A:Good morning! Can I 56 you?
B:Yes,please. I’d like to buy a pair of leather tennis shoes.
A:What colour do you want?
B:I can’t decide.
A:Er...We have two colout, Which one do you like better?
B:I think I 57 white to black.
A:What size shoes do you wear?
B:Size 37.
A:How about this pair?
B:They look nice and soft. May I try them 58 ?
B:Oh,I’m afraid they’re a little 59 for me.
A:Here’s another pair in Size 38.What do you think of them?
B:Oh,good. They’re big enough. How much are they?
A:Two hundred and eighty yuan.
B:They’re too dear.
A:Maybe. But good things always 60 much.
B:OK.I’ll take them.
56. 57. 58. 59. 60.
六.能力测试 (5小题,共10分)
61. 三峡大坝是如此的宏伟,全中国人民都引以为豪。
The Three Gorges Dam is so great that ______________________________ it.
62。Are there museums in the ciry?Could you tell me?(合并成含宾语从句的复合句)

63. —Can I help you? —A cup of black tea,please.
What does the Chinese for “black tea” ? ___________________
64. — What's wrong with my computer? Dad, can you help me?
— Let me have a look... It's OK now.
— You're great, Dad.
— It's a piece of cake.
What does“It's a piece of cake.”mean? __________________________________.
65. Who can stop many cars with one hand? _____________
  (1)假设kangkang 是你在四川的pen-pal,请给他写 一封信,询问一些情况比如他现在生活学习的情况,并表达你对关心和问候,40个字左右.(5分)
   Dear kangkang:
(2) 在地震中有许多人遇难,许多人失去他们的家园,许多的孩子失去父母,失学.这些都

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